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  • Doesnt work ! uninstall script here: apple stackexchange(.com) /questions/145037/how-to-uninstall-ntfs-free

  • Doesn't work on Yosemite! Do this to UNINSTALL! Download - -This is going to remove ntfs-free files from: /System/Library/Extensions/ntfs-free.kext /sbin/mount_ntfs-free /System/Library/Filesystems/ntfs-free.fs -To run this uninstall script, first open your and write: chmod +x (after this drag and drop and press Enter) -Then drag n drop script again and press enter. -Now restart your mac by typing sudo reboot Thats it, your BootCamp disk will appear again :P ---THIS METHOD WORKS FOR YOSEMITE - --NOTE: Don't run from .zip file (extract it and then install) ; Don't attempt to install this if ntfs-free is still installed! ; If you get error after restart, press "Force"

  • How to remove this. After installing this my bootcam device is not mountable in my mac os. How can i fix this

  • To the Source Forge staff, this project should be removed from Source Forge. As you may notice, the package files are out of date (they are two years old). This does NOT work with OS X Yosemite. Apple should at least block the installation of this package.

  • very good. works well on OS X Yosemite (some manipulations are needed), no FUSE required

  • Avoid if using Yosemite. If installed, it will make Bootcamp drive unmountable. There is a solution to overcome this problem however.

  • Installing Yosemite broke my install with their stricter rules on code-signed kernal extensions for security reasons. To fix it, you need to run the following 3 commands in terminal before installing/reinstalling: 1) sudo nvram boot-args="kext-dev-mode=1" 2) sudo kextcache -system-prelinked-kernel 3) sudo kextcache -system-caches after the first command you will need to enter your password because of 'sudo' (super user do) this disables the security check. the other 2 commands just clear your cache of any old versions of this kernel extension to give you a fresh slate. After you install/reinstall you'll restart and things seem to be working. I suspect that this will be broken in the next update because this uses the /System/ folder which apple will be phasing out 3d party use of that folder.

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  • Not working on Yosemite 10.10. Had to use Time Machine to get rid of it.

  • I've tried to unistall this app... I tried to used the file 'uninstall' but nothing happened. There is nothing on this folder /System/Library/Extensions/ related to ntfs-free anymore. And I still get the error message after connecting my external HD. How can we really uninstall this app ?! Is there another file we should delete ? Has this app deleted any file which it wasn't supposed to ? If someone succeed in unistalling, please let us know !!

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  • Works very well! I can now share files between my mackintosh and main system.

  • Its not working with OS X Mavericks and Yosemite(Beta).Don't install because after installing you will not able to read any NTFS.

  • Best in this category. Works perfectly, hassle-free.

  • Work fine on my Macbook Air with OS X 10.9.4 Thanks :-)

  • Works like a charm on Late 2011 Macbook Pro 17" (OSX Mavericks 10.9.3) - thank you very much!

  • Great app - works fine on my Mac Book Pro with OS X 10.9.3

  • I have installed the program on my MacBook Air running 10.9.3 ( Mavericks ) but it does not work at all.

  • Works!

  • This NTFS read/write driver for Mac works, even on Mavericks! Reading and writing to windows files works fine, as well as linking folders within ~/ to ones on an NTFS drive. Just DO NOT CHANGE THE LOCATION OF YOUR HOME FOLDER TO AN NTFS DRIVE! Mac is designed to work with HFS+ file systems, and so many features (such as versioning and autosaving) are unavailable. Additionally, the system cannot lock files for editing. So while attempting to modify a file, the OS will report that the file has been edited externally, even if this is not the case (very annoying). Finally, the Mac OS does not respect some of the rules (incl. max. path length) of NTFS filesystems, so a volume may become "corrupt" to a windows system if used often on a Mac. All in all, this is a good driver, just don't rely on it too heavily. Editing a word doc on an external NTFS drive occasionally is fine, editing an Xcode project on one may yield problems.

  • I installed this on OSX Mavericks, it does not work. writing to ntfs HD is not working. (IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO UNINSTALL IT PLEASE POST IT HERE ty.) 1. There is no gui to interact with this software. 2. It only has installer NO UNINSTALLER. files are written to oblivion who knows where 3. NO SUPPORT OR GUIDE HOW TO UNINSTALL THIS CRAP. 4. wasted all morning on uninstalling crapware like this.

  • Installed NTFS-free ver. 10.8.2 on Mavericks. If one NTFS partition is mounted than everything is OK. But when two or more NTFS partitions are mounted (e.g. NTFS partition of internal disk and external NTFS disk, or two NTFS partitions on internal disk) then only administrator users on windows machines has write access to files or folders that were written on Mac machine. In such case file permissions has not full access for Everybody but only Administrator has full access. I haven't checked if this is issue only in Mavericks or also in previous versions of OS X. Can maintainers check this and remove bug as driver is not usable with two or more active NTFS partitions (e.g. at dual boot case). Regards.

  • I can verify that NTFS-FREE works fine at first - but for larger drives it simply crashes the system. The limit seems to be around 1.5-2TB. Also there is no way to uninstall it (unless you know how to track down kext files and removing them manually) Stay away unless you're sure you can clean up the mess it leaves behind - my recommendation for ParagonNTFS stays.

  • I have a problem in using on WD 1TB harddisk, where as on a 256GB WD hard drive i can read and write. Is there any restriction using on a higher capacity HD. Also if i want to uninstall and install back what is the option as i couldnt find the utility from FINDER.

  • It works fine and fast on OSX Mavericks (running on a 2011 MBP). With that said, I can't really recommend this to the "average joe" because of a single reason: no source. It's actually ironic that this project is hosted on sourceforge but there is no source code to be seen for the project. If their code is in fact derived from Linux drivers, then they are obligated by the GPL license to release the code. To make matters worse, the maintainers also left closed the support channels / discussion forums / whatever, which would be their first line of contact with users - the fact that I'm having to make all these points in a review is a telltale sign that this whole thing is fishy. I'll be more than glad to retract my review if things change, though.

  • I confirmed, it work on my Hackintosh Running MAVERICK. Great and good job. Heavy credit !!!

  • WORKS WITH MAVERICKS! I have been using NTFS-FREE for some time on Mountain Lion with no known problems and it is very easy to use - just install and forget. When I upgraded to Mavericks it stopped working. However it is possible to get it going again. I found that to get NTFS-FREE working after an upgrade from Mountain Lion (OS X version 10.8.xx) to Mavericks (OS X version 10.9) you simply need to run the installer again and restart your Mac. After I did this NTFS-FREE now appears to work fine. I hope others find this useful!

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