Media Player Classic - BE is a free and open source audio and video player for Windows. Media Player Classic - BE is based on the original "Media Player Classic" project (Gabest) and "Media Player Classic Home Cinema" project (Casimir666), contains additional features and bug fixes.

+ Added
* Changed
! Fixed


Changes (*):
	* Renumbered versions - now it consists of three digits (MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH);
	* MPCVideoDec - disable DXVA for WMV3 Complex profile;
	* libpng 1.7.0 b35 git-3ac960f1;
	 ... and many more.

Fixes (!):
	! Fixed crash when closing a window settings file associations when called from a UAC;
	! Some menu items are not marked as active;
	! Fixed changing settings interface;
	 ... and many more.

Added (+):
	+ added support for opening *.CUE;
	+ added completely reengineered DXVA2 decoder;
	+ added support for subtitles display for stereoscopic pictures;
	+ AudioSplitter - added support for Monkey's Audio (.APE) and also for APE Tag, DTS-CD and AC3-CD, TTA, WAV and Wave64;
	+ AviSplitter - added support for 'RPZA', 'RV24' (RGB24 with upside-down picture), uncommon YUV-formats;
	+ MatroskaSplitter - added support for Microsoft MPEG4 V3, MJPEG, ProRes, SNOW and several types of uncompressed video ('V_UNCOMPRESSED');
	+ MP4Splitter - added support for '2Vuy', 'DVOO', 'yuvs', 'yuv2', DNxHD, FFV1, 'v308', 'v408', 'V410';
	+ MpaDecFilter - added support for decoding MEDIASUBTYPE_SIPR_WAVE - SIPR in .wmv, Voxware MetaSound;
	+ MPCVideoDec - added output formats 'AYUV', 'YV16', 'YV24', 'P010', 'P210', 'P016', 'P0216', 'Y410' and 'Y416';
	+ MPCVideoDec - added support for 'Avid DNxHD', HuffYUV, FFVH, FFV1 (FFmpeg video codec #1), QuickTime 8BPS video, 'RPZA', 'cyuv', 'yuv2', 'Y41B', 'Y42B', '444P', 'Y800', 'I420', 'V410';
	+ MPCVideoDec - added support for decoding Windows Media Video 9.1 Image and Windows Media Video 9.1 Image V2 (WMVP, WVP2);
	+ MPCVideoDec - added Status field containing verbose information on the decoder's state;
	+ MPCVideoDec - added handling of input media type change in DXVA1 mode which allows switching video tracks in this mode;
	+ MPCVideoDec - added a button for resetting the options to their defaults;
	+ MPEGSplitter - added support for files with 'IMKH' header (DVR records in MPEG-PS format);
	+ Null Video Renderer (Uncompressed) - added support for 'NV12', 'AYUV', 'YV16', 'YV24';
	+ RawVideoSplitter - added support for 'YUV4MPEG2';
	+ RawVideoSplitter - added partial support for черно-белых and 4:1:1 y4m files;
	+ VSFilter - added AV Source/AV Splitter support for the auto-load option;
	+ VSFilter - added support for NV12;
	+ VSFilter - added support for scaling PGS/DVB subtitles;
	+ VSFilter - added support for interlaced video;
	+ Аудиомикшер - added support for muxing in 5.0;
	+ Internal MPEG/DVD Decoder - added support for NV12 output;
	+ added the 'Всегда использовать внешние аудиофайлы как основные' option ;
	+ added the 'Use Subresync' option;
	+ video renderer statistics - added the 'GPU Load' indicator;
	 ... and many more.

