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  • the concept of Escape key in this program is a big mistake, try to search with Crtl-F and to close the Find & Replace dialog

  • I would like to see Notepad2 evoluate, it's the best IDE on Win32 for text edit and more. Why most of people use the Communism notepad++ style, i dunno, not handy as notepad2, and not so much powerfull.

  • I love N2 and have used it for years.

  • Excellent, very powerful editor with a minimalistic interface.

  • I like Notepad2, it's a great application; but this repository is dead. It was last updated in July-2006, and the latest version available here is For comparison, the actual Notepad2 has, at the time of this writing, version 5.0.26.b4, and was last updated in Oct-2012. If you do not want the horribly outdated version of the software, visit the author's website

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  • There seem to be a few variants of the original Notepad2 by Florian Balmer (at 3w - check that page first!!!). How this one is related to it, is not immediately clear from the project page here; as no mention of the above there. Is it (like) the original, or is it just a(nother) variant? How is this one different? Why should I bother? It seems I'd have to download and check it, but I already have two variants at hand. And since I forgot to record where I got them from, the only thing I know they differ quite a lot -- even though both have the *EXACT SAME* readme file (Notepad2.txt)! Sigh, *chaos*... I don't feel like downloading a third one now just to figure out how this one would differ from the two others -- unless there is a clear indication of why this fork exists. So, could it be possible to mention that in the project home page? Thanks!

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  • Great project, thank you for telling

  • Great project, thanks a ton for showing

  • I like the editor very much, I hope add a feather like excel(grid).

  • very good project

  • Good MS Notepad replacement - syntax colouring an asset - seen it used to great effect incorporated into other apps as an editor for user configurable stuff