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Notepad++ Menu Search Plugin
This plugin adds a text field to the toolbar for searching menu items and preference dialog options.

The plugin is inspired by a similar Visual Studio 2012 functionality. It is written in C# using the approach described in


  • Find and execute menu commands by entering their name
  • Find and open preference dialog options
  • Quickly change menu shortcuts
  • Run previous commands with a single keystroke

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User Reviews

  • Good Plugins! Thanks!

  • Hello pitti_platsch, I like NPP and also your plugin, it makes NPP much more comfortable, but it doesn't run on every computer, on Intel Pentium or Athlon without problem, but on my Intel Xeon Desktop machin NPP quits starting with the message: "Load library failed <br> Make ... multi threaded/MT switch" could you please recompile with MT setting. Yours Udo

  • Thank you so much! My favorite UI widget from Adobe InDesign, which, if I ruled the world, would be part of every piece of software, has finally come to Notepad++, the tool where, due to the many plugins, I missed it the most.

    1 user found this review helpful.
  • Thanks a lot for your plugin, it really helps a lot! But would you add exit from search line by <Esc>, please. Because it's impossible to leave the input field without executing some command now (without mouse...)

    1 user found this review helpful.
  • Looks promising and useful!

    1 user found this review helpful.
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.NET/Mono, Win32 (MS Windows)

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