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  • Great stuff.

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  • Thank you for continuing nuweb development. I have tried several other literate programming tools such as web, cweb, and funnelweb, and find this to be the simplest to use. I like the new additions of allowing use of latex listings package and the -c+ option to allow fragments to be identified in the source. I am planning on using this tool to help beginning programmers write literate programs while learning C++ for the first time.

  • I am very pleased that nuweb is still being maintained. I like the simplicity, the independence of programming language, and the possibility to output multiple files, including the Makefile of the project. The nuweb of my latest project can be seen on <>. There are some points that I would like to have in a different way: 1) Handling of arguments in macro's (code scraps). In the original version of nuweb macro's could noit pass arguments. Later on this facility has been added, but it is still primitive. It is not possible to pass a received argument in a macro as argument to another macro. 2) m4-style macro's that would enable easy configuration, e.g. to define the names of the directories of the project. Often I use pre-processing with m4, but then the m4 macro's itself cannot easy be documented inside the nuweb text. 3) Commenting. Within macro's, lines of code can be commented out with the "@%" comment character sequence. Outside macro's the "%" character ought to be used for this purpose. However, I find it sometimes convenient to comment out code and text that is no longer used, but not remove it from the nuweb file. Then it would be easy if everything can be commented out with the same comment character. I think that these points are personal and not valid for other users of nuweb. So, kudo's for the maintainers of nuweb.

  • Nuweb is my favorite literate programming tool. It is excellent to see that it is still being maintained. I compiled it for Vista and Windows 7 using MinGW.

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