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NppToR-2.7.0.exe 2015-10-07 831.0 kB
NppToR-2.6.4.exe 2015-07-13 830.5 kB
NppToR-2.6.3.exe 2013-10-15 1.1 MB
NppToR-2.6.2.exe 2012-09-03 3.3 MB
NppToR-2.6.1.exe 2012-04-05 3.3 MB
NppToR-2.6.0.exe 2011-12-20 2.0 MB
NppToR-2.6.0.beta2.exe 2011-07-29 2.0 MB
NppToR-2.6.0.beta1.exe 2011-07-20 2.0 MB
NppToR-2.5.4.exe 2011-06-09 835.6 kB
NppToR-2.5.3.exe 2011-04-27 835.6 kB
NppToR-2.5.2.exe 2010-12-21 834.7 kB
NppToR-2.5.1.exe 2010-12-14 834.3 kB
NppToR-2.5.0.exe 2010-10-19 834.2 kB
NppToR-2.4.0.exe 2010-08-31 2.3 MB
NppToR-2.3.0.exe 2010-05-05 2.2 MB
NppToR-2.2.0.exe 2010-03-03 2.2 MB
NppToR-2.1.2.exe 2010-02-19 2.2 MB
NppToR-2.1.1.exe 2010-01-11 2.2 MB
NppToR-2.1.0.exe 2010-01-09 2.2 MB
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NppToR is a companion utility that facilitates communication between R and Notepad++. It provides code passing from Notepad++ into the windows R Gui. NppToR also provides an autocompletion database which is dynamically generated from the users' R library of packages, thanks to an addition by Yihui Xie. Notepad++ provides built it R code highlighting and folding.


  1. Installer- The windows installer, allows for installins for 1 user or all users. Installing for all users requires admin priviledges, but for a single user does not. Autocompletion database generation will be performed on install if installed for all users.
  2. PortableApp - Is a self extracting [][] formatted version for use on USB and other removable drives.
  3. Source Code - just what it says it is. NppToR can be run as an [AutoHotKey_l][] script.
  4. Executables - The compiled and self contained versions. Extract the zip file and run from wherever.


For reporting problems use the bug tracker.

Getting Help

The help forum is a good place to start to get help or report a problem if you are not sure if it is a bug. It might also be faster to get help here than reporting a bug.

how to support.

If you like NppToR there are a few ways to help.

  • Promote it
  • Report bugs
  • Add feature requests
  • Contribute in the forums

I now condsider NppToR mature, stable, and feature complete. There are a few things that I might like to have for myself but if there are voices out there of where to take NppToR next I would appreciate the feedback.


Source:, updated 2011-12-20