Changes (*):
	* AudioParser - minimal sound frequency for AAC-LATM is 8000 Hz (according to English Wikipedia);
	* AudioSplitter - Source filter now accepts TTA with ID3v2 tags in the beginning of the file;
	* AviSplitter - added sanity check for superindex blocks;
	* AviSplitter - added association for 'P422';
	* AviSplitter - removed association for 'cyuv';
	* Blu-ray playlists are again associated as video files;
	* DTSAC3Source - dropped support for DTS-CD and AC3-CD, AudioSplitter is used instead;
	* EVR Custom/VMR9 Renderless -> GPUUsage: more robust NvAPI (Nvidia) handling;
	* FLVSplitter - bogus tags are ignored upon opening a file and seeking tracks;
	* FormatConverter - for 8- and 10-bit sources, P016 immediately follows P010 and P216 immediately follows P210;
	* Line 21 Decoder - enabled for Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder and EVR-CP;
	* MatroskaSplitter - improved keyframe list building algorighm;
	* MKVSplitter - FPS defaults to 23.976 when it cannot be calculated;
	* MP4Splitter - support for reading palette from video tracks;
	* MpaDecFilter - changed test for Bitstream/SPDIF-output support;
	* MPCVideoDec - added labels '8-bit', '10-bit' and '16-bit' in Options window;
	* MPCVideoDec - format conversion options are enabled/disabled according to whether YUV->RGB or RGB->YUV transform is performed;
	* MPCVideoDec - 'YUY2' output is now possible for odd width and height;
	* MPCVideoDec - 'P010', 'P210', 'P016', 'P0216' output formats are now enabled by default;
	* MPCVideoDec - YUV 4:2:2 10-bit output format is selected for Apple ProRes;
	* MPCVideoDec - YUV 4:2:2 8-bit output format is selected for Avid DNxHD;
	* MPCVideoDec - YUV 4:2:2 output format is selected for Motion JPEG;
	* MPCVideoDec - added output format determining for ProRes;
	* MPCVideoDec - AVCOL_RANGE_JPEG is now ignored only for H.264;
	* MPCVideoDec - interface and algorithm of output formats list building for software decoding are changed;
	* MPCVideoDec - now it is possible to change settings of the 'Preset' and 'Standard' options at any moment. The 'RGB Output levels' option is enabled only if the 'RGB32' option is active;
	* MPCVideoDec - VP5 and VP6 video cards list is updated;
	* MPCVideoDec - the options 'VMR Mixer mode' + 'YUV Mixing' are disabled under Windows XP by default;
	* MPCVideoDec - the 'Output levels' option is renamed to 'RGB Output levels';
	* MPCVideoDec - corrected the choice of primary output format for 9-, 12- and 14-bit input formats;
	* MPCVideoDec - corrected the sizes of GroupBox'es for different scalings;
	* MPCVideoDec - the mechanism of changing output media type for different post-processings is re-worked;
	* MPCVideoDec - the way of switching output format is changed. Also added automatic switching of output format when input format is changed;
	* MPCVideoDec - upon filling the list of output media types, DXVA1 and DXVA2 are distinguished according to the operating system: DXVA1 is used for Windows XP, DXVA2, for Windows Vista and above;
	* MPCVideoDec - removed redundant checks for output formats;
	* MPCVideoDec - deleted the 'Input levels' option;
	* MPCVideoDec - the AV_PIX_FMT_PAL8 format is now detected as RGB;
	* MPCVideoDec/FormatConverter - added validity check for the output format;
	* Mpeg2DecFilter - DVD subtitles rendering is added back for single VOB files;
	* MPEGSplitter - removed the option to output the stream 'As is' for TrueHD audio;
	* MPEGSplitter - changed handling of AC3 packets;
	* MPEGSplitter - FPS defaults to 23.976 when it cannot be calculated;
	* MPEGSplitter - slightly changed (unified) handling of AAC packets;
	* MPEGSplitter - optimized seeking: only the primary track is used for seeking. If a video track is present, it and only it is used; audio tracks are used otherwise;
	* MPEGSplitter - changed the way of detecting AAC/MPA tracks;
	* MPEGSplitter - corrected Profile@Level display for MPEG2@4:2:2;
