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neurophstudio-windows-2.69.2.exe 2012-11-15 128.1 MB 22 weekly downloads
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neurophstudio-windows-2.6.exe 2012-01-11 61.2 MB 11 weekly downloads
neuroph-2.6_nb.zip 2012-01-11 6.0 MB 11 weekly downloads
neuroph-2.6.zip 2012-01-11 7.8 MB 22 weekly downloads
NEUROPH - JAVA NEURAL NETWORK FRAMEWORK http://neuroph.sourceforge.net This is the release 2.6 of the Java Neural Network Framework Neuroph Released files: neuroph-2.6zip contains Neuroph framework jar including sources, javadoc nad introductory tutorial neuroph-2.6_nb.zip NetBeans project tree full sources with Neuroph Studio, Java Neural Network IDE based on NetBeans Platform neurophstudio-windows-2.6.exe win installer neurophstudio-linux-2.6.sh linux installer neurophstudio-2.6.zip zip distribution This release brings the following new features: Advanced image recognition wizard (in Neuroph Studio)! Data normalization Weights randomization techniques IO Adapters (for file, url, database, stream) Micro benchmarking framework Resilient propagation ...and many more. See CHANGELOG for details. Enjoy the Neuroph! The Neuroph Team
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