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############################################################################### # # $Id: ChangeLog 802 2013-12-25 04:39:42Z weegreenblobbie $ # # Nsound is a C++ library and Python module for audio synthesis featuring # dynamic digital filters. Nsound lets you easily shape waveforms and write # to disk or plot them. Nsound aims to be as powerful as Csound but easy to # use. # ############################################################################### Key: + Finished item - Planned item 2013-12-24 Nsound 0.9.0 + Added precompiled static libs of libao & libportaudio for Windows + Added Visual Studio compiler again for Windows builds, 64-bit builds + Can now build 64-bit Python module for Windows (no cygwin\mingw required) + Added Visual Studio 2010+ project files (using VS 2012 Express) in msvs/ + Refactored SCons configuration a bit (nsound_config.py). + Added some SCons custom builds in site_scons/site_tools + Fixed an init problem with Moving Average Filter + Added Buffer.mul() for multiplying over a sub-region of the buffer. + Added getFrequencyOffset(f1, octaves, cents) + Added kwargs to most Plotter functions + Added Macros.h and C++ exceptions + Added Python module C++ exception wrapping + Added Python Buffer.toList() method, converts Buffer to Python List + Added Utils.h, computes octaves and cents away from reference frequency + Improved the Vocoder band-pass filter bank, vocoder example sounds much better + Refactored some code to assert values and pointers, throwing exception on error + Refactored lots of Plotter methods, now supports kwargs, added Axes class + Changed Plotter::subplot(), now supports sharex, sharey (see example5.cc) + Renamed AdsrEnvelope to EnvelopeAdsr and reworked completely to be more useful, calculates sustain time automatically. + Removed duplicate plotting code, Nsound Python module calls the smae C++ code (Pylab.cc) 2012-04-15 Nsound 0.8.2 + Fixed bug 3341096 FFTransform windowing + Added Spectrogram class for calculating and plotting spectrograms + Added AudioPlayback::getStateString() + Added AudioPlayback::scanDevices() which will try to play a sample on all the available audio drivers detected + Added Nsound::use(AudioBackendtype) + Added Nsound::getBackends(), returns a list of strings of available audio backends (libao or libportaudio). + Updated AudioBackendLibao::setOptions(), now can select specific driver + Updated AudioBackendLibportaudio::setOptions(), now can select specific driver + Added AudioStream::pad(), ensures channels in the AudioStream are the same length + Added AudioStream::transpose(), performs a matrix transpose by treating the AudioStream like a 2D matrix + Added AudioStream::pow() & operator^ for powers + Added Buffer::pow() & operator^ for powers + Added Buffer::log(), log10()" + Added Buffer::findPeaks() to find indices of local peaks + Removed some FFTChunk functions + Added Generator::gausssianNoise() that draws random number from the normal distribution + Added Plotter::imagesc() to plot AudioStreams, treating them like a 2D matrix, used by Spectrogram::plot() + Enhanced Wavefile::read() to decode the format tag, but still only reads uncompressed PCM wavefiles + Added example cepstral_pitch_estimate that calculates the cepstrum for pitch estimation 2011-06-25 Nsound 0.8.1 + Added basic sound card playback via libao or libportaudio! + Examples now play to the sound card! + Made the scons build system smarter in searching for the correct python lib to link with + Enhanced the Wavefile class to handle unknown chunk ids and skip them + Added User's Guide documentation for Audio Playback and Instruments 2011-03-26 Nsound 0.8.0 + Fixed Python Buffer slicing (bug 3204997) + Fixed build on MacOSX (bug 3186360) + Fixed scons error with setup.py (bug 3168738) + Fixed Generator::operator= (bug 3163766) + Closed Hat::play() demo has small artifact (bug 3148915) + Fixed Python AudioStream expressions like: a = AudioStream(100, 2) a << 1 << 2 a[0] <<= 2 # Didn't work before a[1] <<= 3 # Didn't work before + Added Buffer(const FloatVector & list) constructor, allows Python expressions