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waveVector.csv 2015-09-09 18.9 kB 11 weekly downloads
lwr_plant.h5 2014-09-15 73.2 kB 33 weekly downloads
SFRinput.h5 2014-04-11 61.6 kB 11 weekly downloads
NiCEProteusInput.xml 2014-04-02 22.9 kB 22 weekly downloads
conj_ht.rea 2014-03-27 47.2 kB 11 weekly downloads
thermal.xml 2014-03-25 22.7 kB 11 weekly downloads
sfr_random_5core_7assem.h5 2014-03-25 34.0 MB 11 weekly downloads
sfr_random_3core_3assem.h5 2014-03-25 3.4 MB 11 weekly downloads
output-Battery_1.1.silo 2014-03-25 8.5 MB 11 weekly downloads
ntg.xml 2014-03-25 1.1 kB 11 weekly downloads
lwr_reference_3a.h5 2014-03-25 4.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
lwr_input_3.h5 2014-03-25 2.0 MB 11 weekly downloads
electrical.xml 2014-03-25 15.8 kB 11 weekly downloads
caebatfiles.zip 2014-03-25 3.8 kB 11 weekly downloads
----- A brief note on the pre-alpha releases ----- We started releasing nightly binary builds of NiCE near the end of January 2012. These releases are primarily made to promote continuous integration practice amongst are team and are for demonstration purposes only. This is not to say that the releases do not work, but it is to say that significant functionality is missing and there are plenty of bugs to go around. We would greatly appreciate any feedback that you would like to provide on the nightlies as this will ultimately help us deliver a better product. We are particularly interested in information related to usability and installation. For example, can you download the appropriate nightly build for your system and run it quickly on your Windows, Mac or Linux machine? Does everything appear to be drawn appropriately on the screen? Are there dead buttons or other unselectable things? - The NiCE Dev Team, 20120203
Source: README.txt, updated 2012-02-10