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NRDB Pro 2.7 - Release Notes About Natural Resources Database (NRDB) is a GIS tool for developing and distributing environmental databases. Its aim is to provide people in developing countries with a powerful yet simple tool to assist in the managing of their own resources. The NRDB software was originally developed for the Bohol Environment Management Office, Provincial Government of Bohol, Philippines, by Richard D. Alexander, through the assistance of Voluntary Service Overseas. This was supported through the Skills for Community-based Resource Utilization and Management (SCRUM) program. SCRUM was a four-year project partly funded by the European Union (EU) and the British Embassy. The goal of the project was to promote effective resource management by communities so as to ensure food security and well-being, alleviate poverty and prevent further depletion of valuable natural resource in which their livelihoods depend. The project was extended to the Sustainable Development Foundation, Thailand, under a VSO regional programme SPARK (Sharing and Promotion of Awareness and Regional Knowledge), a five-year programme, launched in January 2000, to promote community-based approaches to natural resource management and sustainable livelihoods in the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. Further development of NRDB has been supported by Conservation International as part of the Palawan Corridor Strategy Development Project, Philippines.Development of training materials and provision of support for NRDB has been undertaken by the PEP Network as part of their Community Based Monitoring System. Installation NRDB Pro 2.7 runs on *Microsoft Windows (XP/Vista/7)*. To install the software, unzip the download file and run setup.exe. Data are stored in a *Microsoft Access database* file or a *MySQL database*. Microsoft Data Access Components are built into Windows XP (SP2) onwards. To use NRDB Pro with a MySQL database you should first download and install the MySQL Community Server <>. Support NRDB Pro comes with a tutorial and incorporates context-sensitive help pages. Video tutorials are available that take you through the different elements of the software. Please use the NRDB User's Forum to obtain support and provide feedback. See the NRDB website <> for further details. Open Source NRDB Pro is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) <>. This means that the software is redistributed with the source code so that end users may make changes and improvements to the software. The GPL requires that any modified versions of the software remain free and are also distributed under the conditions of the GPL license. The source code for NRDB Pro may be downloaded from the NRDB Pro Sourceforge website <>. This includes the makefiles for rebuilding the software with Microsoft Visual Studio. NRDB Pro is written in C++ using the MFC class libraries. If you use source code from NRDB Pro in your own applications please acknowledge the source as the NRDB Project and provide a link to <>. Credits This software uses the FreeImage open source image library. See <> for details. FreeImage is used under the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2, June 1991. The set-up program for NRDB Pro uses Inno Setup 5.1.8, Copyright (c) 1997-2006 Jordan Russell. Version History NRDB Pro 2.7 * Software rebuilt using Visual C++ 2010 * Queries: Fixed problem with retrieval of parent feature name causing by error in indexing of active features. * Queries: Spatial queries now returning correct results (caused by about problem) * MySQL: Incorrect build of MySQL library, nrdbapi.dll fixed * Login: Added facility to change valid MySQL login username and password * Install: Updates path to include libmysql.dll * Import: Added warning when importing shapefiles of non-supported types * Map: Increase maximum pan extent * Images: Updated code for running Image2Shp from NRDB Pro NRDB Pro 2.6.1 beta * Map View: Fixed problem with reloading .nrm files NRDB Pro 2.6 beta * Software rebuilt using Visual C++ 2008 NRDB Pro 2.5.2 beta * Map View: Fixed problem with dragging points * Map View: Full functionality for editing map features now available through toolbar buttons NRDB Pro 2.5 beta * Map View: Fixed memory problems when zooming into complex polygons * Import: Backwards compatability importing NRDB Access databases into MySQL * Map View: Fixed layout problems with multiple columns * Map View: Clipped polygons now cached for faster re-drawing NRDB Pro 2.4 beta * Map Layout: Implimented WYSIWGY for map layout * Database: Support for MySQL 5.0 database implemented NRDB Pro 2.3 beta * Calc Area: Now takes into account holes in polygons * Colour Ranges: Can now save/load colour range default styles (xml file) * Data Dictionary: Feature and attribute names may now contain * appostrophes * Database: Support for MySQL database server implemented * Database: Support for world-wide latitude/longitude implemented * Digitising: Can now associate a newly digitised polygon with an existing feature * Digitising: Can now delete last point of multi-part polygon * Digitising: Supports snapping to multiple nodes at once * Graphs: If no data is returned user given option to re-query * Images: Backwards compatability for 2.0 embedded images * Img2Shp: Fixed problem of some JPEG images appearing as black image * Import: Correctly imports shapefiles with aprostrophe (single quote) in text * Import: Fixed problem of incorrect no. of errors when importing multiple tables * Login: Replaced browse option with ... button * Print preview: Coordinates displayed in x,y or lat/long depending on user preference * Projection: Fixed problem of not storing correct ellipsoid * Projections: Re-implemented support for latitude/longitude projections * Queries: Optimised to support display of large numbers of features * Queries: Performs date conditions prior to other conditions * Select features: Is now available for features with no parent * Units: Supports user defined length and area units (xml file) * View Map: Labels now displayed at geometeric centroid of polygons NRDB Pro 2.2.2 beta * Query: Corrected bug with query calculations * Database: 'Query too complex' bug fixed * Images: Updated FreeImage library version NRDB Pro 2.2.1 beta * Query: Fixed bug in area calculations. * View Map: Implemented View Attributes feature * Install: Correctly installs user files defined in nrdbpro.ini NRDB Pro 2.2 beta * Query: Added area calculations * Query: Added spatial joins * Images: Supports additional image formats using FreeImage * Opens database specified in default.nrm in installation directory * Basic locator view window for map and layout * Optimised lat/long to transverse mercator code * Map labels, added positions left,right,top, bottom
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