like "b = Buffer([1,2,3,4,5])" + Added notice to SCons build to contact Nick with bugs and help requests + Added lots of documentation to Generator including LaTeX formulas! + Added small section "Getting Started" in the User's Guide + Changed the signature to Generator::drawGaussian(), now specifies duration, mu, sigma + Added Buffer::exp(), std(), zNorm() + Added Buffer::operator^, operator^= + Added Buffer::getNBytes() + Added Generator::drawSine(), uses math, not a wavetable for precise waveforms with dynamic frequency. + Added Generator::drawSine2(), uses math, not a wavetable for precise waveforms with dynamic frequency and phase. + Added Generator::generate2(), waveforms with dynamic frequency and phase. + Added CudaTool.py, for compiling Cuda .cu files (EXPERIMENTAL) + Added StretcherCuda.cu, Cuda accelerated functions. (EXPERIMENTAL) + Renamed Plotter::axisX to xlim, axisY to ylim + Updated Doxyfile and set formula font size. + Changed example1 to sound like Pac Man. 2010-12-31 Nsound 0.7.5 Minor interface changes: + Changed AudioStream::getMono(), now returns an AudioStream + Changed Buffer.toPythonList() to Buffer.toList() + Added the first draft of the Nsound User's Guide! + Fixed a bug in Wavefile, ID3v1 tag called fclose() twice + Fixed the Stretcher class for time shiffting Buffers. + Fixed Wavefile bug, now able to read unsigned 8 bit wavefiles. + Added convenience functions zeros, ones, rand, for Buffers & AudioStreams + Added AudioStream::select(), returns AudioStreamSelection + Added Buffer::getResample(), dynamic case + Added Buffer::select(), returns BufferSelection + Added chorus setting to generators + Added ability to sync generators together like an analog synth + Added dynamics to FilterDelay, variable delay + Added Sawtooth Generator class + Added WindowTypes.h + Added Generator::drawWindow() + Added FilterLeastSquaresFIR::setWindow() + Added FFTransform::setWindow(Window) + Added FFTChunk::getFrequencyAxis() + Added Plotter::grid() + Added Plotter::hold() + Added Plotter::set_xscale(), set_yscale() + Added Square(sr, n_harmonics) constructor, sum of sine waves + Added FilterFlanger + Added FilterPhaser + Added BufferWindowSearch + Enhanced Buffer::getResample() to use windows of the input buffer, conserving memory usage. + Allow Filter plot data in dB to go to -60 dB + In the Python module, updated __getitem__() and __setitem__() functions to handle slice objects, returns new copy of a Buffer or AudioStream 2010-07-09 Nsound 0.7.4 + Fixed bug 2944836 GCC 4.4.1+ errors + Fixed bug 2948680 NsoundConfig_Cygwin.py + Fixed bug 2944837 Python: FilterLowPassIIR.plot() fails + Fixed bug 2974228: Wavefile read + Fixed some byte swapping in Wavefile + Fixed Buffer::getResample(), now matches Matlab's resample.m + Added BufferResample_UnitTest() + Added Buffer::operator<<(AudioStream), concatenates a mono version of the AudioStream to the Buffer + Added FilterLeastSquaresFIR, creates a FIR filter with least squares fit to custom frequency response + Added Generator::drawWindowKaiser() + Added Stretcher class, implemented WSOLA for dynamic pitch & time shifting! + Added examples/stretcher.cc & stretcher.py that performs dynamic pitch & time shifting! + Added cool plugins for The GIMP, import/export wavefiles, high & low pass filters! + Added ID3v1 tags to the Wavefile class, this breaks the RIFF standard but is only used by the GIMP plugin to store image width & height. + Added Python operator Buffer << list, Buffer >> list, len() + Header include cleanup to ensure Python.h is included first + Some scons build system work 2009-12-07 Nsound 0.7.3 + Added Python2.6 support on Windows (aready worked on Linux/OSX) + Added typedef std::vector< boolean > BooleanVector + Added typedef std::vector< BooleanVector > BooleanVectorVector + Added AudioStream::mono() + Added AudioStream::getMono() + Added class AudioStreamSelection + Added class BufferSelection + Added example7 + Added FilterStageIIR::operator=() + Added Generator::drawWindowBartlett() + Added Generator::drawWindowBlackman() + Added Generator::drawWindowBlackmanHarris() + Added Generator::drawWindowHamming() + Added