NohBoard is an attempt at making a free/open source keyboard visualizer with as much customization possibilities as posisble.

It's main use is for livestreamers that want to overlay their currently pressed keys on their streams. But feel free to use it for any other purpose as well.

Settings are opened by right clicking anywhere in the main window.

Warning: When livestreaming with this software, take care not to display typing any passwords!

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User Reviews

  • Stable, straightforward, very nice overall. One suggestion would be a transparency option for the background.

  • This program is stable, I had no crash since the download (about 14 days). I used my own .kb-File since some days and: It work's perfectly. It's relatively easy to program yourself a keyboard layout. I used the included kb-files for copy them into a new one. Overall this program fits perfectly for this what I need. The only informations I would wish to have would be a key-code-table or what type of key-code this is (it's not ASCII as far I could check out). Keep up the great work!

  • Pro: Stable. Works with OBS (though currently treated as a full-screen application when attempting to scale). Has a restart button! Changing colors is easy and straightforward. Con: Game_fps1_mm.kb offers the most in-depth mouse details currently provided with the application. Unfortunately, this profile does not display a full keyboard. I feel the superfluous space between the border of the application and the keys (though not the spacing between the keys) should be removed. Cannot comment on support yet, thus the rating of three. Project is promising.

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