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2.1-006 - Incorporate fix 113 - low level cutoffs lead to corrupted 1-d displays. - Have build procedures clean any pre-built Gri prior to tarring up the distribution. 2.1-007 - Incorporate fix 120 - memory leak on spectrum -delete -all - Date/time/version stamp installation. 2.1-008 - Incorporate fix for issue 95: parameter -list -byid fails to parse the output list for sorting. - Incorporate fix for issue 105: sbind usage level help refers to itself as the bind command not sbind. - Incorporate fix for issue 111: swrite creates a file even if no valid spectra are included on the command line. 2.1-009 - Incorporate printing fixes for last channel of 1-d. - Incorporate printinf fix ensure that 2-d spectrum channels display all non zeroes even if they are below the threshold for the lowest color range. - Place upper limits on 1-d graphical entries at the top of the channel rather than at the bottom. This more realistically describes what's going on - Fix issue 118 Superpositions in window files are by id not name. - Fix issue 122 Speclist with a single spectrum gives blank output. - Fix issue 123 Print with superpositions crashes gri (gives it a bad command file). - Fix issue 124 FWHM not transformed to mapped coordinates. 2.1-010 - Fix Display/Makefile issues with lingering bison/flex output Add missing return value in ValidValue::operator=. 2.1-011 - Fix issue 135 swrite -format ascii does not retain the axis mapping information correctly. - Fallout from issue 133; fixed a defect in Display/axes.cc where computation of mapped channel tick mark intervals could cause DIV0 crashes in Xamine when the axis decreases from left to right. - Backport colormanager intelligent visual choices from 2.2 2.1-012 - Backport fix for defect 144 from 2.2: Memory leak when user rejects events. - Backport repair for defect 149: Some cases where spectrum deletion from Xamine can kill both Xamine and SpecTcl - Backport repair for defect 145 Names with special characters cause saveall to produce bad files. 2.1-013 - Backport filter generation fix from 2.2 Repair defect 157: Graphical object copies fail if target is spectrum slot > 999 2.1-014 - Fixed defect 151: printing 2-d's the channels have incorrect values, and log prints are just plain flat lined. 2.1-015 - Fix un-numbered defect channel command gets/sets wrong channel on Gamma 2-d's. This was broken with the introduction of arbitrary binning in 2.1. Modifications for SpecTcl 2.2 January 30,2004 - Updated gri to gri-2.12.7 March 23, 2004 - Issue 97b - Add hierarchical unpacking capability to scripted spectcl. - Also don't require begin run to pick up config. March 31, 2004 - Added -rpath to contrib/scripted Makefile so that LD_LIBRARY_PATH or ld.so.conf not needed. April 5, 2004 - Fix issue 118 - low level cutoff display bug. April 12, 2004 - Extract as many defs as possible from skeleton makefiles to centrally located include files in order to keep the user makefiles constant. - Use etc not Etc for etcetera stuff. - Add buildstamp April 13, 2004 - Fix memory leak on delete -all command: Spectrum storage itself is not getting deleted. - Fix lack of error checking on insufficient memory for binding 2d spectrum (can segfault). April 29, 2004 - Fix issue 95: parameter -list -byid fails. April 29, 2004 - Fix issue 105: sbind Usage level help calls itself the bind command which conflicts, of course, with the TCL bind command. April 29, 2004 - Fix issue 111 - swrite command creates a file even if no existing spectra have been specified. May 5, 2004 - Fix little diddly issues with printing and also Put right limit at the top of a channel rather than the left side of a channel. - Fix ISSUE 118 superpositions in window files are written as id's not as names. - Fix issue 123 superpositions don't print - Fix issue 124 FWHM is not translated to mapped coordinates when spectrum is in mapped mode. May 12, 2004 - Fix issue 49 Fetching values from ValidValues that are in the invalid state will now throw exceptions - Fix issue with Display/Makefile that clean leaves behind detritus from flex and bison. (Added MOSTLYCLEANFILES to Display/Makefile.am). June 8, 2004 - Increase spectrum size limits to 2^31. June 17, 2004 - Defect 131 - There were problems generating the print tick intervals when the axis specifications went in 'reverse' (e.g. {100 -100 200}). Fixed in modifications to griprint.cc I think. - Fix build issues in TestFiles directory so that the event test generting programs can be built again Yeah. July 1, 2004 - Defect 135 - swrite does not properly preserve the axis mapping information. Fallout from defect 133 discovered and fixed a defect that causes the axis tick computation to DIV0 when mapped axes have decreasing values going away from the origin (e.g. {100 -100 201}). July 2, 2004 - Defect 132 - Translator pointers are constrained to natural data boundaries. - Defect 137 - Fix defect introducec by fix of Defect 132: assumed getOffset was returning T offset it's now returning byte offsets. July 9, 2004 - Added DesignByContract to the Utility headers. July 27, 2004 - Added contrib/calibratedparams (TUNL) for linear calibrations for parameters first the fit functions. July 30, 2004 - Added CCAENV1x90Data.h to contrib/scriptable in order to support unpacking of this module. August 9, 2004 - Modified colormgr.cc to better deal with systems that have visuals that are not in decent order nor good: Look through all the visuals and choose the true/direct color visual with the most bits, if none exist, then Choose the Pseudo color visual with the most bits. If none of those exist drop back to