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Nikon SDK C# Wrapper. An easy-to-use C# wrapper for the native MAID Nikon SDK. Version 2.1 * Imported D500 enums Version 2.0.1 * The wrapper is now compiled as 'AnyCPU' instead of having separate x86 and x64 binaries * Better error messages in case someone attempts to load an x86 MD3 in an x64 app, and vice versa Version 2.0 * 64 BIT SUPPORT! :) * Yes, you read that right: 64-bit support! Nikon recently released 64-bit versions of their camera SDKs, the wrapper has been updated to support this * Imported D5 enums and structs Version 1.8 * Imported D7200 enums * Imported Nikon1 V3 enums and structs Version 1.7 * Imported D5500 enums Version 1.6 * Imported D750 enums * Code cleanups Version 1.5 * Imported D810 enums * Fixed D4S enum bug * Fixed bug in bulb capture with non-CPU lenses Version 1.4 * Imported D4S enums Version 1.3 * Imported D5300 and Df enums * Minor fix to VB.Net demo app (SaveFileDialog was displayed incorrectly) Version 1.2 * Added helper functions for bulb capture, StartBulbCapture/StopBulbCapture * Imported D610 enums * Fixed bug that made it impossible to correctly set DateTime capabilities * Added new parameter to the CaptureComplete event, indicating SDRAM/Card destination * The binaries in the archive are now compiled with VS2013 Version 1.1 * The binaries in the archive are now compiled with VS2012 * Disable thumbnail acquisition if the ThumbnailReady event isn't hooked up * Fixed memory leak caused by events that weren't being detached properly * Some code cleanups and modernization * Testapp: Added checkboxes for toggling previews/thumbnails * Testapp: Better error messages in case of missing MD3/NkdPTP.dll Version 1.0 * New auto generated structs and enums * Various internal cleanups Version 0.9.2 * Major cleanup/rewrite of internal NikonObject, MD3 interface * Fixed incorrect member in NkMAIDPicCtrlData struct * Ignore 'NotSupported' exceptions when acquiring thumbnails Version 0.9.1 * Imported D7100 enums * Fix for D5200 and D7100 thumbnail issue (unverified) Version 0.9 * Better support for WinForms * All events are now fired on the main thread in WinForms projects * Added WinForms C# demo project * Added WinForms VB.NET demo project Version 0.8 * Added several demo projects that shows how to use the library * Renamed function, GetCapabilities is now called GetCapabilityInfo * All projects now compile for x86 only, necessary since MD3s are 32 bit * Support for parameterized executable capabilities (TerminateCapture) * Minor internal optimizations and cleanups Version 0.7 * Full support for video recording * Added new functions, StartRecordVideo and StopRecordVideo * Added new events, VideoFragmentReady and VideoRecordingInterrupted * Internal cleanups * Updated the demo_ui app to save video files to disk Version 0.6 * Marshal all internal exceptions to the calling thread * Fixed a very rare issue in GetCapInfo, GetEnum and GetArray * Fixed deadlock when user attempts to hook up events from an eventhandler * Always use C# DateTime class instead of NkMAIDDateTime * Minor cleanup Version 0.5 * Support for getting and setting 'generic' capabilities * Remove expression/interactivity dependencies in the WPF demo app * All native 'NkMAID*' structs are now available as C# structs * Fixed threading issue when running without a dispatcher * Support for Type0009 (D5200) * Experimental support for GetVideoImage Version 0.4 * Support for 'low resolution' preview images (if your camera supports it) * Fixed event race conditions when running without a Dispatcher * Added 'live view' viewer in WPF demo app * Use normal non-nullable primitive types (Get, GetDefault) * All native 'eNkMAID*' enums are now available as C# enums Version 0.3 * Fix 'live view' bug * New WPF demo application * Merge all capability IDs from all devices into one enum * New NikonRange class for range capabilities * Various internal cleanup and fixes Version 0.2 * Support for getting the capability 'default values' * Fixed DateTime conversion issue * Fixed issue with Raw+Jpeg in the 'demo' app * More consistent error handling * More consistent internal naming * Hide internal classes/structures with more consistent access modifiers Version 0.1 * Initial Release
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