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Netatalk 2.2.5 ============== The Netatalk development team is proud to announce version 2.2.5 of the Netatalk File Sharing suite. This is the latest update to the 2.2 release series. All users are encouraged to upgrade their systems to 2.2.5. Netatalk is a freely-available Open Source AFP fileserver. It also provides a kernel level implementation of the AppleTalk Protocol Suite. A *NIX/*BSD system running Netatalk is capable of serving many Macintosh clients simultaneously as an AppleShare file server (AFP), AppleTalk router, *NIX/*BSD print server, and for accessing AppleTalk printers via Printer Access Protocol (PAP). Included are a number of minor printing and debugging utilities. The suite contains: * afpd - a file server that implements the Apple Filing Protocol, allowing clients running MacOS to access Unix file servers * atalkd - an implementation of the AppleTalk protocol * papd - a print server that enables Macintosh computers to access printers connected to Unix servers * megatron - a tool to convert files in Macintosh specific formats like BinHex, AppleSingle, or MacBinary into files readable by Unix computers * various supporting programs and utilities Summary of hot stuff and enhancements in 2.2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * AFP 3.3 support (necessary for TimeMachine and Lion) * Robust network disconnect/reconnect, especially important for Time Machine * Support for fast AFP searches (CNID backend "dbd" only) * POSIX draft 1e ACL support * Complete Netatalk volume compatible `ad` file utility suite * Dynamic filesystem cache * Builtin Zeroconf registration of the AFP server and TimeMachine volumes * Support for ACLs without a common Directory Service between server and client Important ~~~~~~~~~ The enhancements for fast AFP searches are only implemented for the CNID backend "dbd" and require changes to the underlying CNID database, ie an additional index. This breaks drop-in compatibility between the CNID backends "cdb" and "dbd". Once "dbd" has upgraded a CNID database of a volume, "cdb" will reject to open it. License ~~~~~~~ Netatalk is a Free/Open Source Software project and is released under the GNU General Public License (GPLv2). The full license text is available at: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2.0.txt Changes in 2.2.5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * FIX: Fix errors searching volumes * NEW: Configurable symlink handling with a new volume option 'followsymlinks'. Setting the option causes afpd to follow symlinks on the server side. * UPD: Reload groups when reloading volumes. FR #71. * FIX: Fix a possible crash in cname() where cname_mtouname calls dirlookup() where the curdir is freed because the dircache detected a dev/inode cache difference and evicted the object from the cache. Fixes bug #498. * FIX: Change default FinderInfo for directories to be all 0, fixes bug 514. Changes in 2.2.4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * FIX: Missing UAM links * FIX: Lockup in AFP logout on Fedora 17 * FIX: Reset signal handlers and alarm timer after successfull PAM authentication. Fixes a problem with AFP disconnects caused by pam_smbpass.so messing with our handlers and timer. * FIX: afpd: Fix a possible problem with sendfile on Solaris derived platforms Changes in 2.2.3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * NEW: afpd: support for mdnsresponder * NEW: afpd: new LDAP config option ldap_uuid_string * UPD: based on Unicode 6.1.0 * UPD: experimental systemd service files: always run both afpd and cnid_metad * UPD: afpd: Ensure our umask is not altered by eg pam_umask * UPD: afpd: Use GSS_C_NO_NAME as server principal when Kerberos options -fqdn and -krb5service are not set, from Jamie Gilbertson * UPD: afpd: Changed behaviour for TimeMachine volumes in case there's a problem talking to the CNID daemons. Previously the volume was flagged read-only and an AFP message was sent to the client. As this might result in TimeMachine assuming the backup sparse bundle is damaged, we now just switch the CNID database to an in-memory tdb without the additional stuff. * FIX: afpd: sendfile() on FreeBSD was broken, courtesy of Denis Ahrens * FIX: afpd: Dont use searchdb when doing partial name search * FIX: afpd: Fix a possible bug handling disconnected sessions, NetAFP Bug ID #16 * FIX: afpd: Close IPC fds in afpd session child inherited from the afpd master process * FIX: dbd: Don't remove BerkeleyDB if it's still in use by eg cnid_dbd, fixes bug introduced in 2.2.2 * FIX: debian initscript: start avahi-daemon (if available) before atalkd * FIX: Zeroconf could not advertise non-ASCII time machine volume name Changes in 2.2.2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * NEW: afpd: New option "adminauthuser". Specifying eg "-adminauthuser root" whenever a normal user login fails, afpd tries to authenticate as the specified adminauthuser. If this succeeds, a normal session is created for the original connecting user. Said differently: if you know the password of adminauthuser, you can authenticate as any other user. * NEW: configure option "--enable-suse-systemd" for openSUSE12.1 and later. "--enable-redhat-systemd" and "--enable-suse-systemd" are same as "--enable-systemd". "--enable-suse" is renamed "--enable-suse-sysv". * NEW: experimental systemd service files in distrib/systemd/ * UPD: afpd: Enhanced POSIX ACL mapping semantics, from Laura Mueller * UPD: afpd: Reset options every time a :DEFAULT: line is found in a AppleVolumes file * UPD: afpd: Convert passwords from legacy encoding (wire format) to host encoding, NetAFP Bug ID #14 * UPD: afpd: Don't set ATTRBIT_SHARED flag for directories * UPD: afpd: Use sendfile() on Solaris and FreeBSD for sending data * UPD: afpd: Faster volume used size calculation for "volsizelimit" option, cf man AppleVolume.default for details * FIX: afpd: ACL access checking * FIX: afpd: Fix an error when duplicating files that lacked an AppleDouble file which lead to a possible Finder crash * FIX: afpd: Read-only filesystems lead to afpd processes running as root * FIX: afpd: Fix for filesystem without NFSv4 ACL support on Solaris * FIX: afpd: Fix catsearch bug, NetAFP Bug ID #12 * FIX: afpd: Fix dircache bug, NetAFP Bug ID #13 * FIX: dbd: Better checking for duplicated or bogus CNIDs from AppleDouble files * FIX: dbd: Remove BerkeleyDB database environment after running `dbd`. This is crucial for the automatic BerkeleyDB database upgrade feature which is built into cnid_dbd and dbd. * FIX: Fix compilation error when AppleTalk support is disabled * FIX: Portability fixes * FIX: search of surrogate pair Changes in 2.2.1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * NEW: afpd: disable continous service feature by default, new option -keepsessions to enable it * NEW: configure option "--enable-redhat-systemd" for Fedora15 and later. "--enable-redhat" is renamed "--enable-redhat-sysv". * UPD: afpd: Enhance ACL support detection for volumes: enable them per volume if 1) ACL support compiled in, 2) the volume supports ACLs, 3) the new volume option "noacls" is not set for the volume. The previous behaviour was to enable ACL support for a volume if 1) it was compiled in and 2) the volume supported ACLs. There was no way to disable ACLs for a volume. * UPD: afpd: add a configurable hold time option to FCE file modification event generation, default is 60 s, new option "fceholdfmod" to change it * UPD: afpd: add support for new NetBSD quota subsystem, Bug ID 3249879 * FIX: afpd: increase BerkeleyDB locks and lockobjs * FIX: afpd: create special folder as root * FIX: afpd: fix compilation error if --enable-ddp is used * FIX: afpd: More robust IPC reconnect error handling * FIX: afpd: ACL access checking * FIX: afpd: fix a possible race condition between SIGCHLD handler and new connection attempts * FIX: afpd: fix undefined behaviour when more then ~510 connetions where established * FIX: afpd: fix a crash when searching for a UUID that is not a special local UUID and LDAP support is not compiled in * FIX: afpd: .volinfo file not created on first volume access if user in rolist * FIX: afpd: possible crash at startup when registering with Avahi when Avahi is not running * FIX: afpd: return correct user/group type when mapping UUIDs to names * FIX: afpd: for directories add DARWIN_ACE_DELETE ACE if DARWIN_ACE_ADD_SUBDIRECTORY is set * FIX: afpd: afpd crashed when it failed to register with Avahi because eg user service registration is disabled in the Avahi config * FIX: dbd: function checking and removing malformed ad:ea header files failed to chdir back to the original working directory * FIX: cnid_dbd: increase BerkeleyDB locks and lockobjs * FIX: cnid_dbd: implement -d option, deletes CNID db * FIX: dbd: better detection of local (or SMB/NFS) modifications on AFP volumes * FIX: suse: initscript return better status * FIX: Sourcecode distribution: add missing headers * FIX: Solaris 10: missing dirfd replacement function * FIX: case-conversion of surrogate pair * FIX: Compilation error on GNU/kFreeBSD, fixes Bug ID 3392794 and Debian #630349 * FIX: Fix Debian Bug#637025 * FIX: Multiple *BSD compilation compatibility fixes, Bug ID 3380785 * FIX: precompose_w() failed if tail character is decomposed surrogate pair Changes in 2.2.0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * NEW: afpd: new volume option "nonetids" * NEW: afpd: ACL access check caching * NEW: afpd: FCE event notifications * NEW: afpd: new option "-mimicmodel" for specifying Bonjour model registration * UPD: Support for Berkeley DB 5.1 * UPD: case-conversion is based on Unicode 6.0.0 * UPD: cnid_metad: allow up to 4096 volumes * UPD: afpd: only forward SIGTERM and SIGUSR1 from parent to childs * UPD: afpd: use internal function instead of popening du -sh in order to calculate the used size of a volume for option "volsizelimit" * UPD: afpd: Add negative UUID caching, enhance local UUID handling * FIX: afpd: configuration reload with SIGHUP * FIX: afpd: crashes in the dircache * FIX: afpd: Correct afp logout vs dsi eof behaviour * FIX: afpd: new catsearch was broken * FIX: afpd: only use volume UUIDs in master afpd * FIX: dbd: Multiple fixes, reliable locking * FIX: ad file suite: fix an error that resulted in CNID database inconsistencies Changes in 2.2-beta4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * NEW: afpd: new afpd.conf options "tcprcvbuf" and "tcpsndbuf" to customize