bitonal. August 16, 2004 - Fix broken link to apply.htm in categories.htm documentation August 17, 2004 - Added the calbrated parameters sources to the mix (need to get them to compile!). Debugged as of August 20. August 25, 2004 - Fixed defect 144 - memory leak if user rejects events. September 2, 2004 - Made pseudo parameters pass validity flags too. September 7, 2004 - Fix error in CEventFilter::setBit... which did not count on there being 8 bits per byte. September 8, 2004 - Removed in-linedness of CGate::RecursiveReest I had thought this was triggering a compiler error but it was not in fact. Since this is a virt. there's no gain to inlining it anyway. September 23,2004 - NamedItem.h - decided to finally trust stl's string constructors.. the way I was doing named item constructors was giving Purify fits. September 24,2004 - Added CalibrationDistribution to produce evenly spaced identical peaks. - Added mechanism to fetch the applicatino's test data source so that it can be modified etc. - Fixed defect in CTclGrammerApp::SetupTestDatsSource there was a local declaration of a m_pMultiTestSource that masked the member data.: September 30,2004 - Happy Birthday Ron!! - Fixed issue 133 Centroids and FWHM not correct for mapped parameters (still). - Made test distributions produce floating point params to make the more flexible.. Gaussian is a symmetric cutoff now. October 4, 2004 - Added a bit of defensive programming in view of defect 149. October 19, 2004 - Changed default gate names in Xamine to be better in line with well behaved TCL Strings. October 18-20 2004 - Factor all coordinate transformations into common spots part of trying to fix defect 133. October 20, 2004 - Additional code reorganization of Xamine stuff that I just could not stand to look at in fixing defect 133. October 20, 2004 - Factor acceptgates.cc DrawPoints functions back into the base class where it belongs. Could not stand to look at it duplicated in 3 different places. October 20-22 2004 - Fix defect 145: Spaces and special characters in names can make saveall loadall fail miserably...and other misc. things uncovered while repairing the defect. October 25,26 2004 - Optimize 1d long histogram increments. Note that many but not all changes will help 2d word increments too, but these (less often used) histograms won't get full benefit as there are modifications to the Spectrum1DL file that are deliberately not propagated back to Spectrum1DW October 27, 2004 -Optimize2d short histogram increments November 3,2004 - Fixed position computations on expanded spectra. November 4,2004 - Fixed defect 60 in Xamine: Spectrum choosers should come out sorted by name. November 102004 - Repaired defect 147: Xamine copy object copies to wrong spectrum if slot # > 999 Edit level 2.2-001 November 30, 2004 - Forward port fix to defect 151 from 2.1: colorscales on griprint were way off for 2-d prints. - Fix unnumbered defect: channel get/set broke for 2-d gamma spectra starting with SpecTcl 2.2 spectrum if slot # > 999 SpecTcl 3.0: Port to gcc/g++ 3.x: o Lots of gruntwork with config.h etc. in all sources. o Added Tcl Channel inquiry functions to CTCLInterpreter to allow the location of Tcl_Channel given it's name. GetChannel GetChannelNames o Added CTCLChannel object that can do simple channel operations. Read Write atEof Flush Close o In {Write,Read}Command.cpp use tcl[io]streams to connect swrite/sread to Tcl channel parameters rather than decoding the filename. Propagate fix for defect 151 from 2.1 -> 2.2-> 3.0 December 28, 2004 - Switch ExprLong -> strtol in contrib/scriptable CIntConfigParam.cpp and CIntArrayParam.cpp since ExprLong, as of Tcl 8.4 does not work with large unsigned values. December 31, 2004 - D. Bazin removed the treeparam Makefiles. Adjust the contrib/Makefile.am accordingly. January 06, 2005 - Fixed up some missing quotes on makefile.skel's. January 11, 2005 - Roll in another treeparmaeter update from D. Bazin January 12, 2005 - swrite file creation needs an ios::trunc else existing files will leave postpended data if they were larger. January 13, 2005 - Xamine superposition fix for id's > 999 January 26, 2005 - Fix problem with long spectrum names: o Xamine's truncation was making CHistogrammer::UnbindFromDisplay assert fail. o Xamine was not putting up the correct spectrum list due to a buffer overflow problem in spectra.cc January 27, 2005 - Fix low level cutoff in 1-ds that had been fixed in 2.1 but not propagated to new versions. 3.0-001 February 11, 2005 - Added Analysis subdirectory to the build. This directory will have stuff that's used by buffer analysis it is NSCL specific. February 14, 2005 - Completed testing of Analysis library. February 15, 2005 - Added C interface to Analysis library and unit tests for those. - Added check for paths for the 'check' c unit test framework. February 22, 2005 - Added/debugged classes to TCL++ that make it easy to do variable tracing (TCLTracedVariable, and VariableTraceCallbac e.g.). - Added stuff to SpecTcl that allows it to pull stuff out of string list buffers that represent TCL scriptlets and execute those scripts. this is currently useful to reconstruct control system data and other stuff that may be in statevariable and runvariable buffers which look like a bunch of set varname value commands. - Fix 1/0 month counting problem with run control timestamps in Analysis library. February 25, 2005 - Documented the variable tracing support. - Documented run/state variable recovery. March 4, 2005 - Set the version string to 3.0pre1 March 8, 2005 - Move the event sink pipeline class into Events and out of the Filter directory. - Add SpecTcl API (tested) to the