	* MPEGSplitter - added handling and adding of DVB subtitles (without their actual seeking in the stream) upon searching and handling of Program Stream Map (MPEG-TS);
	* MPEGSplitter - seeking in .ifo files (using VTSReader) is now always performed using timestamps;
	* MPEGSplitter - implemented fast seek on 'any' MPEG-PS files;
	* MpegSplitter - removed the 'Fast track switching' option;
	* MPEGSplitter - improved seeking for Blu-ray;
	* MPEGSplitter - unified streams pre-handling mechanism;
	* 'Overlay Mixer Renderer' is now available only for Windows XP;
	* RawVideoSplitter - numerous improvements for correct handling of 'LAV Video Decoder' and 'madVR';
	* VSFilter - added automatic loading upon connecting to internal MPEGSplitter/MPEGSource;
	* VSFilter - changed handling of input/output formats. Now the list of input formats and their priorities from the underlying filter are taken into account upon building the output formats list;
	* VTSReader - all Program Chains are taken into account upon opening .ifo files in order to calculate DVD duration correctly;
	* WASAPI Renderer - added synchronization mechanism;
	* EVR Custom/VMR9 Renderless - source aspect ratio is taken into account when saving screenshots;
	* Youtube - temporarily dropped support for 1080 and above formats;
	* Youtube - redirects (location) are honored upon opening URLs;
	* Audio muxer - mono is now expanded to stereo;
	* object name (file/DVD/BD) is again displayed in OSD upon opening;
	* external/standalone filters in the filter list are marked with the suffix 'external';
	* Filter graph - an external standalone filter is now preferred to the internal one;
	* MediaInfo - added the 'Copy to Clipboard' button;
	* ffmpeg decoder is now used for decoding VP9 video;
	* the folder of the last opened file is selected for saving playlists;
	* added the possibility to move subtitles during playback;
	* the buttons for file associations now do not change automatic playback options;
	* 'Go To...', 'Filters', 'Video Frame', 'Override Aspect Ratio', 'On Top', 'After Playback' menus - more modern look of highlighted items;
	* numerous improvements in OpenMedia/CloseMedia;
	* 'Options' -> 'Output' -  removed merit (priority) display in the 'Audio Renderer' dropbox;
	* MPEG sequence header parsing - added handling of sequence display extension in order to set Aspect ratio correctly;
	* redefined palette for DVD subtitles that lack the palette;
	* upon closing the player, the file is now closed first, and the main window is destroyed afterwards;
	* 'Jump To...' dialog that seeks to the chosen time/frame is called upon right click on the SeekBar;
	* upon opening a file, the current directory is switched to that file's directory;
	* Subtitles rendering - considerably increased subtitles speed, their load time is decreased as well;
	* Subtitles rendering - the default buffer capacity is increased to 10 fragments;
	* removed 'Old Video Renderer';
	* removed DTSSplitter;
	* removed TTASplitter;
	* improved file closing via menu/Ctrl+C and via right click on the Stop|Close button on the toolbar;
	* improved opening of http-live-streaming links (in .m3u/.m3u8 format): they are not handled as a playlist anymore;
	* VMR Mixer Mode and YUV Mixing modes now work for any VMR renderer;
	* updated Basque translation (author azpidatziak);
	* updated Italian translation (author Lord Maius).
	* updated Dutch translation (author beter);
	* updated Chinese (Traditional) translation (author beter);
	* updated Chinese (Simplified) translation (author insolo);
	* updated Korean translation (author kuh3h3);
	* updated Ukrainian translation (author Arestarh1986);
	* ffmpeg 2.2 git-c8246d37;
	* libwebp 0.4.0 git-59daf083;
	* libopus 1.1 git-253e15f7;
	* libpng 1.7.0 b34 git-8ebdaa07;
	* MediaInfo 0.7.67+ svn rev.6173;
	* Little-CMS 2.6 git-08bbb31f;
	* VirtualDub 1.10.4;
	* ZenLib 0.4.29+ svn rev.456;
	 ... and many more.

