Here, is a family of my operating systems featuring software libre, cyber-security, less is more, modernism philosophies of my developments and designs.

Blobs are very often to be malware, said Richard Stallman, FSF, GNU.

Warm reminders:
You need to first install openSuSE Tumbleweed with KIWI scripts to locally build my distributions under my KIWI Git sources, not recommended to you unless you are familiar to Git and KIWI, or any other advanced commands, for this you will need to directly download my ISO packages.
As to reach top security standard this is to sacrifice stabilities.
Finally legacy 32-bit processors and legacy MBR are NO LONGER unsupported.


  • Security aspects 1~2/7: torsocks gateways and BleachBit clean master
  • Security aspects 3~5/7: kernel-libre-core, kernel-libre-firmware, freed-ora-freedom
  • Security aspects 6~7/7: SuSEfiirewall and YaST2 servers and clients of authentications
  • Git: free software sources management system
  • KIWI: openSuSE command-line backend under SuSE studio
  • Hardware: GPT/BIOS and x64 processor REQUIRED
  • Nelson: Cinnamon, WebKitGTK+ (QtWebKit), Docker, lxc, OpenStack, libvirt
  • Nelson also has an LXQt flavour available
  • EmojiOS: Cinnamon, NotoEmoji, EmojiOne, Twemoji,
  • EmojiOS: Unicode fonts and utils, WebKitGTK+ (QtWebKit)
  • FreeXP: Cinnamon, PlayOnLinux, q4wine, DOSbox, DOSemu
  • EmojiOS and FreeXP also have LXQt flavour available
  • EpicOS: Cinnamon, Pencil, LibreCAD, MusiXTeX, VLC, WebKitGTK+
  • EpicOS: also has an LXQt flavour available

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Intended Audience

Advanced End Users, Testers, Security Professionals

User Interface

.NET/Mono, X Window System (X11), Console/Terminal, Command-line, Qt, GTK+