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Here's an intermediate version of nuweb. We've bundled up the web source (nuweb.w), the generated .c files, and the assorted auxiliary files for LaTeX'ing with a Makefile. Note that it's still not completely portable to every system without change. In particular, it expects file-names to use '/' to delimit directories which is OK unless you are on MSDOS (where it's '\') or VMS (which uses ':' and ']') and it thinks tab stops are set every eight spaces. To print the documentation, you must first run LaTeX on the file nuwebdoc.tex. To fix up all the citations, you'll need several runs. latex nuwebdoc bibtex nuwebdoc latex nuwebdoc latex nuwebdoc Note that the distributed nuwebdoc.tex is basically Chapter 1 of the complete nuweb.tex generated by running nuweb against itself. To actually build the nuweb executable, type "make nuweb" which should build an executable file called "nuweb". After that, you should be able to use the makefile to control everything very nicely. To view the nuweb sources using an HTML viewer, copy nuweb.w to nuweb.hw, and then add the html document-style option to nuweb.hw. After producing the LaTeX source file nuweb.tex, convert it to HTML using LaTeX2HTML. For the latest version check the SourceForge page: Changes in Version 1.58: Supress indentation for one fragment or argument Allow fragment expansion in tex. Changes in Version 1.57: Fixed SF3416213, \it deprecated in LaTeX2e, use \itshape Fixed SF3431294, Fragment page number refs don't work in memoir class Fixed SF3432035, -d output file flag doesn't work Removed use of hyperref parameter dvipdfm (-> error in TeX Live 2011) Changes in Version 1.56: Added minor command @t to include fragment title in output files. Fragment use embedded in fragment argument is no longer commented. Make tar now produces top level versioned directory. Changes in Version 1.55: Fixed bug 3168635 (doesn't handle inability to create output files). Changes in Version 1.54: Fixed bug 3158592 (SEGV) by reworking sentinel-based scrap processing. Fixed bug 3160408 by defining MAX_NAME_LEN (to 1024) in global.h.
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