build and cvs. March 17, 2005 - Add documentation for the SpecTcl api as a spectcl man page. March 21, 2005 - Added -fno-elide-constructors to user's makefile to ensure that TreeParameter construction is handled correctly. - Support settable I/O poll dwell time. April 15, 2005 - Began integrating a rewritten treeparameter into the software. April 16, 2005 - In contrib/calibparam : add a random number in [-.5, .5] to the input of the calibration under the assumption that the input is integer and therefore needs to be turned into a real. April 18, 2005 - Added documentation to the treeparamter package. April 19, 2005 - Fix up a tcl 8.4 dependency in CTreeVariableProperties.cpp April 21, 2005 - Fix up coordinate transform problems in Xamine with grobj locations. Scaled wrong and offset wrong. - Make it a bit clearer that the Treeparameter GUI version is decoupled from SpecTcl's version... for now. April 22, 2005 - Remove nulls from Xamine's log files and replace them with \n's instead. April 29, 2005 - TreeParameter save function didn't always get the dependencies right causing error in loading. Changed functions in SpectrumGenerator.tcl. Fix for bugzilla bug 173 May 2, 2005 - Ensure filters get closed if active at program normal exit. - Encapsulate Xamine's gates and grobs inside a vector so that there's no longer a fixed compilation limit on the number of gates /objects that can be defined. - Support GCC-3.4 compiler May 11, 2005 - Added support for StripChart Spectra - Check the compiler type in configure to see if we can use -pedantic and do so if we can. - Debug -pedantic effects on compilation. - Fix defects nobody noticed in swrite -format binary/sread -format binary Probably introduced about SpecTcl-2.0 May 12, 2005 - Fixed attach -format .... error that probably only expresses on gcc-3.x since nobody's seen/reported it but me until now May 13, 2005 - Fixed problem in Strip chart so that the parameter list is returned in the correct order --------------------------- End of Pre3 mods ------------ May 17, 2005 - Set map to on by default in Xamine. May 18, 2005 - Add support for CTCLString::AppendElement(DFloat_t, const char* format) use it in parameter package's parameter list of mapped parameters as a test. - Add support for CTCLString::AppendElement(long, const char* format) - Add support for mask equals gates as well as define the mask gate base class. - Add Support for "not mask" and "and mask" gates May 20, 2005 - Support for compilation on gcc/g++ 4.0 May 23, 2005 - Integrate gamma gate redo======= - Add Support for "not mask" and "and mask" gates - Added support for "gate -list [pattern]" so that users can filter the results of the gate -list command - Added support for "spectrum -list [pattern]" so that users can filter the results of the spectrum -list command May 27, 2005 - Added support for a glob like pattern in the switch of the clear, pararmeter bind, apply, and pseudo commands. When a pattern is given after -list, the command returns objects whose name matches the pattern. May 31, 2005 - Remove extra copy construction in TreeParameter ThrowIf's.. as that's an enormous performance hit. June 1, 2005 - Fix documentation errors in gate command wrt mask gates. 3.1 June 7, 2005 - Incorporate defect fix in guiintegrate.cc into this version. June 20, 2005 - Fix type on Spectrum.h getAxisMapCount() had been spelled GetAxisMapCout().June 21, 2005 - Forward port some fixes for tree parameter gui: o gui writing tree variables and parameters with "" units doesn't put {} for units but leaves it empty. o Allow treevariable -set units optional. June 22, 2005 - Support for projection spectra. June 29, 2005 - Remove need for working fortran compiler. July 7, 2005 - Add ia64 adjustments from 3.0 branch July 27, 2005 - Fix up some automake incorrectnesses that old versions of AM let slide. This is part of an effort to port to Cygwin. - Fix up issues with the definition of PAGESIZE in Xamine (Display subdir) That make it not build correctly on CYGWIN. August 16, 2005 - Add support to scripted readout for caenv1785 adc (primitive). September 2, 2005 - Added support for 2d long spectra. September 22, 2005 - Fix defect in Gamma 2d increment: If no valid parameters are left, the outer loop limits are very very bad. - Forward port the inclusion of bitmask gates - Support dynamic creation of treeparameters. - Document treeparameter -create command in online user guide. September 30, 2005 - Happy Birthday Ron: 48 - Add -listnew to treeparameter command so that new gui can figure out which parameters have been created since program started ... and save them. October 5, 2005 - Retry select in pipe data source in case of EINTR. - Add attach -list to support determination of event source. October 7, 2005 - Fix defects in eventsink pipeline add/delete code. Predicates not constructed correctly. October 17, 2005 - Add the new browser based GUI to the system. October 18, 2005 - Add fix for defect 188 - grobj files need to specify spectra by name. October 21, 2005 - Fix error in old tree gui handling of old list mode save files: treeparameter -set was invoked with the wrong number of parameters. October 24, 2005 - Fix error in old tree gui: Saving list mode files treeparameterList was missing a $ when being appended to the list of lists...so no modified treeparameters were saved. October 31, 2005 - Fix buffer overflow problem in griprint.cc found by D. Caussyn. November 29, 2005 - Put spectrum names in integrations (and hence in logfiles), rather than slot numbers - Defect 174 - Make +/- buttons kick out of autoscale. - Defect 162 - Document user's obligation to delete buffer translators. Decemberr 19, 2005 - Remove illegal default parameter from PointlistGate.h's InGate with parameters. February 1, 2006 - Factor adding a configuration parameter to a CModule in Scriptable SpecTcl into AddParameter member function so extenders can add new parameter types. 