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mseide_msegui_src_2_2.zip 2010-02-03 2.7 MB 0
mseide_i386_win32_2_2.zip 2010-02-03 1.7 MB 0
mseide_i386_linux_2_2.tar.gz 2010-02-03 1.9 MB 0
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MSEide+MSEgui Pascal Cross Platform GUI Development System. 2011-02-26 Version 2.6 Copyright (c) 1999-2010 by Martin Schreiber - Compiles with FPC 2.4.2 - Tested on i386-linux SuSE 9.0,10.3,11.3, x84_64-linux SuSE 11.1 and i386-win32 98, 2000, XP and Vista. - Links to xlib and gdi32, no external widget library needed. - Internal character encoding is UCS2. - Uses anti aliased fonts on Linux (Xft). - All screen drawing is double buffered. - Has docking forms and MDI. - Has embedded forms (similar to TFrame). - Has database access components and data edit widgets. - Internationalization functionality with resource modules. - Report generator. IDE: - Integrated debugging. - Source code highlighting. - Source code navigation with support for include files. - Code completion for classes. - Integrated visual form designer with source code update for components and events. - Flexible and handy build system with switchable macros. - Visual form inheritance. - Integrated report designer. License: IDE is under GPL, library under modified LGPL like FPC-RTL. Installation: ************* 1. Download and install FPC 2.4.2, you can get it from http://www.freepascal.org/download.var 2. Download mseide_msegui_src_2_6.zip and mseide_i386_win32_2_6.zip or mseide_i386_linux_2_6.tar.gz or mseide_x84_64_linux_2_6.tar.gz http://developer.berlios.de/project/showfiles.php?group_id=11520 3. Extract them to a directory of your choice ('yourdirectory') . 4. Run 'yourdirectory/bin/mseide' on linux or 'yourdirectory\bin\mseide.exe' on windows. 5. In 'Settings'-'Configure MSEide'-'${MSEDIR}' select 'yourdirectory/msegui'. 6. In 'Project'-'Open' select 'yourdirectory/msegui/apps/demo/demo.prj'. 7. 'Target'-'Continue'. If you wish to to compile the IDE: 1. In 'Project'-'Open' select 'yourdirectory/msegui/apps/ide/mseide.prj'. 2. 'Target'-'Continue'. Creating a new GUI project ************************** 'Project'-'New'-'From Template', select "default.prj" Creating a new console project ****************************** 'Project'-'New'-'From Template', select "console.prj" MSEide command line parameters ****************************** -np Do not load a project. -ns Do not use a skin, no fades. --macrogroup=<n> Use 'Project'-'Options'-'Macros'-'Active group' number <n>, <n> = 1..6. --macrodef=<name>,<value>{,<name>,<value>} Macro definition, will be overridden by 'Project'-'Options'-'Macros'. Example: --macrodef=MAC1,abc,MAC2,def defines ${MAC1} with value 'abc' and ${MAC2} with value 'def'. --fontalias=<alias>,<fontname>[,<fontheight>[,<fontwidth>[,<options>[,<xscale>] [,<ancestor>]]]] Change the used fonts. <alias> can be stf_default, stf_menu or mseide_source. --NOZORDERHANDLING Do not touch Z-order of the windows, necessary for some window managers. MSEide environment variables **************************** Macros in 'Settings'-'Configure MSEide' can be overridden by environment variables. They will be overriden by --macrodef and 'Project'-'Options'-'Macros'. Possible names: FPCDIR, FPCLIBDIR, MSEDIR, MSELIBDIR, SYNTAXDEFDIR, TEMPLATEDIR, COMPSTOREDIR, COMPILER, DEBUGGER, EXEEXT, TARGET. MSEide project macros ********************* Predefined projectmacros: PROJECTNAME, PROJECTDIR, MAINFILE, TARGFILE, they can be overridden by 'Project'-'Options'-'Macros'. Linux x84-64 ************ The 64bit version is experimental and not well tested because nobody uses 64bit it seems. ;-) There is a problem in FPC with -gl compiler switch, it is possible that the delay in case of an exception is very long, please don't use -gl on 64 bit. Debugging ********* Breakpoints don't work on win32 in units compiled with -CX (create smartlinked units). It is recommended to use mingw gdb 6.8 on win32. String and dynamic array variables of units compiled with -gv (Valgrind debug info) are displayed incorrect. gdb 6.5 has bugs with threads and forking on linux. Please update to gdb 6.6+. FPC 2.2+ projects must be compiled with -O- (no optimization) for debugging. Popup widgets behind the forms ****************************** If