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  • great project. Easy to use, just doing what it should. Interface design looks a bit outdated although that is a minor issue. Unfortunately no new binary since 2 years and no support for mythtv >= 0.27 in released binaries.

  • Many thanks for this excellent piece of software. I used an old XP PC for my PVR running Next PVR. The last update hosed both the server and client. Been wanting to try Mythtv for a while so this seemed like a good time to do it :) Mythtv (Mythbuntu) installed fine for the server and the search was on for a windows frontend. Tried XBMC but it was too resource hungry for my modest PC/Laptops. Other software downloaded was buggy or just didn't work. Myth TV player is just perfect for my needs. I can now watch TV on any PC/laptop where I am working. Footprint is small and it uses very few resources (under 20% on an old PC with XP3000 processor). Love the border less window. looks very cool. ;). Live TV works fine. Can easily access recorded shows to watch later or delete what I have already watched if the disc is getting a bit full. Picture and sound quality is excellent. No stutter or pixelation. Only small bug is that the picture always seem to start in 4:3 format but clicking on the radio buttons restores 16:9

  • very good project, thanks!

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  • The 0.7 version works great on Win7 with my MythTV 0.24. Good to have a frontend from a Windows Desktop too.

  • Fantastic. Works brilliantly 'out of the box'. Really looking forward to the LiveTV function being finished. I could watch live TV but the scrubber and skip forward/back buttons don't work and always skip back to where I started watching. Other than that. Loving it. ;)