3.1-pre5 February 17, 2006 - Factor out multiple identical definitions of some typedefs into xamineDataTypes.h February 20, 2006 - Add longer descriptive titles to the Xamine names (parameter, gates etc). - Fix some quoting errors in gui with respect to spectrum names with spaces. February 21, 2006 - Protect evals from parameters that have spaces in them by quoting with [list]. - Add ability to list gates with spectra in SpectrumPackage.cpp's DescribeSpectrum and immediate callers. - Add -showgate switch to -list operation on spectrum command. - Fix PseudoScript.cpp - did not properly handle cases where pseudo names had spaces in them. February 23, 2006 - Fix typo in Gui/spectrum.tcl March 10, 2006 - Unit tested migration of TCL++ library to object interfaces (remove deprecated interfaces). - Added Docbook generating stuff to configure.in March 13, 2006 - Made operator=, operator== and operator!= of CTCLChannel private as there are no implementations. March 16, 2006 - Added extensive XML based manpages for the tclPlus CTCL class library. - Support pre/post command functions for CTCLProcessor. this is used in nscldaq to implement the CDAQTCLProcessor. - Need to implement CTCLProcssor::Bind to bind itself and the adaptor. March 20, 2006 - Added a bit more error checking/reporting to spectrum creation gui. March 22, 2006 - Fixed an error in 1-d spectrum creation.. syntax March 30, 2006 - Credit D. Bazin with concept of treeparameter in treeparam C++ sources. April 17, 2006 - Fix some 64 bit uncleanliness in Xamine so SpecTcl/Xamine can run reliably on 64bit systems in 64bit mode. April 18, 2006 - Old method of long titles did not work very well as it made old .win files worthless. April 20, 2006 - Fix error in sourcing file from GUI.. file should execute at global level. April 21, 2006 - Add buffersize selector to event source dialogs. April 23, 2006 - Fix typos in event source dialogs buffersize stuff. - Add many credits. April 26, 2006 - Added screen dump based printing for the A1900 group and the KSU folks who want a wysiwyg printing mechanism. May 23, 2006 - Fix defect 195,196: gri was emitting epsf which caused multiple pages to smoosh onto a single page, printer.cc: Print setup dialog had a widget that duplicated the name of another widget causing it to operate funny. SpecTcl-3.1-001 - Try to make the docbook builds more robust even in the presence of missing or broken(?) docbook installs. - configure for libgd. SpecTcl 3.2-pre1 starts. June 20, 2006 defect 206: Check parameter validity in mask gates. Catch exceptions while histogramming Defect 197: Averaging reduction boxes too large by 1 channel in x. Defect 200: Gamma 1dL spectrum increments no 64 bit clean Defect 209: Mor of the same as 200. June 23, 2006 Defect 210: Problems with scaning ints -> longs. June 28, 2006 Xamine has some 64 bit defects as well, these manifest on longword 2d spectra Gui has problems if the user makes e.g. a and a.b fix this. Defect 211 - crash if making g1 spectrum with empty parameter list June 29, 2006 Improve performance of terminal parent creation in gui. Fix defect in allocatro.c's alignment mask computation that causes free list corruption on e.g. 64 bit systems. July 5, 2006 Propagate fix for 64 bit problems with mask equal gates. Work around issue with tclsh 8.4 early where string is integer 0x80000000 (e.g.) returns false.. makes creation of mask gates fail. July 13, 2006 Forward propagate fix for defect 213 to this version. Took the easy way out copying all of *.cc,*.h from Display and ChanCommand.cpp from SpecTcl. July 17, 2006 Fix bitmask gate inconsistency between mask size in command and in the classes implemebnting the gates....do this by loading the gate mask value into the base class. July 19, 2006 Fix error in newGui.tcl. When used with scaler processing, RunNumber could be >Unknown< when formatting the status line. July 28, 2006 Fix error in wysiwyg printing for zoomed displays. July 31, 2006 Fix off by one error in scaling.cc - for small scale ranges, and small channel values, the channel height was visibly lower than the corresponding tick mark. August 8, 2006 Enhancement 194 - increase precision in output of integrations. August 15,2006 Enhancement 205 - Limited the length of the attach spec on the GUI status line to at most 50 chars with the middle ones replaced by ... this prevents the window from becoming >very large< for e.g. cluster file analysis. August 16, 2006 Do performance tuning of browser.tcl for 64 bit system. on those systems, treeview find is terribly slow. August 29, 2006 Added setResult functions to CTCLInterpreter to factor object based result setting into one spot. September 7, 2006 Added support for super-events with CAnalyzer::entityNotDone() function. Sept 8, 2006b Related to the above, allow event processors to indicate that 0 bytes of the event were processed if the event was not complete. Sept 27,2006 Added code to support multiply incremented 2-d sum spectra. Oct. 03, 2006 Gui: Add preferences control panel with ~/.SpecTclDefaults save file. Use this to default the length of 2-d spectrum axes. Oct 03, 2006 Gui: Prevent status lines from expanding in height. Oct 04, 2006 rwio package - added permissions letter to the cvs and to the distro. Oct 05, 2006 Xamine- add support for entering fitlines. Oct 09, 2006 GUI - Bugzilla 207 - Increase the sophistication used by SpecTcl's gui to