Generator::drawWindowHanning() + Added Generator::drawWindowNuttall() + Added Generator::drawWindowParzen() + Added Generator::drawWindowRectangular() + Added Instrument Hat + Added Instrument OrganPipe (A pipe organ) + Added TODO.txt, a list of things Nick would like to see get done + Added Wavefile 64 & 32 floating point support (Most apps can't open 64-bit, but usefull for unit testing or saving high precision waveforms) - Removed AudioStream::setLessThan(), new operators replace functionality - Removed AudioStream::setGreaterThan(), new operators replace functionality - Removed Buffer::setLessThan(), new operators replace functionality - Removed Buffer::setGreaterThan(), new operators replace functionality + Fixed FilterLowPassFIR::filter(AudioStream, float64) infinite recursion error + Fixed FilterLowPassFIR::filter(x,y), was calling itself + Fixed Generator::ctor(sample_rate, Buffer) memory copy + Fixed NsoundConfig.py::checkForMatplotlibCAPI() bug, need to return 0; + Fixed swig/plotting.i to report a warning when paylab is not available 2009-09-11 Nsound 0.7.2 + Code fixes to compile with GCC 4.3.3 + Added AudioStream::AudioStream(sample_rate, channels, preallocate) + Added AudioStream::convolve() convolves the signal with any other signal + Added AudioStream::downSample() + Added AudioStream::limit(Buffer min, Buffer max) + Added AudioStream::limit(min, max) + Added AudioStream::resample() + Added AudioStream::setGreaterThan(threshold, value) + Added AudioStream::setLessThan(threshold, value) + Added AudioStream::sqrt() + Added AudioStream::upSample() + Added Buffer::circular_iterator operators += and -= + Added Buffer::convolve() convolves the signal with any other signal + Added Buffer::downSample() + Added Buffer::limit(Buffer min, Buffer max) + Added Buffer::limit(min, max) + Added Buffer::preallocate(n) + Added Buffer::resample() + Added Buffer::round() + Added Buffer::setGreaterThan(threshold, value) + Added Buffer::setLessThan(threshold, value) + Added Buffer::sqrt() + Added Buffer::upSample() + Added Cosine generator + Added DrumBD01 based on Istvan Varga's drum kits http://www.csounds.com/istvan/ + Added Docs/How_To_Reverse_Engineer_Csound_Instrument.odt + Added FFTransform::fft(Buffer) and FFTransform::ifft(Buffer) + Added Filter::filter(AudioStream, float64) + Added Filter::filter(Buffer, float64) + Added FilterBandPassFIR::filter(AudioStream, float64, float64) + Added FilterBandPassIIR::filter(AudioStream, float64, float64) + Added FilterBandRejectFIR::filter(Buffer, float64, float64) + Added FilterBandRejectIIR::filter(Buffer, float64, float64) + Added FilterHighPassFIR::filter(Buffer, float64) + Added FilterHighPassIIR::filter(Buffer, float64) + Added FilterLowPassFIR::filter(AudioStream, float64) + Added FilterLowPassIIR::filter(AudioStream, float64) + Added FilterStageIIR::filter(AudioStream, float64) + Added Generator::buzz(), generates a set of harmonics + Added Generator::buzz() unit tests + Added Generator::reset() + Added Generator::setPhase() + Added Generator::tell() + Added Plotter::run_string(string), sends raw string command to Python + Fixed FilterTone::filter(), a bug when using dynamic frequencies + Fixed Generator::generate_(), changed some if's to while's + Fixed Plotter, added an internal state to avoid initializing the Python interpreter multiple times, prevents crashes - Removed DMALLOC stuff from NsoundConfig.py 2009-04-01 Nsound 0.7.1 + Added Python module, you can now use Nsound in Python! + Added Mesh2D class, uses a mesh of delay lines to simulate 2D membrane + Reworked classes Envelope and AdsrEnvelope a bit, these are untested + Fixed a bug in Filter, reset() wasn't being called + Updated INSTALL with instructions for building the Python module in Linux + Made some small updates to the Pluck class + Changed default compiler flags to include optimizations 2009-02-14 Nsound 0.7.0 + Added Mac OS X support, nsound compiles on the Mac! + Added option to disable 64-bit data types, $ scons disable-64=1 + Added option to compile a static library, $ scons static=1 + Added option to disable linking with python, $ scons disable-python=1 + Added