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*** This application has two versions, one in English other in Portuguese! * Now you can enter a numerical system and know instantly the conversions to others numerical systems! * Numerical systems enabled: decimal, binary, octal and hexadecimal. * You must unpack the portable version to a folder where you don't need to take actions like administrator. * You mustn't install in Program files folder of your Window's OS. * Install in the folder of documents, images or another. * You will have a very good and simple application to enjoy after this unpack or install this application! *** Please give a chance to "Numerical Systems Calculator" and "Advanced Trigonometry Calculator" because they can also make conversions between numerical systems as this application and more. Example: I have in the system: decimal =) 1, binary =) 2, octal =) 3, hexadecimal =) 4 -> Enter your option (1, 2, 3 or 4). Example option "1". Enter in the decimal system: -> Example "10". Application response: decimal =) 10 binary =) 1010 octal =) 12 hexadecimal =) A Examples of what you can do: You can convert numerical systems in the negative format or/and floating numbers (1.115 in decimal, for example), for that, you must enter like have in negative decimal and enter "-15", or like have in floating negative binary and enter "-11110101.1011". Press button "Enter" to continue make more conversions or, so, you can close the window. * Stay ok and enjoying this free application! Note: No copyright infringement, this is an open source software application!
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