the corresponding TCP socket options. * NEW: afpd: new afpd.conf option "nozeroconf" which disabled automatic Zeroconf service registration. * FIX: afpd: generate mersenne primes for DHX2 UAM once at startup, not for every login * FIX: afpd: DSI streaming deadlock * FIX: afpd: extended sleep * FIX: afpd: directory cache * FIX: Support for platforms that do not have the *at functions * UPD: afpd: put POSIX write lock on volume files while reading them Changes in 2.2-beta3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * FIX: afpd: fix option volsizelimit to return a usefull value for the volume free space using `du -sh` with popen * FIX: afpd: fix idle connection disconnects * FIX: afpd: don't disconnect sessions for clients if boottimes don't match * FIX: afpd: better handling of very long filenames that contain many multibyte UTF-8 glyphs Changes in 2.2-beta2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * NEW: afpd: AFP 3.3 * UPD: afpd: AFP 3.x can't be disabled Changes in 2.2-beta1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * FIX: composition of Surrogate Pair * UPD: gentoo,suse,cobalt,tru64: inistscript name is "netatalk", not "atalk" * UPD: gentoo: rc-update install don't hook in the Makefile Changes in 2.2alpha5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * UPD: afpd: new option "searchdb" which enables fast catalog searches using the CNID db. * UPD: Case-insensitive fast search with the CNID db * UPD: cnid_dbd: afpd now passes the volume path, not the db path when connecting for a volume. cnid_dbd will read the ".AppleDesktop/.volinfo" file of the volume in order to figure out the CNID db path and the volume charset encoding. Changes in 2.2alpha4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * NEW: Enhanced CNID "dbd" database for fast name search support. Important: this makes cnidscheme "cdb" incompatible with "dbd". * NEW: afpd: support for fast catalog searches * NEW: ad utility: ad find * UPD: afpd: CNID database versioning check for "cdb" scheme * UPD: cnid_dbd: CNID database versioning and upgrading. Additional CNID database index for fast name searches. Changes in 2.2alpha3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * FIX: afpd: various fixes * FIX: Any daemon did not run if atalkd doesn't exist (redhat/debian) Changes in 2.2alpha2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * FIX: afpd: fix compilation error when ACL support is not available * FIX: Ensure Appletalk manpages and config files are distributed Changes in 2.2alpha1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * NEW: ad utility: ad cp * NEW: ad utility: ad rm * NEW: ad utility: ad mv * NEW: afpd: dynamic directoy and CNID cache (new config option -dircachesize) * NEW: afpd: POSIX 1e ACL support * NEW: afpd: automagic Zeroconf registration with avahi, registering both the service _afpovertcp._tcp and TimeMachine volumes with _adisk._tcp. * UPD: afpd: ACLs usable (though not visible on the client side) without common directory service, by mapping ACLs to UARight * UPD: afpd: performance improvements for ACL access calculations * UPD: AppleTalk ist disabled by default at configuration time. If needed use configure switch --enable-ddp. * FIX: afpd: Solaris 10 compatibilty fix: don't use SO_SNDTIMEO/SO_RCVTIMEO, use non-blocking IO and select instead. * FIX: cnid_dbd: Solaris 10 compatibilty fix: don't use SO_SNDTIMEO/SO_RCVTIMEO, use non-blocking IO and select instead. * REM: afile/achfile/apple_cm/apple_mv/apple_rm: use ad Supported Platforms ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As of Netatalk 2.2 the following operating systems are supported: * FreeBSD * Linux * OpenBSD * NetBSD * [Open]Solaris * Tru64 (TCP only) Netatalk may compile and run on other operating systems as well, but it is not well-tested on those. We welcome patches and suggestions for enhancing the portability of Netatalk as well as success and failure stories. Please write to netatalk-devel@lists.sourceforge.net. Availability ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Netatalk tar-balls can be found at: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=8642 Netatalk is also available via anonymous git. See the SourceForge project site for anonymous git instructions. Contact ~~~~~~~ For more information about Netatalk, see its web page at: http://netatalk.sourceforge.net/ The project is hosted at SourceForge. The SourceForge project page is located at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/netatalk/ The Netatalk development team can be reached via the mailing list netatalk-devel@lists.sourceforge.net. For subscription information and archives see Netatalk's SourceForge project page. netatalk-admins@lists.sourceforge.net is a mailing list for Netatalk system administrators. For subscription information and archives see the Netatalk web page. Acknowledgements ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We would like to thank all contributors to the Netatalk project for their commitment. Without the many suggestions, bug and problem reports, patches, and reviews this project wouldn't be where it is. - The Netatalk Development Team, July 2013
Source: README, updated 2013-07-23

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