the popup widgets are showed behind the forms, try to start the MSEgui program with the option '--TOPLEVELRAISE'. Do *not* use this option if is not necessary (KDE, Gnome... work well without). Flashing taskbar widgets in IceWM ********************************* Newer revisions of IceWM let the taskbar icons of MSEgui applications flash. Start the MSEgui application with the option '--TOPLEVELRAISE'. Invalid inputmanager for Ubuntu ******************************* The utf-8 setup in Ubuntu seems to be incomplete. If you get the exception "egui : Invalid inputmanager tinternalapplication ." at program start, try to replace your language locale in /usr/share/X11/locale/locale.dir by en_US as a workaround. Example for ru_RU.UTF-8: replace ru_RU.UTF-8/XLC_LOCALE ru_RU.UTF-8 by en_US.UTF-8/XLC_LOCALE ru_RU.UTF-8 How to add custom components to MSEide ************************************** There is a project 'apps/myide/mymseide.prj' as a demo. Start MSEide, open project 'apps/myide/mymseide.prj', 'Project'-'Build', 'Target'-'Continue', the IDE with the new component 'tmybutton' will be compiled and started in the the debugger. Binary name is 'mymseide' (linux) or 'mymseide.exe' (win32). If you wish to do it from scratch: - Create a register unit for your components (see 'apps/myide/regmycomps.pas' for an example). - Enter the unitname followed by a comma ('myregunit,' if your regunitfile is 'myregunit.pas') in a file named 'regcomponents.inc'. - Build the IDE with -dmorecomponents as option. If you want add custom icons to your components: - Convert 24*24 pixel BMP or PNG files with tools/bmp2pas to an icon unit ('*_bmp.pas'). - Add the name of the icon unit to 'uses' in your register unit. How to run i18ndemo ******************* - Start MSEide. - 'Project'-'Open'-'yourdirectory/msegui/apps/i18ndemo/i18ndemo.prj'. - 'Project'-'Make' to create the rst files. - 'Project'-'Open'-'yourdirectory/msegui/tools/i18n/msei18n.prj'. - 'Target'-'Continue'. In MSEi18n: - Adjust 'Settings'-'Configure MSEi18n'-'${MSEDIR}' and ${COMPILER}. - 'Open'-'yourdirectory/msegui/apps/i18ndemo/i18ndemo.trp' - 'Make'. - Close message window. - Close MSEi18n. - 'Project'-'Open'-'yourdirectory/msegui/apps/i18ndemo/i18ndemo.prj'. - 'Target'-'Continue'. SQLite ****** To install tmsesqlite3dataset compile the IDE with -dmse_with_sqlite (experimental, needs installed libsqlite3.so (linux) or sqlite3.dll (win32) on your system). tsqlite3connection is available without -dmse_with_sqlite. Field type mapping: Type name SQLite storage class Field type Data type +--------------------+---------------------+-------------+-------------+ | INTEGER or INT | INTEGER 4 | ftinteger | integer | | LARGEINT | INTEGER 8 | ftlargeint | largeint | | BIGINT | INTEGER 8 | ftlargeint | largeint | | WORD | INTEGER 2 | ftword | word | | SMALLINT | INTEGER 2 | ftsmallint | smallint | | BOOLEAN | INTEGER 2 | ftboolean | wordbool | | FLOAT[...] or REAL | REAL | ftfloat | double | | or DOUBLE[...] | | | | | CURRENCY | REAL | ftcurrency | double! | | DATETIME or | REAL | ftdatetime | tdatetime | | TIMESTAMP | | | | | DATE | REAL | ftdate | tdatetime | | TIME | REAL | fttime | tdatetime | | NUMERIC[...] | INTEGER 8 (*10'000) | ftbcd | currency | | VARCHAR[(n)] | TEXT | ftstring | msestring | | TEXT | TEXT | ftmemo | utf8 string | | TEXT | TEXT dso_stringmemo | ftstring | msestring | | BLOB | BLOB | ftblob | string | +--------------------+---------------------+-------------+-------------+ *** Do not use Sqlite3 in multi-threaded applications. Set treport.options reo_nothread to true for rendering a Sqlite3 report ***. ZeosLib ******* To install the Zeos components add the path to the Zeos source to 'Project'- 'Options'-'Make'-'Directories' and compile the IDE with -dmse_with_zeoslib. Dependent of the Zeos version it will be necessary to add -MDelphi to 'Project'- 'Options'-'Make'-'Make options'. There is a predefined IDE project apps/ide/mseide_zeos.prj, update 'Project'- 'Options'-'Macros' according to your installation. patch_fpc_2_4_2 *************** Has a patched writer.inc which fixes FPC bug #18021, necessary for the signal processing components. Have a lot of fun! Martin
Source: README_2_6.TXT, updated 2011-02-26

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