option to enable dmalloc linking, $ scons dmalloc=1 + Added option to compile with lots of warnings, $ scons extra-warnings=1 + Added a FilterMovingAverage class + Changed the Vocoder Class to use less memory + Added FilterBandPassVocoder, better performance than FilterBandPassIIR + Changed the raw data holder to std::vector in the Buffer class + Added Buffer::iterator, Buffer::circular_iterator + Reworked the AudioStream class, made sure to extend methods form the Buffer to the AudioStream class. + Changed the AudioStream constructor to specify sample_rate first, like other classes in Nsound + Added Buffer_UnitTest to the Unit Test dir + Added Plotter::text to add text at location x,y + Added RandomNumberGenerator interface + Added RngTausworthe class, based on GNU's Scientific Library (GSL) taus.c random number generator 2008-12-23 Nsound 0.6.1 + Added FilterDelay, reworked from DelayLine, DelayLine will get removed + Added FilterCombLowPassFeedback, used for simple reverb/echo + Added FilterAllPass + Added ReverbrationRoom, simulates the echo of a room (freeverb) + Added Vocoder, talk like Walle! + Added FilterSlinky, delays signals by frequency, like traveling waves in a slinky + Added AudioStream(std::string &) constructor, to read wavefiles + Added Buffer(std::string &) constructor, to read wavefiles + Updated examples 2008-11-01 Nsound 0.6.0 + Dropped the Microsoft compiler, use cygwin + mingw to compile on winblows + Added Instruments GuitarBass, FluteSlide, Clarinet, DrumKickBass + Wavefile class can now write 32, 48, 64 bit values + Generator class now can be an arbitray sample rate + Generator::generate() can now be used for real-time code + Added ParametricEqualizerFilter class based on the Csound pareq opcode + Added Generator::drawExp() + Added AudioStream::abs(). + Renamed FIRLowPassFilter to FilterLowPassFIR + Renamed FIRHighPassFilter to FilterHighPassFIR + Renamed FIRBandPassFilter to FilterBandPassFIR + Renamed FIRBandRejectFilter to FilterBandRejectFIR + Added FilterLowPassFIR_UnitTest + Added FilterHighPassFIR_UnitTest + Added FilterBandPassFIR_UnitTest + Added FilterBandRejectFIR_UnitTest + Renamed IIRLowPassFilter to FilterLowPassIIR + Renamed IIRHighPassFilter to FilterHighPassIIR + Renamed IIRBandPassFilter to FilterBandPassIIR + Renamed IIRBandRejectFilter to FilterBandRejectIIR + Added FilterLowPassIIR_UnitTest + Added FilterHighPassIIR_UnitTest + Added FilterBandPassIIR_UnitTest + Added FilterBandRejectIIR_UnitTest 2008-08-09 Nsound 0.5.1 Bugs Closed: + Fixed scons path link encoding, closed bug 1921838 + Added IIRFilter::clearHistory(), closed bug 1899358 New Features: + Created src/bin to hold nsound tools, e.g. ns_readwaveheader + Added Plotter::spectrogram(), plot frequency content of a signal + Added Plotter::imshow(), interpret a Buffer as a matrix and draw it (like Matlabs imagesc) + IIR plots work, easily plot filter's frequency response! (try src/test/test_fft) Other: + Removed Pluck::generate2(), it was low quality and cpu expensive + Changed filters to use pointers instead of array indexing, faster 2008-03-05 Nsound 0.5.0 + Changed Generator::generate(duration, frequency, acceleration) to Generator::generate(duration, frequencies) + Removed Plotter::quickPlot() + Added AudioStream::plot() + Added Buffer::plot() + Added FFTChunk::plot() + Added Plotter::show(), must be called to make plots visible. + FIR & IIR are now derived classes from Filter. + Added FIR::filter(float64 x), FIR::Filter(float64 x, float64 freq1), FIR::filter(float64 x, float64 freq1, float64 freq2) -- FIR filters can do sample by sample filtering, like IIRs + Added Wavefile::get/setDefaultSampleRate() + Added Wavefile::get/setDefaultSampleSize() 2008-02-18 Nsound 0.4.4 + Fixed a bug with Buffer::subbuffer() + Moved IIRFilter to IIRFilterStage + Created base class IIRFilter that all IIR Filters inherit + Added class FFTransform to perform FFTs & IFFTs + Added class FFTChunk to represent the result of an FFT + Added Plotter::axhline(), draws horizontal line + Added Plotter::axvline(), draws horizontal line + Added Plotter::xlabel(), sets x axis label + Added Plotter::ylabel(), sets y