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Netdisco - MIB Repository Max Baker --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 0.9 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I maintain a workable set of MIBS to use with Netdisco and other network managment tools. I would like to be able to do snmpwalks without having everything blow up. These mibs should cover all the devices listed in All these have been painstakingly fixed up to parse correctly under net-snmp 5.4. All duplicates have been removed favoring always the newest version. Typos and logical errors in the MIBs are fixed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- MIB Versions --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cisco: 06/05/2009 (last v2.tar.gz is dated 08/2008) Enterasys: 10/07 Extreme: v762b3 01/09/06 Foundry: FGL04000 11/07 HP: March 08 Net-SNMP: 5.3.3 Nortel: Various - Last update 09/07 RFC: 10/07 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- USAGE OUTSIDE OF NETDISCO --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copy the supplied snmp.conf to either /usr/local/share/snmp/snmp.conf OR ~/.snmp/snmp.conf Be sure to look in the file and change things to match your enviornment. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADDING DEVICE SUPPORT --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mib setup: 1. Add all the mibs given by your vendor in a new directory 2. run mkindex 3. run chk_dups and then remove the dups in your new dir 4. add new directory to snmp.conf and netdisco.conf SNMP::Info setup: 1. run walk_all on the device save the output to a text file. This will query the device for every mib on the system, to see what data is available with the MIBs available. 2. check to see what data is missing in netdisco for your device after running a discover on it 3. create a new subclass of L2 or L3 for your device family 4. use the text file from step 1 to find missing info 5. add data and mib dependencies to new subclass 6. ask on mailing list for help Send all changes back to mailing list so that everyone else can enjoy the fruits of your labor and improve upon them.
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