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  • I can not thank you enough for taking the time to write this program. I have a Nokia 6790. Unfortunately some how my screen got cracked and it would barely light up. I know I had many pictures and videos I had taken with this phone that I didn't want to loose. I first tried to install the Nokia PC Suite: " Nokia_PC_Suite_eng_us_web.exe " Then I was having problems with Windows 8.1 USB drivers as many others was having here on the Microsoft forums. I was able however to use Nokia PC Suite to perform a complete backup successfully which created the *.nbu file archive. But I had no way of opening it up. Nokia PC Suite would only let be copy the backup back to my phone overwriting everything. I didn't want to do that. Now thanks to NbuExplorere, and installing the DBshell as mentioned in the readme.txt file I was able to view and extract everything sucessfully. Note: For those of you complaining about viruse's, adware etc.. This program has none of that. reports nothing. No threats. However when I ran a scan on the DBSHELL.EXE one false postive showed up from a company called "baidu"? Never heard of them. None the less, they reported that "DBSHELL.EXE" had: Win32.Trojan.WisdomEyes.16070401.9500.9644 IT IS A FALSE POSITIVE!! ( read what dbshell is all about ) the links are in the readme.txt file of nbuexplorer. Anyway thank you again so much for your work on this application. I'm now able to see videos and pictures of my beloved wife whom I lost to lung cancer , a damn tumor, in 2013. The pictures & videos were retrieved and saved because of this program "NbuEplorer" along with every single other file, contacts... etc...

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  • Works great. But must be installed carefully, to skip all crapware ;) Or install using ZIP file - find latest build in Releases files

  • VIRUS! Bastard! It works, but also installs malware: bubbledoc Wanker!

  • it can open nbu file but it contains virus according to avast.

  • Very helpful app for restoring messages, calendar entries, contacts, images, etc. from an .nbu file created with Nokia PC Suite! Thank you very much! As others have pointed out: always use the program from the zip file in the latest release folder, not the exe version announced at the top. You do not even have to install anything – once extracted from the zip file, it runs standalone.

  • Very good. It fix the problem of unrestored .NBU-file, which I has get after Nokia programs

  • Just to clarify, when you see "DBshell" during the install IT IS NOT part of the adware crap! (Sadly, the rest is.) Otherwise, the program itself worked great with migrating messages to android!

  • As all the others have said, installer will install malware to your computer.

  • ATTENTION: This download contains mostly rubbish! While the NFU explorer works, it also installs ShopperPro, Youtube Accelerator and a lot of other crap! Don't use it!!

  • Full of 3rd party malware to redirect your browser and create processes to install other software, etc.

  • The installed includes some viruses and malware!

  • Has Soundforge sold it's soul I obviously can't TRUST anything that is on this site This software has loads of adware but then it tries to install some sort of DBshell At that point I came back here and noticed it is full of malware, it is so hard to remove this, SHAME on Soundforge for hosting this It is time for Soundforge to clean up its act, even blackhat forums insist their uploads have clean virus total reports URL are forbidden but Malware is OK check 1svK04F for Virus total report or upload it yourself, six different maware items

  • Gyus! Dont download exe file, go to files/releases, select the top version and download zip file. No installation is needed. Anyway I give one star for this shit included in installer.

  • Unfortunately the installer is infected with the highly annoying qone8-crapware (as of 2014-05-12). Even when you select "Decline" in the installation menu it will be forced onto your computer. (I used "adwcleaner" to remove qone8).

  • Works great. Use the path below to download NbuExplorer without any crap ware and other unwanted apps. That bloatware only comes with installer. doesn't need to be installed. Sourceforge doesn't allows to paste links into reviews. Go to: / projects / nbuexplorer / files / Releases /v30 and download

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  • Don't use it. It is infected with crapware.

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  • VIRUS ALERT! upload to virustotal and see results.

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  • If you want to install it without viruses/adware go to this link sourceforge[DOT]net/projects/nbuexplorer/files/Releases/v30/ and click on :) Do not!!! download the one with

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  • DO NOT install NbuExplorer on your PC! You'll be so sorry if you do... Contains loads of crapware that can't easily be uninstalled. Use NbuExplorer only in a virtual machine, save your stuff (outside the virtual machine, of course), and absolutely, totally ZAP the virtual machine after use.

  • F**k you! DO NOT INSTAL NEW VERSIONS OF THIS! I took off all the checkboxes in the installation process, but it all exactly set me a lot of unnecessary crap and replaced my search engine. You burn in hell.

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  • Thanks very good project! +

  • cool project!

  • It works very well! Very Useful tool. I use this everyday.

  • with this i was able to extract all contacts from gmail export, then upload them to nokia by pc suite contacts

  • very good project, thanks!

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