newLISP for BSDs, LINUX, MacOS X, SunOS and Win32: small, fast 350+ functions, a -C-, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, ODBC, TCP/IP, UDP, XML, Java interface, string processing, regular expressions , math, financial, statistical functions, Win32 DLL

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User Reviews

  • O melhor programa para compartilhamento

  • newlisp works nicely

  • excellence!

  • For a Lisp-based scripting language, does exactly what it should and no-more-and-no-less. It is as useful for what it isn't, as for what it is. Works well at high-level, and at low-level. Due to its highly dynamic nature, also has some surprisingly tweakable extra functionality for those who go under the bonnet. Remember though that it is designed to excel as an interpreted language for scripting (not for compiling down for bare-metal tasks, etc). Highly recommend.

  • Thought lack of some important concept/components, in my opinion, newLISP is a great modern Lisp.

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Intended Audience

Developers, Education, Science/Research

User Interface

Java Swing, Win32 (MS Windows), X Window System (X11)

Programming Language


Database Environment

MySQL, ODBC, SQL-based, SQLite