located spectcldaq. Oct 10, 2006 - GUI - Bugzilla 208 - Enhancement request for File->Save... to support a selective store. - Filter processor Bugzilla 217 - Put a bit of code in the filter event processor to attempt to determine if it has been pointed at something that is not a filter file. Seems to work for the cases I've tried, so it's certainly better than it was before. Oct 16, 2006 - Bugzilla 219 : Added code to TclGrammerApp.cpp to output the VERSION file to tkcon. - BZ 220 Allow user to disable prompt for new gui. If NoPromptForNewGui is defined and true, prompting will be disabled. Oct 19, 2006 - BZ 224 - 2d long integrations were incorrect on 64 bit plats. - BZ 226 - Added support for attach and eof callouts to event processors. - Documented new functions in the event processors. Oct 20,2006 - BZ 87 Added basic fitting... still some kinks to work out in the Xamine display but it does work...also need to Xamine drive Gui to create the fit. Oct 23, 2006 - Added documentation for the fit command and how to extend the fitting subsystem. Oct 24, 2006 - Fixed error in log display of fitlines (actually convert1d error). Made fitlines solid lines not just dots. Fixed defect introduced with fitlines - where 1-d objects got deleted on updates. Ensured that fitlines get sent in on sbind. Added framework for user processing of Xamine buttons in the Xamine custom button box. Oct 25, 2006 - CXamineEvent::addButtonHandler needs to be public. Expose ability to get the histogrammer etc. in SpecTcl.h Expose fit id allocation in CfitCommand. Added credits for gsl.{cpp,h} and permission grant to the November 1, 2006 - Fix some issues for building from the distro rather than from CVS. distribution Nov 2, 2006 - Get the calibrated parameter contrib install to stop polluting $(prefix)/include with its headers. - Fix wierd issues with make dist on ubuntu edgy edge... was not putting config dir into the distro.======= distribution Nov 3, 2006 - Fix error introduced in scaler display by attempt to format totals as %u when they are actually floating point exactly to keep them from overflowing. - Support a default buffersize preference. Nov 8, 2006 - Add Xamine restart handler capability to Xamine interface. Nov 9, 2006 - Install CHANGELOG Nov 17, 2006 - Fix defect 228 - Xamine.Defaults can get printing defaults all garbled causing printing to fail or crash Xamine - Fix defect 299 - setup.tcl is obsolete now, don't distribute in Skel dir. December 1, 2006 - Fix defect in edit2dmulti.tcl (pre-release). If selecting a spectrum and an axis parameter is not a treeparameter, use the source spectrum axis definitions to provide the appropriate axis def for the new spectrum. December 7, 2006 - Fix 2 defects: o Removing fits from xamine via SpecTcl failed due to not allowing that 'gate type' to be recognized for deletion. o Deleting a spectrum should delete all fits that are defined on that spectrum. December 19, 2006 - Fix defect per D. Caussyn FSU: CXdrInputStream.cpp was doing delete m_pBuffer -> delete [] m_pBuffer. Decmeber 21,2006 - Ensure that the scriptable makefile also links in the fits library. Release Jan 15, 2007 Pre 2 starts. January 18, 2007 - Defect 288 : applygate.tcl did not handle case of multiple target spectra correctly. February 12, 2007 - Enh Request 232 : when treevariable -set is invoked, fire the traces on that variable so that any GUI elements bound to that treevariable are updated February 13, 2007 - Defect/enh. 234 : When a configuration is restored, and the config script has an error, keep on trying to execute the script but report all the errors in a dialog... at present, hopefully there are not very many errors as the dialog is not a scrolling dialog. February 15,2007 - Synch gpVersion with VERSION symbol in config.h Week of Feb 22, 2007 - BZ enhancement request 291 Gamma 2d deluxe spectrum. Week of Feb 26, 2007 - BZ 292? Ensure that tk app name is unique so multiple tkcons will open. - Fix inadvertent leaving of Gamma 2d as Ulong_t not UInt_t and same for gamma deluxe, for 3.1 , Gamma 2dL was already correct. Week of March 5 - Add Splash screen. - Adjust chisquare calculation to be correct for CGaussianFit (thanks to Dirk Weisshaar). Week of March 12, 2007- - Ensure that SpecTcl does not crash if VERSION not readable. (BZ 294). Week of March 19, 2007 - Make CEvent::clear() O(1) time.bg Week of April 2, 2007 - Add disclaimer to filterread.htm about data beyond the last used position in filter buffers as someone made an assumption that is not true about it. - Added whatsnew3.1.htm page linked to front page that allows users to see what's new in SpecTcl 3.1 Pre-released April 26, 2007 Pre-3. Week of April 30, 2007 - Added observer capability to all dictionaries types. This will allow support of traces on e.g. spectrum dictionary. - Added tests for dictionary observers and the observer manager helper classes. - Added capability to add/remove observers from the spectrum dictionary to CHistogrammer. - Added API entries to add/remove spectrum observers. - Added spectrum -trace command. - Added docs for the -trace command. - Made Xamine's Xamine_DrawFittedString also attempt truncation rather than just leaving a string blank if it does not fit. e.g. a title that is: "this is a very long string that does not fit" could get rendered/displayed as: "this is a very lo..." if that's all the room there is - Port in the jumbo buffer decoder and put it in scriptable unpacker too Week of May 7, 2007 - BZ 295 - add support for splitting/joining filter files. Note that cat can join perfectly well, so this reduces to writing a program filtsplit that can split. We'll choose to write: filtspilt --size blocks_per_file --output stem_name input_file blocks_per_file - number of input filter blocks per output file. stem_name - Is the stem of the split output files which will have names like stem_name_nnn.flt input_file - Is the input file to split. - Changed swrite format level to 3: Make NSCLAsciiFormatter able to read: rev 2,1 and even 2 where summary spectra only have 1 coord. - Fix some issues with Gamma Delux 2d spectrum classes that don't compile on 4.x compilers - get NSCLAsciiFormatter to properly read rev 2,3 and 'malformed rev2' produced by the pre2 version of 3.2. - Make the spectrum file read functions able to correctly report errors in reads (e.g. not a spectrum file). Week of May 14, 2007 - BZ 297 - Make axis tick marks draw correctly if there's only one channel in the spectrum (well really just don't draw tick marks at all. - Add code to support gate observers.. for new displayer. - Add -trace subcommand to gate. - Fix error in TreeParameter/SpectrumGenerator.tcl -state normal not -state enabled. - Fix error in TreeParameter/SpectrumGenerator.tcl - Duplicate button did not correctly decode parameters of spectrum being duplicated. - Add docs for the gate -trace subcommand to the web docs. - Fix CNSCLJumboBuffer::size32() member, was not correctly picking up the buffer revision level. Week of May 24, 2007 - Only clear gates that are worth clearing. Week of May 28,l 2007 - Fix channel position to pixel position coversions which had the width of a channel to be too large (too few channels in displayed range. - Do some jiggerypokery with 1-d gates to make them more consistent with their integration: o On acceptance the right point is adjusted to the right by a channel. o Gate checking is now exclusive of the right point. o On entering in the display the adjustment is un-done so that Xamine will display correctly. Week of June 4, 2007 - Ensure that Xamine's SuperPrompt::SetList message boxes from Xamine_error_msg() get displayed by making them children of the prompter's parent rather than of the prompter which, after all is hidden. Week of June 11, 2007 - Get nice support for ubuntu edgy eft. Week of June 25, 2007 - Begin adding the 'integrate' command. Week of July 2, 2007 - 2-d integrations in Xamine had displayed standard deviations not fwhm's as advertised. - Add docs for integrate command. Week of July 9, 2007 - Corrected CPacket.cpp for jumbos in scriptable. Week of August 13, 2007 - BZ 318 - Old GUI SpectrumGenerator.tcl was not listing applied gates correctly when the filter mask was not * Week of Sept 10,2007 - BZ 318 revisited... need to use hash tables for the applied gates rather than lists to be utterly reliable. - Fix error in gamma 2d deluxe where if only one y parameter was specified one of the constructors would segfault because it was mistakenly getting units from y[1] not y[0]. - Fix error in swrite NSCLAsciiSpectrumFormatter...get axis limits directly from the spectrum description rather than dorking around to get them from the converter. Pre3 released October 11, 2007 Pre 4 (or possibly 3.2-001) opened. October 12, 2007 - Make multicolored monster understand Gamman deluxe spectra. October 15, 2007 - Redid a bunch of stuff with the test data sources to allow attach, re-attach , re-re attach etc. Don't think there are any memory leaks. October 23, 2007 - Add detach menu entry.. really stops processing and does an attach -file /dev/null - added version specific daq locations to search path for spectcldaq (gui). November 6, 2007 - Convert to svn repository November 26, 2007 - BZ 327 - Fix multicolored monster problems with changing spectra in resopnse to tree parameter range changes. December 4,2007 - Correct the Usage member of the calibration fit command so that it reflects the change in the name of the command. January 3, 2008 - Install splash/license.terms -> $(prefix)/splash.license to comply with its license terms. Finalized Pre-release 4 January 3, 2008 Start edit level 3.2-pre5 (may change to 3.2-001 midstream.. watch the log below). January 7, 2008 - Fixed include license.terms in the build. - GUI Attach -pipe was failing due to attempts to set the value of the buffersize widget prior to the creation of that widget's spinbox. January 9, 2008 - Add needParameter virtual to CSpectrum class hierarchy. this is used to know which list spectra belong in. January 10, 2008 - Fix errors in 1d construction. - Use spectra organized by parameter to make increments a bit more efficent. - Use observers to maintain the flattened gate lists so there's no increment time overhead. January 11, 2008 - Make CFlattenedGateList work even if the gate container for the gate has changed from the inserted one.. that is match the name. January 16, 2008 - Separate filter output formatting from the filter class itself. January 17, 2008 - Provide extensible filter format structure. - Fix error in filter save in gui .. parameter list had an extra layer of {}'s. - Add ability to introspect filter format. January 18, 2008 - Added support for the newer spectrum types to the API - Added filter support to the API. January 25, 2008 - Debugged filter support API - Fixed error in gate flattener handling that was preventing gate from being properly applied. February 25,2008 - Work around lesstif file dialog bug..For each re-use of the file selection dialog, explicitly set the search mask to the dirname of the mask with *.win appended. lesstif has the tendency to store the selected file in the filter path. March 12, 2008 - Cosmetic changes to folder gui file menu and the prompter for the which gui to use dialog. March 21, 2008 - Fix error in MCM GUI where parameters with