Media Player Classic - BE is a free and open source audio and video player for Windows. Media Player Classic - BE is based on the original "Media Player Classic" project (Gabest) and "Media Player Classic Home Cinema" project (Casimir666), contains additional features and bug fixes.

+ Added
* Changed
! Fixed
A total of about 450 changes have been made in this version.

Added (+):
+ MPEGSplitter - added a "fast seek" option;
+ File formats - button for deselecting all formats;
+ AVISplitter - added support for parsing MPEG Audio tracks, as there are files with "untrustworthy" headers;
+ MP4/MOV Splitter - added support for AMR Wide band audio tracks, support for Rotate tag;
+ Support for reading Rotate tag from QuickTime files (using internal splitter) and video rotation (if video renderer supports it);
+ Getting DXVA status for ANY compliant renderer, and not only internal one (works on EVR, madVR). Only DXVA 2.0 is supported;
+ Support for custom Pixel Shader in madVR;
+ Added commands for toolbar buttons SUB / AUD (Load Ext Subtitle... / Laod Ext Audio...) into context menu appearing upon right click;
+ WVSource/MusePackSource - added support for APE Tag, reading cuesheet (information about chapters);
+ FLACSource - support for reading information about chapters; in particular, using CUE file embedded into Flac's tag - CUESHEET;;
+ Support for subtitles in XSUB format (DiVX subtitles);
+ Added a possibility for setting icons by type (video and audio) instead of extension;
+ MPEG2 DXVA decoder - detecting 2:3 Pulldown and correctly setting frame duration;
+ Added two hotkeys for showing system time and file name in OSD;
+ Added basic support for handling subtitles with VSFilter - full support for managing subtitles' list, show/hide, switching, loading external subtitles via menu and via Drag'n'Drop;
+ MPCVideoDec - support for choosing Deintelacing method;
+ Support for external subtitles in UTF-8 without BOM header;
+ MPEGSplitter - support for reading palette for VobSub subtitles upon opening via .IFO;
+ Support for DVD_Subpicture;
+ Possibility for opening external logos in the following formats: *.bmp; *.jpg; *.jpeg; *.png; *.psd, *.gif; *.tif; *.tiff; *.tga, *.emf; *.ico; *.webp; *.webpll;
+ Added Flybar panel;
+ Added buttons for Flybar in D3D exclusive mode (file close and program exit);
+ "Download Toolbar Images" link;
+ Possibility for opening images: bmp, jpeg, gif, png, psd, tiff, emf, ico, webp and webpll;
+ Youtube clip title is now shown in main window's title, seekbar and OSD;
 ... and many more.

Changes (*):
* Improved Vorbis parser;
* OggSplitter - added header check;
* Changed UTF-8 detection method in a file without BOM;
* MP4Splitter - improved Chapter support;
* FLVSplitter - improved streaming video support;
* Improved handling of external/system filters: now "Prefer" works for external Source/Splitter filters as well as for Transform filters. Also fixed priority setting for internal WavPack/MusePack/TTA/AMR Splitter (since they do not have their own Source);
* Stricter filter for loading logos for musical files;
* WVSource: code cosmetics;
* VSFilter - XSUB: if subtitles' size exceeds video size, then trying to fit the frame;
* MpaDecFilter -> Mixer: changed stereo upmix coefficients;
* MusePack/WavPack - APETAG support, now getting and showing in the player full information on artist, title, year, album, etc.;
* Small cosmetics for EVR/VMR9 statistics;
* Improved memory leaks handling mechanism;
* Enabled optimization of 7.1-to-stereo downmix;
* DXVA decoder - refined handling of an EndOfStream signal from a lower-merit filter;
* OSD options cosmetics;
* "Recent" jump list in Windows 7 taskbar is cleared upon clearing MRU files
* File associations - if the user presses the "Apply" button, changes nothing and presses "OK", then file types registration is not launched once more; also, the window for choosing assotiated extensions/types is not shown under Win8
* Updated MediaInfo language files;
* MpaDecFilter: updated CMixer, optimization;
* MPEG2 DXVA decoder - changed handling of 2:3 Pulldown frames, disallowed setting constant frame duration, since there can be mixed content (interlaced
frames together with 2:3 Pulldown);
* XSUB subtitles - correct positioning and scaling upon changing window size;
* MpaDecFilter: using sample formats from ffmpeg for internal processing;
* MpaDecFilter: optimized decoding PS2PCM and PS2ADPCM;
* WebServer: optimization;
* Shaders are only saved when it is needed;
* OSD message upon changing subtitles' delay interval when using VSFilter;
* More correct display and behavior of "Subtitles" menu when using VSFilter;
* Improved handling of subtitles with VSFilter, also added a possibility to control delays (F1/F2) for VSFilter;
* Optimized volume level step setting;
* Improved HDMV (PGS) subtitles parsing;
* Subtitles queue handler - changing thread priority not only according to settings, but also for subtitles' type: ALWAYS setting low priority for raster subtitles;
* An error or warning message upon creating video renderer is displayed only once;
* FLACSource - changed mechanism of tags extraction, now UTF8 tags are read correctly;
* SaveAs - using only file name, without path, for local files;
* Video renderer, statistics - obtaining and showing frame type (progressive/interlace) regardless of decoder;
* Correct setting mouse cursor for filters' settings, now the hand (IDC_HAND) is set only for relevant elements;
* Changed algorighm of UTF-8 recognition;
* Improved background painting for VolumeCtrl;
* Checking toolbar è flybar for correct sizes;
* Transparency in logos and external images is rendered correctly;
* DXVA H.264 - improved supported video check for DXVA decoding;
* Weakened restriction on frame size for Nvidia GTX 660Ti;
* Removed switching player's mode (look) on pressing Esc;
* MPEGSplitter - upon opening a .vob/.mpg file, looking for a DVD .ifo file with a corresponding structure, and if one is found - reading palette from it for rendering VobSub subtitles;
* Subtitles - improved action of TextPassThruFilter filter;
* Optimized FlyBar behavior;
* Completely revised H.264 DXVA decoder, improved handling of H.264 Interlaced;
* Youtube parser: added stereo3d format to exception list;
* Removed exception for taking screenshots for MadVR with version 0.84.0 and above;
* Added SeekBar in compact mode;
* Saving screenshots in JPG and TIFF is now performed through GDI+;
* MPEG2 DXVA Decoder - optimization;
* DVD: if FirstPlay command is absent, trying opening DVD Menu Title;
* Removed automatic switching the sound on/off upon changing the volume;
* Optimized AsyncReader;
* Optimized opening and saving images;
* Optimized opening links from;
* Added a possibility to disable internal logic of choosing audio tracks and subtitles;
* Updated Korean translation, author - kuh3h3;
* Updated Ukrainian translation, author - arestarh1986;
* Updated German translation, author - Markus Gaugg;
* libwebp 0.2.1 git-6bf20874;
* libpng 1.5.13 git-753fd3f;
* libopus 1.0.1 git-5367dac3;
* Virtualdub 1.10.3 Test 7;
* ffmpeg git-ceee4407;
* MediaInfo 0.7.61+ svn rev.5314;
* ZenLibs v0.4.28+ svn rev.411;
* Little-CMS git-e4624c8d;
* SoundTouch svn rev.160;

