NinjaFirewall (Pro Edition) is a powerful Web Application Firewall designed to protect all PHP softwares, from custom scripts to popular shopping cart softwares and CMS applications.

Some of its features are:

* Powerful filtering engine.
* Stand alone Web Application Firewall.
* Protects against remote & local file inclusions, code execution, uploads, SQL injections, bots and scanners, XSS and many other threats.
* Hooks and sanitises all HTTP requests before they reach your website, as well as the response body.
* Real-time detection (File Guard).
* Response body filter (Web Filter).
* Powerful access control and firewall policies.
* Easy to setup; your PHP scripts do not require modifications.
* Works with any PHP applications, even those encoded with ionCube and ZendGuard.
* Management administration console.
* One-click updates.
* Centralized logging.
* And many more...

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