empty units could cause errors in the data structures keeping track of the parameters. Specifically, the entries in the units list would collapse out of that list due to the use of append, rather than lappend to create those lists. March 24, 2008 - Add spectrum memory usage to status line of folder GUI per Kevin Carnes suggestion. March 24,2008 tag release of 3.2 Start work on 3.2-001 March 27, 2008 - Correct error in spectrum observer. Don't try to enter a spectrum that is not connected to all its parameters. This can happen in e.g. sread. March 28, 2008 - BZ330 (hopefully) o Added easy ability to remove callbacks. o Registered all graphical input widgets to call Xamine_DestroyGraphicalInput on both delete and popdown o Have Xamine_DestroyGraphicalInput * Kill mouse callbacks for graph input. * Remove the callbacks for delete and popdown. April 1, 2008 - Stop recycling properties dialog so it gets properly recreated (lesstif mis-remanages it). April 4, 2008 - BZ330 - Don't call cancel callback in Xamine_DestroyGraphicalInput until the callbacks are removed so we avoid recursion that will double destroy the object. April 22, 2008 - Fix slight errors in binning in SpecTcl.. correctly compute the bin width for the integeristas. Per Thomas Baumann. May 7, 2008 - Fix defect in Xamine gate acceptor on m2 spectra. Needed to select appropriately between adding the gate and modifying the existing gate, rather than unconditionally adding the gate.. which can throw an uncaught exception. Thanks to Kevin Carnes KSU for stepping into this defect and alerting me to it. - Added Kevin Carnes and Dirk Weisshaar to the acknowledgements. June 5, 2008 - Fix typeo in BufferAnalysis.h July 11, 2008 - Gui/slice.tcl - re-init the browser on accepting a gate (reinit member) that restores the parameters used to the list. - Expose the treeview interface to clients of Gui/browser.tcl August 18, 2008 - Update to tkcon V2.4 September 17, 2008 - Fixed error in RunState handling.. Set it to "Inactive" on event source EOF. This is needed to support batchmode processing of e.g. filter files. Start on 3.3 September 17, 2008 - Added extensible factory template class directory factories. This can be used both by new factories and to refactor the code provided by existing factories. - Use extensible factory to generate the buffer decoder selected by the attach -format switch so that buffer decoders are extensible. September 18, 2008 - Registered default decoders with DataSourcePackage September 22, 2008 - Added CRingBufferDecoder support so that ring buffer data can be decoded. September 26, 2008 - Provided mechanisms for buffer decoders to specify they operate either on fixed sized blocks of data or on streams. This is needed to ensure SpecTcl's input stage does not get permanently blocked when data taking pauses or a run ends on a stream oriented pipe data source. - Indicated that the CRingBufferDecoder is a stream decoder. - Documented SpecTcl::addBufferDecoder. - Documented new behavior of the -format switch on the attach command. - Xamine - integrate superimposed spectra as well as base spectra. October 2, 2008 - Add ungate context menu option to new GUI. - Don't write applications if the gate is -Ungated- (spectrum was ungated). - Correct the count of buffers analyzed to account for the fact that the first buffer is sequence 0 so we need the first buffer to increment our buffers analyzed -> 0. January 5, 2009 - Added gamma summary spectrum. January 15, 2009 - Fix Xamine compilation errors with -pedantic. Need to use reinterpret_cast to cast XtPointer -> function pointers. - Document gamma summary spectra in the on-board html. - Document GUI gamma summary spectrum creator. - Added API docs for gamma deluxe and gamma summary spectra February 18, 2008 - Made the background of the button box a clear indicator of whether or not SpecTcl is in a test system. pre2: March 6, 2009 - Make the rEvent array hold doubles not floats. March 18, 2009 - Fix tkcon.tcl so it does not implement a clear command that interferes with the SpecTcl clear command. March 24, 2009 - Make the delgrob dialog a multiselect. May 1, 2009 - CSpectrum2Dm.{h,cpp} Ensure these spectra get put in the don't need a parameter list rather than some need a parameter list which causes them to be grossly underincremented. pre3: May 2009 - Port to debian lenny with minimized compiler warnings. May 20,2009 - In source files add back the newline after each lineof a multiline command to prevent syntax errors on e.g. pseudo defs. May 27, 2009 - Fix error switch/case for handling gate point scaling. gamma gates resulted in no points being accepted. August 13, 2009 - Fix error in Strip chart spectrum was not requiring that target parameter was defined. - Fix error in strip chart shift. If shift is larger than spectrum channel count would segfault. Sep 4, 2009 - Fix BZ 378 - Segfaults can happen when cutting down the Y parameters of a g2d spectrum to generate the title. pre4: October 11, 2009 - BZ 379 when SpecTcl started using double for parameters in an event, filters broke. The fix allows both filters from older and current versions of SpecTcl to be read. October 14, 2009 - Strip chart spectrum was miscalculateing m_nOffset on shifts to the left leaving gaps in the spectra for continuously varying parameters. December 4, 2009 - Fix error in XMWarningDialog::Create .. was referencing button objects prior to ensuring they were created. December 4, 2009 - BZ384 - Provide some fallback fonts in case the adobe-courier family is not present. BZ384 - Provide a const char* exception handler in main() when caught displays a modal warning box with the exception