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MSPGCC Release Bundles

This directory contains releases of the GNU toolchain ported to support the Texas Instruments MSP430 family of microcontrollers. It is based on binutils, gcc, and gdb, combined with a small libc and a package that defines the characteristics of each of the 300+ microcontrollers supported.

Current LTS Release

The current recommended release of mspgcc is 20120406, which provides a toolchain based on:

  • binutils 2.21.1a
  • gcc 4.6.3
  • gdb 7.2a
  • msp430-libc 20120224
  • msp430mcu 20120406

For support building the toolchain, or pointers to pre-built packages for your environment, see the MSPGCC Wiki

Long-Term-Support versus Development Releases

Quoting from

Certain releases of mspgcc will be marked as "Long Term Support". These releases include well-tested sets of patches against specific versions of upstream packages like gcc and binutils. The maintenance promise for LTS releases is that reproducible "significant" bugs for which a non-disruptive fixes can be identified will be fixed and patches supplied which can be applied on top of the patches provided in the corresponding mspgcc release.

Other releases should be considered development snapshots. They may be based on development (unversioned) snapshots of upstream tools. No official patches will be released for these, and support for them ends on the release of the next version of mspgcc.

The top level of this directory contains LTS releases. Maintainers and people building from source should check LTS Patches for patches that should be applied on top of these releases.

Subdirectories contain development snapshots. Only one development series is active at any time; the older releases are retained for historical reference.

Source: README.rst, updated 2012-04-10