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mplayer_jz47xx - MPlayer Vidix driver for JZ47xx SOC hw scaler Copyright (C) 2011 David Kuehling <> License: GPLv2 or later, NO WARRANTY This is how we do it -------------------- * A simple MPlayer Vidix driver jz47xx_vid.c that's living outside of mplayer for now to speed up the compile-upload-test cyle. * Mplayer's vidix/drivers.c needs just a minimal patch to dlopen() and use * For now everything in userspace via mapping /dev/mem. This is going to get ugly (and not 100% reliable?). Parts can be moved into the kernel (uio driver?) once it works. Compile ------- ./configure --host=mipsel-openwrt-linux && make Install ------- needs to go into /usr/lib Usage ----- After applying the mplayer-vidix.patch to mplayer, you can use it like: mplayer -vo cvidix -screenw 320 -screenh 240 -fs
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