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Naev Downloads

Note: You need the ndata to play. The Windows installer will offer to download it for you.


The installer will offer to download the ndata for you, but it can also be downloaded separately and placed in the directory where Naev is installed.

Mac OS X

Once you have downloaded the ndata, you need to place it in naev.app/Contents/Resources. You can open up naev.app as a folder by right clicking and selecting “Show Package Contents”.


While not guaranteed to be up-to-date, several distributions package Naev, typically as naev. Naev is known to be included in Arch Linux, Gentoo and openSUSE. Additionally, users of Ubuntu and other Debian-derived distributions can install Naev from the unofficial Playdeb repository.

If using our pre-built binaries, note that Naev has a number of dependencies that must be installed. A full list is available at the Wiki.


Source: README.md, updated 2011-10-17
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