axis label + Added Plotter::axisX(), sets plot xmin, xmax + Added Plotter::axisY(), sets plot ymin, ymax + Added Plotter::quickPlot(FFTChunk) + Added Plotter::quickPlot(FIRFilter), plots frequency response, phase + Added Buffer::dB() to convert a signal to dB + Update Doxyfile.in - Matplotlib still not working for cygwin, special case for linking with Python that I haven't had time to figure out :( 2007-12-09 Nsound 0.4.3 + Fixed a bug with the Plotter class when the Matplotlib's C API is not found + Build libNsound statically for profiling, when -pg is in CXXFLAGS + Added a few more tests to test/test_buffer.cc + BufferChunk now uses pointers, not an array + Allow the Buffer class to control the BufferChunk size + Fixed bugs associated with building on Big Endian systems - Matplotlib still not working for cygwin, special case for linking with Python that I haven't had time to figure out :( + Updated INSTALL 2007-11-20 Nsound 0.4.2 + Integrated Python matplotlib, awesome plot package, plotting with gnuplot will become deprecated + Added test_plotter.cc in the test directory + Added operators to allow easy writing of wave files: buffer >> "somefile.wav"; audio_stream >> "somefile.wav"; + Added mynameis-filtered example + Don't do Scons configuration when cleaning the build + Cleaned up the examples a tiny bit 2007-09-30 Nsound 0.4.1 + Added Pluck Generator for simple string simulation (Karplus-Strong) + Added Buffer::getMax(), getMaxMagnitude(), getMin() + Added Buffer::normalize() + Added AudioStream::getMax(), getMaxMagnitude(), getMin() + Added AudioStream::normalize() + Added class ToneFilter (based on Csound's tone opcode) + Added class DelayLine (based on Csound's delayr, delayw opcode) + Added class DCFilter, filters out DC offsets from signal + Added Wavefile::write(std::string, Buffer, bits, sample rate) + Added class IIRFilter, IIRLowPassFilter, IIRHighPassFilter, IIRBandPassFilter, IIRBandRejectFilter + Added example6.cc 2007-07-26 Nsound 0.4.0 + Implemented FIR Low pass, High pass, Band Reject, Band Pass filters!!! + New filters can dynamically filter audio, look at: src/test/test_filters.cc src/examples/dynamic_filter.cc + Added class Granulator for granular synthesis! + Added AudioStream::getDuration(), returns length of stream in seconds + Added NsoundAll.h for convience + Added Buffer::abs() + Added Instrument.h + Added Generator::silence() + Added Buffer::smooth(), implements moving average filter. + cleaned up Buffer and AudioStream header files, only returns an object when necessary + Added Generator::drawGaussian() + Added Generator::drawFatGaussian() + Added Generator::drawDecay() 2007-04-10 Nsound 0.3.2 + Added Cygwin build target + Removed old GNU Build System, SCons all the way! + Added DistTar.py, creates nsound-A.B.C.[tar.gz|tar.bz2] + Added DistZip.py, creates nsound-A.B.C.zip + Added AudioStream::stepAverage(uint32 n_samples_per_step); degrades the AudioStream + Added Buffer::speedUp(float32 x); resamples the stream by x + Added Buffer::speedUp(Buffer x); resamples the stream by x on a per sample basis, note that a less than 1.0 value will really slow down the stream, so the name is a tiny bit missleading. + Added AudioStream::speedUp(float32 x); calls Buffer::speedUp() accross all channels + Added AudioStream::speedUp(Buffer x); calls Buffer::speedUp() accross all channels + Added AudioStream::subStream(float32 start_time, float32 n_seconds); + Added Buffer::subbuffer(uint32 start_index, uint32 n_samples) 2007-02-13 Nsound 0.3.1 + Started using subversion + Extensive testing implemented in the test dir for classes: Buffer, AudioStream and Mixer + Fixed Buffer::operator-(buffer_t d, Buffer b) + Fixed Buffer::operator/(buffer_t d, Buffer b) + Fixed AudioStream::pan(buffer_t d), missing '=' + Fixed Mixer::getStream(float32 start_time, float32 + Removed BufferChunk::alocated_; not needed + Changed BUFFER_CHUNK_SIZE_ to non-const to aid in testing + Added AudioStream::operator=(const Buffer * rhs) + Added AudioStream::operator+,-,*,/(const buffer_t d, const AudioStream & rhs) + Added AudioStream::subStream(uint32 offset, uint32 n_samples); 2006-10-18 Nsound 0.3.0 + Updated all examples with new useage and cleaned them up + Added Buffer::reverse() + Added AudioStream::reverse() + Code cleaned up by turning on all the g++ warnings, to use it try: $ scons warn=g++ + Cleaned up and implemented operator=() and copy constructor for all classes + Added a test to SConstruct to test for the M_PI macro + Removed M_PI macro declaration in .cpp files + Class Envelope now uses an arbartary number of channels. + Removed any class Allocated() crap, don't need it. + Removed AudioStream number of channels limitation, now any number of channels may be stored + Added AudioStream::operator[+-*/](Buffer) + AudioStream's channel indicies now start at 0 like it should + Renamed AudioStream::write() to AudioStream::setChannel() + Renamed AudioStream::getNumberOfChannels() to AudioStream::getNChannels() + Added AudioStream::setNumberOfChannels(int) + Added Buffer Wavefile::operator<<(Buffer, std::string) e.g. Buffer b1 << "some_file.wav"; + Added AudioStream Wavefile::operator<<(AudioStream, std::string) e.g. AudioStream as1 << "some_file.wav"; + Rewrote Wavefile to read/write an arbartrary number of channels to/from a file. 2006-08-01 Nsound 0.2.2 + Fixed and tested gnuplot usage on windows + Reworked scons build system a bit to check for endianess and sizeof + Added ACGenerateFile.py, an scons replacement for AC_SUBST() + Added Generator::drawParabola() for exponential curves + Added Generator::tanh() that will draw the tanh funciton + Added Generator::whiteNoise() + Added class LowPassFilter + Added example5 that simulates a drum + Added test_lfp that uses LowPassFilter + Added class ComplexNumber, not tested + Replaced tabs with spaces These don't work yet, I'm doing research: - Started class CascadeFilter - Started class LowPassFilterIIR 2006-05-01 Nsound 0.2.1 + Added Scons (www.scons.org) build system, works on linux and windows + Nsound now builds natively on windows; CAUTION: windows development is hazardous to your health! + Removed a "using namespace" from Wavefile.h, shame on me! + Added MSVC++ project files under nsound-0.2.1/msw in hopes that it may be useful 2006-03-22 Nsound 0.2.0 + Reorganized directory structure. + Updated configure.ac to capture CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, and CXXFLAGS correctly + Put everything in one namespace called Nsound. + Removed the NSOUND_DELETE macro from Nsound.h. + Moved the SWAP_BYTES macro from Nsound.h to private members of the Wavefile class. + Removed unused AudioStream.typeMatches(). + Added AudioStream.pan() method. + Buffer class math operations now don't require buffers of same length, only operates over the shorter buffer. + Added -=, +=, *=, and /= operators to Buffers and AudioStreams. + Changed the Generator class: The Generator class now holds a generic waveform in a wavetable. The Sine, Cosine, Triangle and Square all fill the wavetable with their waveform so all classes get the generate() method for free. + Added Triangle, Square derived from Generator. + Removed the Line class and implemented a drawLine method for class Generator. drawLine() method takes (duration,amplitude_start, amplitude_finish). + Added a Envelope base class. + Reworked AdsrEnvelope to be a derived class from Envelope. + Updated Buffer::add(), works for all cases. + Updated test/test_buffer.cc to brute force test the Buffer::add() method. + Added examples/example4.cc to show a sine wave turn into a triange to a square wave. + Added a check in Wavefile::write() to avoid clipping. 2005-10-26 Nsound 0.1.2 + Found and fixed bug in Buffer::operator<<(Buffer) + Replaced legacy NsoundSystem::LinkList class with std::vector + Added example3.cc 2005-08 Nick Hilton <weegreenblobbie_yahoo_com> * Nsound-0.1.0 released under GPL ----- Copyright (C) 2005 Nick Hilton This file is part of Nsound. Nsound is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option) any later version. Nsound is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with Nsound; see the file COPYING. If not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
Source: README, updated 2013-12-25

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