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  • In my autostart for over a decade.

  • *****

  • You got a really useful blog. I have been here reading for about an hour. I am a newbie and your success is very much an inspiration for me.

  • Expert en logiciel libre depuis 1999, je recommande Mumble dont les fonctionnalités progressent sans cesse. propose par exemple un service de serveurs Mumble gratuitement ! Merci à la communauté !

  • Perfect ! I'm running a server of 50 active users (25ish each evening) and it works great ! It's easy to teach people about the use of it, and it always works. Even on pentium III ! No lag, even with a game and a shitty connexion, just perfect. And if one day its really bad connexion, just turn on the force TCP ! Perfect ! It's just a little bit too simple for Admins, I would like a bit more control (see ticket #1164)

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  • Love the voice wizard setup. Sound quality is excellent.

  • Great program. Use it with group for 10 friends, does everything we need. Except a software based method of playing music so we can listen together. Overall well build, and I especially like the performance tuning options.

  • I love using this VoIP for when I play online with my friends. My only issue with it is that no matter what I do, I just cannot seem to get the overlay to work with WoW. I have the latest version downloaded to my computer and I've followed all directions I can find, but to no avail. It just will not work for me. Other than that, I really enjoy it and its ease of use.

  • Here to warn you all about the service "Cooked Porkchop" I rented a 50 slot server from "Cooked Porkchop" two days ago. They failed to e-mail me the proper setup instructions. People that connected were randomly muted, and others said the server was "hacked/bugged". I asked for a refund, because I was dissatisfied with the service. They refused to give me one. Mumble is a great service, just STAY AWAY from "Cooked Porkchop" at any cost. I am sure there are plenty of great service out there, "Cooked Porkchop" just wants your money, because they don't care if you are dissatisfied, they just want your money. As for mumble, mumble is pretty awesome.

  • whenever i try to instal it it says it isnt a windows installer package this is the 1.2.5 stable download

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  • Mumble/Murmur is a fabulous and high potential application with broad implications. However, for it to be useable in any mainstream application (e.g. at schools, business, etc) there must be a way to disable the public listings which contain offensive and inappropriate content. I'm hoping the developers will see this as an opportunity to widen the appeal of this otherwise quality app.

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  • Just updated to the new version of mumble and every time i try to open it it crashed any solutions guys. Had 1.2.4 version and downloaded the new version but it keeps crashing, by the way I'm running this software on a mac

  • Our guild had switched to Mumble from Ventrilo and all of our problems went away. We are extremelly happy about the mumble. Also please ignore comment from jamesmaddison22 - it's a comment spam and also probably harmful.

  • You know, 1.2.2 was working fine for years. Then I install 1.2.4 - my microphone is making strange and extremely annoying noises, and the whole pc freezes. Well done....

  • Very easy!

  • cool

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  • I really like this kind of app. How come it is free? Am i missing something?

  • Great application for picky persons like me.

  • its a nice software.. but it gives me slanted video when i select window mode while recording.

  • Thanks for Mumble, it's great!

  • I tried to install mumur-server 1.2.4 (murmur-static_x86-1.2.4.tar.bz2) on debian squeeze but failed with the message "ServerDB: Database driver QSQLITE not available". I do have "libqt4-sql-sqlite" installed. Can you point me to some address to solve this issue? Thx

  • Thanks for Mumble, it's perfect!

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  • Best voice chat tool I've ever used. Awesome job.

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