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  • It is useful... when it works. Which isn't often. I can't seem to figure out why sometimes it will hear me say "Computer" and other times it doesn't, or why sometimes it will think I said "Computer" when I didn't. I'm pretty disappointed because I would love to give it five stars. In theory it's an awesome program, but in reality it still has a lot of kinks to work out.

  • In principle this is a great app, I installed it on my laptop as well as on my desktop. However, I had to remove it, because it turns on Cortana also when I'm not asking for it. It seems to sensitive or perhaps not sensitive. Either way: great app, but unfunctional. Hoping for an improved update and even willing to spend money on it.

  • The app works great but I can't figure out how to uninstall it. Please reach out to me asap for resolution and i'll update my star review.

  • It works fine but installing it is a bit annoying since it has to be done manually and although it has a setting to launch at start-up, it doesn't launch in the background; it creates a window which you then have to minimise manually to the task tray.

  • I love the idea of being able to rename Cortana but the program also has a bad habit of making Cortana open at "hearing" random words or noises. If they fix that problem it would be perfect but as it stands the annoyance of Cortana popping up all the time just isn't worth it.

  • The program keeps opening cortana by it self with out using the commend. NEEDS A UPDATE.

  • Nice, but I'm having "microphone error". Win 10 AU 1607 14393.576 and Hey Cortana works perfectly with 3.5" jacked microphone that is the default recording device.. Is there a fix?

  • BRILLIANT! I LOVE YOU! (YES, I KNOW I'M SHOUTING!) Thank you, lazyguyz, I've wanted to be able to do this since I first got Windows 10. This is perfect, it allows you to make Cortana respond to any voice command. You wanna change her name? Boom! Done. Wanna make it ultra fast? Try "Yo!" (It's best if that isn't something you usually say, otherwise she will drive you insane.) Regardless, make sure it's something nice. I like Cortana. She tells me funny jokes.

  • Just thought to myself today, "Hey Cortana is a little long and boring to say". So I searched the web and you have solved my problem, now I can go like: "Computer! open steam!" and it works, Brilliant!

  • Excellent idea, and works quite well. It does periodically get zapped by my anti-virus, but this is something I'll just have to add an exception for.

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