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  • The best player ever! I used MPC-HC but the only thing I hated there was the GUi. MPC - BE is almost perfect player...Only few things I would change 1. OSD when changing the volume while movie is playing is laggy. :/ When movie is paused it is perfect and responsive 2. When choosing the subtitles from the downloaded llist I wish there was an option to only search subtitles in 2 or 3 languages like in MPC-HC.. For me it automatically shows me 8 different languages :/ also it would be cool to be able to download subs in the movie folder like BSplayer does.. and the last: 3. when playing audio files trhe MPC-HC showed nice medium sized album/cover art and the MPC-BE shows tinny picture no matter how big the album picture actually is.. If those things were to be be changed we would finally have the ONE player to RULE them all! :D

  • Interesting alternative to MPC-HC, but missing some basic features from MPC-HC, like: - Repeat option in right-click context menu - Advanced settings section - High precision timer Beside this, there's a annoying problem: when you play a video with the renderer "MPC Audio Renderer", all your videos on browser get stuck, and you can't watch them again until you close the video in MPC-BE. And I would like that, as MPC-HC does, the .png screenshots have no compression. I have taken screenshots from the same frame on MPC-HC and MPC-BE and noticed that the file size was much bigger in MPC-HC, what made me question if MPC-BE decrease the screenshot quality. (“Quality compression” value in screenshot menu is 1, which I believe to be the lowest compression level possible). Also, I suggest to make a download package including LAV Filters + MadVR + XySubFilter for those interested. Furthermore, it would be nice a feature to increase/decrease the subtitle size with keyboard shortcuts.

  • I like MPC-BE video player as further development of MPC-HC with many improvements and bug fixes. This is excellent tool that I use in pair with Mp4 Video 1 Click for Windows as video converter embedded into Windows File Explorer mouse context menu.

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  • Work very well on all 4k videos I have with the KabyLake 7400T and NVIDIA 1050Ti george

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  • This is somewhat better than mpc-hc but lacks a few of mpc-hc's features... - no auto show/hide playlist and controls in windowed mode... Playlist can't be set to auto reveal even in fullscreen - mpc-hc's subtitle downloader works flawlessly using podnapisi subtitles server but mpc-be just can't download any subtitles for even the most famous movies. If these things get fixed then it would become the ultimate player, for me at least.

  • Until now I have always used the MPC-HC. Unfortunately, this project is now dead. If you use the MPC-BE with external LAV filters, it works just as well. Thanks to the developers - go on!

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  • It is a brilliant player and unlike the MPC-HC, it looks great, too. However, there are several issues with the latest version 1.5.2: 1. Clicks to pause video aren't always registered, which is very annoying. 2. In the install version, (not portable), settings won't save if the option to save them into ini file is selected. I hope developers will fix that soon.

  • Easy to use & Good Features.

  • The best video player ever. It would be BEST if it were more sensitive-friendly on Surface.

  • Excellent support on the project. Minor bugs, but almost immediately fixed. Much more intuitive than VLC.

  • Fantastic video player for all formats I've tried. Great interface too.

  • Some irritations that are not present in older versions of MPC. DVD: "start playback from main title" does not work... playback starts right from the beginning - from copyright notice - every time (in VLC discs start at menu). Crashes occasionally with SVP active.

  • Hello, having "Shuffle" and "Repeat" buttons would be nice when playing music. While I can get "shuffle" after right-click on playlist window I was not able to find repeat function at all. Keep up the good work, best regards!

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  • Just replying to other reviewer - yes you can change audio tracks and embedded subs - there are two buttons right in the middle of the main control bar across the bottom. One says AUD and one says SUB. Just click.

  • Love this tool. Unfortunately it forces it's version information in the title bar despite all, and I mean all efforts to eliminate that information. I understand 'branding' but let it go or add an option to not display version on title bar. Hello marketing. Stop it. We don't need that in our face always. Geez.

  • This is an amazing, functional, and light weight media player. The progress bar/buttons have a face lift that is very nice. I like dark windows themes, and the old MPC-HC progress bar would be impossible to see when using such themes during brightly colored video sequences. But with this media player, I get the MPC experience and can still see the progress bar!!! In addition there's plenty of nice fine tuning that works much better than my previous experiences with MPC-HC. Not so many external filters/splitters needed! I actually don't need VSFilter, LAVfilter, with this particular program. Seems to work very nice out of the box, and yet still has tons of settings that can be tweaked to customize functionality. Great program!

  • Like previous versions "Media Player Classic" and "Media Player Classic Home Cinema" , it's THE BEST media player on this planet. Light, smooth, and in the combination with K-Lite Codec Pack, it plays every possible media file. All in all, thank you for your magnificent work, you made a lot of us very happy. If you ever come to Sarajevo, I'm buying drinks :)

  • Most beautiful and awesome multimedia player. No doubt.

  • The performance of this media player is better than I used.

  • I've been using this for about a year now. No doubt, this is the best mediaplayer I've ever had the chance to try. The amount of mediaplayers I've tried is outrageous. Nothing came even close to this. Its mimimalistic, timeless design, that fits windows 10 better than its own "modern" mediaplayer creates this illusion of a simple, clean mediaplayer. Hidden behind this, is a huge range of features and amazing customizability, both visually and technically. To finish this off, here's something that people often fail the notice, because humans tend to remember negative things more than positive ones: This tool is bug free. Atleast I could not find any within one year. Not one crash. Nothing. Flawlessly running forever. Thank you for maintaining this program. I really appreciate it alot.

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  • I cant delete the file of MPC Black Edition, 7z version. The file is immortal. Cant kill it with nothing of this world. I unsubscribed of this sourceforge project. =(

  • Missing simple stuff like indictors for chapters. Huge miss in functionality IMO. I also don't prefer the gradient toolbar, the flat original would be nicer IMO, just dark. Same with the progress bar. Simpler looking with chapter indicators would be nicer.

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  • In last version is bug. File mp4 - yellow stripe from top to bottom in the middle of the screen In ver.1.4.5 - this problem is not

  • This is like MPC-HC which I use as default player right now but it contain more in option and skin option ....Thanks. Could I had feature like auto hide control when playing video file ,like when in full screen mode but in windowed mode....second I can't find feature play next file in folder , is it missing or not implemented yet ? [OK found it.....] for second times thanks for the beautiful software , love the skin mod very much.

  • More than ten year I'm playing videos with media player classics. I like the retro look and he plays all the media files I have stored an my computer. The player offers many customisations. A normal user like me has no problems to handle all the possibilties.

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