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  • Doesn't compile anymore, certainly not on linux, really interested it getting this up and running.

  • If a program is intended to be run under Linux (too), and it doesn't install through the usual ./configure; make; make install there is a case to be made that some hints of installation instructions ought to be provided.

  • This program handles only subcircuits, not general netlists. It wants the file contents to be ALL UPPERCASE, or nothing goes. I din't test if it handles all SPICE models. The program icon's missing (assert during startup), but it can be made to ignore this problem. On Windows the install directory is not writable. Has potential, but needs some work to become really useful, and a lot of work to become a joy to use.

  • Like the other reviewers I like this project because it may be quicker than mapping out a netlist by hand on paper. Thanks to jdheinzmann for sharing how to rotate components. It is sometimes hard to read the component values because the letter multipliers are covered by the node names.

  • So nice to be able to "visualize" a SPICE netlist with this viewer. Super simple to use but I could find no readme or usage instructions and help just takes me back to its SourceForge download page. It took me a while to figure out (by staring at source code) that you rotate parts by using the right mouse button while dragging with the left. Once you have re-positioned and reoriented your parts you will want to save your schematic by exporting it as a NVS file. In spite of these user guide shortcomings, this program gets 5 stars from me because it is most helpful and I don't see anything else out there like it for free.

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  • the linux version use a obsolete wx is it possible to it will be fix

  • Excellent little program, makes it much easier to visualise the inside of a SPICE subcircuit. The ability to add a vertex into a wire would be good.

  • I always recommend my own projects ;)