displayed and when dismissed exits Xamine. - Throw an appropriate const char* exception when no suitable fonts can be found in text.cc:LoadFonts February 2, 2010 - Export CRingBufferDecoder.h to the world rather than hiding it in noinst_HEADERS. Feburary 11, 2010 - Modify data source GUI elements to include a data format selector that includes support for ring so people can attach to ring buffers or event files from the ring buffer system. pre6: May 6, 2010 - Fold in KSU fix for tkcon problems on ubuntu 10.?? May 6, 2010 - Update to gri-2.12.20 May 14, 2010- Remove memswap usage in CIntegrateCommand.cpp. - Remove all -lpub's from Makefile.am and includes. - Fix buffer overflow (BZ 404) in griprint.c pre7: May 18, 2010 - Fix error in GUI spectrum usage calculation. Was under calcluating summary spectrum usage. June 2, 2010 - Fix treegui problems: * Gate dependencies not calculated right if only one gate. * mclistbox now clean for tcl 8.5 June 3, 2010 - WO 2529-005-CP-005 - Add an extra layer of indirection (parameter scoreboarding) to improve the performance of histogramming when spectra and parameters are sparse. June 13, 2011 - Fix some memory double deallocations found by Coupland. 3.3-002 - Fixes pointed out by cppcheck static analyzer. - Misc. warning removals. - Use mkstemp rather than tmpnam in wsyswig printing. 3.3-003 June 30, 2011 - Fix error in CRingBufferDecoder - premature free of glued buffer 3.3-004 November 14, 2011 - Increase the capacity of the integration widget in Xamine to 50,000 chars (Carpino request). 3.3-005 December 5, 2011 - TR 6912 - undo changes in dfltmgr.cc suggested by cppcheck specifically: - assignment operator of win_*d infinitely recurses - use memcpy instead which causes ccpcheck to complain about memcpy-ing objects circumventing assignment. Must still see why the recursion occurs. - The earlier assignment was ill motivated and did not actually change the caller's win_xd for Xamine_CreatexdDefault.... functions as it just did pointer assignment rather than actually transferring the attributes to the caller. This resulted in unconditionally using a scatter plot rendition rather than the more usual color. 3.3-006 November 30-?? 2011 - Added flag to guistate.tcl so that new/treegui can ask it to save without spectrum -delete and thus support the 'cumulate' (sic) checkbutton. - Fix errors in Stripchart spectrum shifting and channel caculation. - Fix case in spectrum definition where we might ask Tcl to delete storage we never allocated. - Remove use of TkTable which disappears eventually in Tcl. 3.3-007 ?? - Ensure this all works on ring buffers. 3.3-008 - issue 107 Fix SpecTcl-2d integration command (gives wrong answers) - issue 108 Support Xamine builds if OpenMotif is the motif version installed. - issue 105 In folder gui make spectrum save a 2-step wizard so that it fits on small screens better. - issue 973 Do a smart search for the ring buffer clients in data source tcl. - issue 866 Protect GUIs (folder standalone and tree) from multiple startups. 3.3-009 - May 4, 2012 - Added cusbSpecTcl to the build. - June 6, 2012 - Added vmusbSpecTcl to the build. - June 6, 2012 Tell user about missing parameters array elements. - June 6, 2012 VMUSBSpecTcl - process madc -resolution config option. 3.3-010 - June 8, 2012 Branched the development repository and upped the configure.ac version to 3.3-010 - June 11, 2012 Issue #1089 fix order of gui startup with respect to config file processing. - June 11, 2012 Issue #1087 correct handling when saving gates for gates that have spaces in their name. - June 14, 2012 Issue #1008 Provide error information and exit if SpecTclRC.tcl or SpecTclInit.tcl failed. - June 14, 2012 Issue #1070 Provide error information for failing Pseudo params. - June 15, 2012 Issue #1046: * Default to ring format if online. * Allow user to specify ring name. - June 15, 2012 Issue #1063 Improve new gui startup time. 3.3-011 - July 2, 2012 Issue # 1191 Save spectrum channel type (byte word longword e.g.) when doing a save of failsafe write. - July 9, 2012 Issue #1152, Issue #1150, Issue #1151, Issue #1153 - Get clean builds on Ubuntu Precise Pangolin.. - July 24, 2012 - Use 64bit clean DataFormat.h (time_t -> uint32_t). 3.3-012 - Issue #1322 - Add product name to VERSION file e.g. SpecTcl- 3.3-013 - Issue #1451 - Re cast the Xamine shared memory region in terms of the types in stdint.h - this due to observation that 64bit shared memory requirements were significantly larger than 32 bit systems due to the use of architecture specific types. - Issue #1328 - Remove SpecTcl's local instance of gri and require gri be installed on systems using SpecTcl. Note that lack of gri will result in warning at configuration/install time. - Issue #1111 Add -rpaths in the case of links to shared libraries that are may not be in the normal places (e.g. provided by --with flags at build time). - Issue #1142 - Remove all dependencies on BLT as this package will likely become unavailable with Tcl 8.6 - which is now out of beta test. - Fixed various compile warnings in anticipation of compiler versions that will treat these as errors (finally solved the callbacks as data in Xt casting problem). 3.3-015 * Fix error in griprint.cc - buffer overflow for printing spectra with numbers above 99. Thanks to Dave Caussyn at FSU for finding this one. * Fix redef errors in NSCLAsciiFormatter.. 3.3-016 * Properly integrate the V1729 FADC with SpecTcl. * Fix error in vmusb/spectclSetup.tcl - typo in V1x90 setup. 3.3-017 * Fix error with m2d gates - Only the first point was correct.
Source: README, updated 2016-06-09

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