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  • Most comfortable way for handling a Nikon DSLR

  • Easy to use and offers all you need to communicate with your Nikon camera.

  • This project is very helpful! This really saved me a lot of overhead from trying to study the Nikon SDK. This is very easy to use and documentation and support is awesome :)

  • Awesome Job!!

  • Thank you for this wrapper. We were using our own COM library between the Nikon SDK and C# and you have saved me the job of eliminating it. BTW the D80 works fine with the Camera Control 2.11 maid modules in Windows 7. You have to be careful with the latest NkdPtp.dll from Camera Control 2.13+ because it requires the Visual Studio 10 C/C++ runtime.

  • I downloaded the wrapper and ran the test app but it fails to find a MD3 file that it is looking for. Where do I get this MD3 file from? I am very new to this, so pardon my ignorance. thanks.

  • I'm a VB coder and can't write C# can't even understand how to use Nikon SDK. This wrapper solves all my problem.

  • Super Source, Can someone tell me how I can make the Save media ( picture ) to sdcard Save in media? This dont work Error use new for object device.Set(eNkMAIDCapability.kNkMAIDCapability_SaveMedia,eNkMAIDSaveMedia.kNkMAIDSaveMedia_Card); thanks

  • Easy to use wrapper with great support

  • I have it compiling and working. Not a great GUI but it does work. What is missing for me is a Bulb setting. I want to use this with an astronomical telescope with exposures of several minutes.

  • The Nikon SDK is a beast to work with and understand even on the best of days especially if used within .net but Thomas has taken the time to fully understand the peculiar ways of Nikon and wrapped it all up in a very nice package that is easily approachable and that can be used in .net C# or VB. Extremely nice work and definitely the best Nikon implementation I have seen since Nikon first came out with their unfriendly SDK.

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