Fixes (!):
! HDMV(PGS) ñóáòèòðû - fixed several problems leading to runtime errors;
! Fixed subtitles handling;
! DVB subtitles parser: parsing PAGE was not fully correct;
! AudioSwitcher: fixed overflow (which could result in stutter and crash on some WavPack tracks);
! Slightly corrected handling of raster subtitles, fixed problems that resulted in runtime errors;
! When opening a link from Youtube, OSD now correctly displays the clip's title;
! DirectVobSub(VSFilter) - fixed handling of P010/P016 video;
! The command "reload subtitles" was erroneously exchanged with subtitles' style dialog;
! DirectVobSub - crashed upon showing PGS/DVB subtitles when their resolution exceeded video stream resolution;
! DirectVobSub (auto-loading version) - was not loaded automatically under Win7;
! DXVA decoding of VC1-I;
! Showing time on the scrollbar when "Subresync" is enabled;
! MpaDecFilter: fixed crash on DTS files;
! AviSplitter: corrected playback of files with corrupt fragments in the header;
! PGS subtitles parser;
! The possibility of switching tracks with subtitles via filter's menu should not depend on subtitles' handling in the player itself;
! The Lock/Unlock button on the flybar was rendered incorrectly;
! Playlist closed upon opening a file;
! Big CPU load in DXVA mode during H.264 decoding;
! Seekbar and statusbar do not indicate image loading;
! Playlistbar: fixed background rendering upon switching a theme;
! Internal FLACSource did not play files whose header lacked information about minimal and maximal frame size;
! Subtitles were not shown when using ffdshow video decoder & subtitle filter;
! FLACSource - problem opening corrupt files;
! SaveAs - removing "incorrect" characters - only for files from youtube;
! Subtitles' option "Âñåãäà èñïîëüçîâàòü âíåøíèå ñóáòèòðû êàê îñíîâíûå" did not work when internal track selection logic was disabled;
! Opening some ANSI/ASCII files;
! MPEGSplitter - sometimes not all data were read from Packetized Elementary Stream (PES) header;
! Language switching - buttons' tooltips language was not changed in Win 7'spreview in the taskbar;
! Some external filters were not registered;
! Showing subtitles in YUY2 output mode;
! MPEGSplitter - some MPEG-TS could not be opened;
! Fixed problem with png rendering;
! MPCVideoDec, external filter - codecs' selection was not saved;
! External filters - Settings' header missed text;
! VP3, THEORA, MPEG4 - eliminated artifacts and picture "spilling" after seek;
! H264 DXVA decoder - slice control data were supplied to the decoder incorrectly for some specific Interlaced streams;
! FLV splitter - incorrect handling of PCM audio tracks;
! VolumeCtrl sometimes caused malfunction;
! Fixed volume control rendering;
! Memory leak in MPADecFilter when using mixer;
! WebServer - numerous fixes and optimization;
! Main window header was constructed incorrectly;
! Installer - fixed the error on uninstall;
! Hangs in specific circumstances with Preview enabled;
 ... and many more.

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