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  • Just Great!

  • very useful

  • Thanks a lot.

  • Awesome project. Super useful.

  • born again with notepad++!

  • awesome work, thank you guys!

  • This is an excellent project. All it needs is more features. And example code would be nice too.

  • Outstanding work!

  • It's awesome!

  • Greatly increases the power of macros in Notepad++. Documentation:

  • Great tool for using python in Notepad++, rich feature set and adequate documentation.

  • Love the tool, the documentation could be a bit better, and it would be nice to be able to report bugs. But the tool itself is quite helpful.

  • Npppythonscript works perfect.

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  • sometime the freeware tools are much much better than shareware.

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  • great program npppythonscript, thanks.

  • Dave, you've done a 'good thing'!

  • works perfectly.

  • This is awesome. :D I tried an old plugin that let me use JavaScript to automate and extend npp. It was cool, and I already got the hang of the language, so I used it to do a few things. I also tried a plugin that was supposed to let me use PHP scripts to automate npp... or something. I really get PHP and thought it would be awesome to. . . no. Just no. The plugin I tried was . . . Anyway. :D This plugin here. :D I don't know squat about writing programs in Python but I installed the plugin to see if it would do better than the JavaScript one. What did I find? BANG, live Python console right in npp for exploratory programming and one off automatons. Integrated menu for executing saved programs, or executing them from toolbar buttons. And, it had the good sense of recognizing the Python that's already installed on my machine instead of mangling up my configuration to wedge another one in. :D Now all I've got to do is learn enough Python to get something done. :D Thanks Dave!

  • Good job, many thanks

  • Great software !! Congratulations.

  • works great. Thanks

  • I use this software. Thank you for your work.

  • Thanks a lot for regular expressions!)))

  • Thank you for writing notepad++ plugin easier

  • Woot! Coding Python became even more fun. Notepad++ plugins made easy.

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