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  • i like this page and thank you for wonderful idea

  • Very great Project! Everything we need and features are also added! Like it!

  • Very good

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  • Given it's open source.. wow! The built in features, configuration options and ease of implementation is fantastic.

  • Mostly excellent. It's fantastic that this is continually upgraded and looked after. A lot of libraries stop being maintained, whereas this one has been nurtured, which shows. Thanks to all involved. I'd recommend this as the best booking system out there (for the price anyway!). Google do an inferior one, which has a monthly charge.

  • I've now been using MRBS as a booking system for various scientific instruments for several years. It is easy to customise and provides absolutely everything we required from a booking system. The team that produce it are very helpful if you need any support. A great piece of software.

  • Awesome, this would have cost us a lot if we were to purchase a similar system. Easily customisable and very easy to pick up once up and running.

  • Superb. Comes excellently configured and would work perfectly 'out of the box.' Easy to customise to personal requirements and helpful friendly support when you get stuck! I'll be recommending this one!

  • I use MRBS for audio-visual equipment. It's perfect for my library.

  • Thanks for this handy software Cool that there is still update come out. . Looking for a cool plugin joomla? http s://

  • Simple, plain, beautiful. Was able to adapt MRBS into our AD authenticated systems without any problems. Features are 'almost' everything you need. We found but two things missing: groups for users and permissions on separate calendars (perfect if managed by ldap groups) and the lack of ability to set default area for display (best if different for different users/IPs). Anyway, great stuff!

  • Great booking system, I'm use it on for our school.

  • Looked at dozens of calendar systems, looked at pay systems... By far this system is the easiest to use and the most configurable. I have 8 implementations and the last one is used as an employee (project) tracker. I wish the reporting gave you a little more but even that is better than the other projects I have seen. Out of all of the SF projects I have tried/used this is probably the best written and most logical.

  • Excelent Project! Very simple...very good! Excelente Projeto. Muito simples, muito rápido.

  • Thanks for great project! Simply the best.Good,good,good.+1

  • very good project, thanks!Good,good,good.+1

  • very good project, thanks!Good,good,good.+1

  • Stable work. Good product.

  • A very very good project!

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  • Very nice

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  • this is nice - wow :-)

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  • Super! I love it!

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  • Really nice project! Thanks a lot!

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  • UP for this project

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  • It does everything we want it to do. Easy to configure and customize and modify for our exact requirements.

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