NDIS driver wrapper for the Linux kernel

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  • Doesn't compile on new versions of kali. Disappointing.

  • Shit documentation, shit links

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  • On my feisty fawn, it doesn't even install properly. I get error messages in step 2 and 3 (make / make install as root). As a new user of Linux all too willing to flip for most purposes over (and despite 7 years of superficially using UNIX on old suns while in academia), i find the process of getting a wireless running INCREDIBLY frustrating. But at least the most-mentioned tool ndiswrapper could install properly. So really no need to leave self-congratulatory messages here. It's depressing, really. Additionally, among many more sobering experiences, when I go through the sourceforge tutorial to find the proper drivers, i read (1) yes we got'em, it'll work, (2) here's a link, and (3) here's another link. Link (2) leads to a private (!!!) web page discussing, among others, 'aviation' and 'travel' plus how great it would be to upgrade to WPA (happy to if you can install it at least first), and (3) is a blind link. I did dig up the drivers myself (I think), but with ndiswrapper dysfunctional, what to do.

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