Fixes (!):
	! DXVA decoder - fixed crash upon closing/stopping playing VC1/MWV3;
	! FLACSource - fixed Vorbis tags parser;
	! FLVSplitter - repaired opening/playing files with HEVC streams;
	! FLVSplitter - fixed parsing of metadata strings;
	! FLVSplitter - fixed seeking and playback;
	! FLVSplitter - corrected Speex audio codec work;
	! FLVSplitter - fixed hang after seeking the end of a file;
	! MP4Splitter - corrected and enhanced Apple XDCAM video support;
	! MpaDecFilter - repaired conversion to AC3;
	! MPCVideoDec - FormatConverter, fixed conversion of YUV input formats with full-scale (JPEG) color_range;
	! MPCVideoDec - corrected the order of adding similar formats in the list of output media types;
	! MPCVideoDec - fixed the effect of the 'RGB output levels' option after clicking the 'Reset' button;
	! MPCVideoDec - fixed handling of H.264 format timestamps: ffmpeg logic is used;
	! MPCVideoDec - fixed check for active YUV->RGB or RGB->YUV conversions;
	! MPCVideoDec - fixed the case when a decoder tried to connect to LAV Video Decoder upon opening a DVD;
	! MPCVideoDec - fixed GraphStudio crash during an attempt to change outpu format settings if no filter is connected to the output pin;
	! MPCVideoDec - corrected an upside-down image for RGB32 output with connection to the VMR7 renderer with active VMR Mixer Mode + YUV Mixing options;
	! MPCVideoDec - fixed image artifacts during playback of some H.264 video on Intel in the DXVA mode;
	! MPCVideoDec - interlace flags were ignored in software decoding mode;
	! MPCVideoDec- fixed RAW Video decoding for frame dimensions not divisible by 32;
	! MPCVideoDec/FormatConverter - fixed crash after reinitialization;
	! MPEG parser (sequence header) - fixed AR calculation;
	! MPEGSplitter - fixed parsing of AAC header;
	! MPEGSplitter - fixed parsing of PSM (Program Stream Map);
	! MPEGSplitter - fixed FPS calculation for MPEG-PS (it is usually H.264);
	! MPEGSplitter - fixed extradata creation for MPEG2;
	! MPEGSplitter - fixed connecting/playing of TrueHD tracks;
	! MpegSplitter - corrected reading of Program Stream Map (PSM) which could produce long delays in opening MPEG-PS files;
	! OggSplitter - fixed errors which turned into incorrect playback of DIRAC and FLAC files;
	! RawVideoSplitter - repaired HEVC opening;
	! RawVideoSplitter - corrected seeking in 'YUV4MPEG2' format;
	! RawVideoSplitter - fixed errors which led to false detection and incorrect work;
	! RealMediaSplitter - fixed playback of files that miss certain data (i.e. the value is 0) in the header;
	! RoQ video decoder has been added to the graph incorrectly;
	! VSFilter - repaired subtitles display upon NV12/P010/P016 output with Flipped image;
	! VSFilter - fixed DVB subtitles display;
	! WASAPI Renderer - eliminated a deadlock upon close;
	! WASAPI Renderer - the end of file was sometimes handled incorrectly after seeking;
	! EVR Custom - fixed blinking/black screen during playback of some DVDs (during menu and subtitles output) and videos when working with Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder;
	! under OS Vista and above, the 'YUV mixing' option is again available for VMR-9 renderless. When 'YUV mixing' is enabled, the 'Dynamic switch to BOB' is now activated;
	! corrected tips display on the "Output" page;
	! fixed handling of the Play/Pause button's state;
	! corrected loading playlists in the UTF8 format without the marker;
	! fixed opening of DVD from Favorites with the position saved;
	! fixed opening subtitles in ANSI encoding;
	! fixed switching VobSub subtitles in the case one file has several subtitles;
	! corrected errors in the 'Rewind in the end' option behavior;
	! corrected errors which hanged mpc-be.exe process upon closing player/file;
	! corrected errors which led to incorrect choice of audio tracks;
	! fixed frame aspect ratio when saving thumbnails;
	! the 'Open DVD/Blu-ray' menu did not work in fullscreen D3D mode;
	! 'Properties' -> 'Resources' - fixed saving embedded objects;
	! AVC parsed did not handle level 5.2;
	! 'YouTube' properties page - formats settings have been saved incorrectly;
	! 'Fullscreen' properties page - the 'Apply' button did not change its state sometimes;
	 ... and many more.

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