Media Player Classic - BE is a free and open source audio and video player for Windows.
Media Player Classic - BE is based on the original "Media Player Classic" project (Gabest) and "Media Player Classic Home Cinema" project (Casimir666), contains additional features and bug fixes.

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User Reviews

  • Interesting alternative to MPC-HC, but missing some basic features from MPC-HC, like: - Repeat option in right-click context menu - Advanced settings section - High precision timer Beside this, there's a annoying problem: when you play a video with the renderer "MPC Audio Renderer", all your videos on browser get stuck, and you can't watch them again until you close the video in MPC-BE. And I would like that, as MPC-HC does, the .png screenshots have no compression. I have taken screenshots from the same frame on MPC-HC and MPC-BE and noticed that the file size was much bigger in MPC-HC, what made me question if MPC-BE decrease the screenshot quality. (“Quality compression” value in screenshot menu is 1, which I believe to be the lowest compression level possible). Also, I suggest to make a download package including LAV Filters + MadVR + XySubFilter for those interested. Furthermore, it would be nice a feature to increase/decrease the subtitle size with keyboard shortcuts.

  • It is a brilliant player and unlike the MPC-HC, it looks great, too. However, there are several issues with the latest version 1.5.2: 1. Clicks to pause video aren't always registered, which is very annoying. 2. In the install version, (not portable), settings won't save if the option to save them into ini file is selected. I hope developers will fix that soon.

  • Some irritations that are not present in older versions of MPC. DVD: "start playback from main title" does not work... playback starts right from the beginning - from copyright notice - every time (in VLC discs start at menu). Crashes occasionally with SVP active.

  • Missing simple stuff like indictors for chapters. Huge miss in functionality IMO. I also don't prefer the gradient toolbar, the flat original would be nicer IMO, just dark. Same with the progress bar. Simpler looking with chapter indicators would be nicer.

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  • there is a problem in this software i can't solve it, the subtitles are not loading even if its name is the same as the video file, i usually got this message when i try to load the subtitles through the file menu: " to load subtitles you have to change the video renderer type and reopen the file. DirectShow:VMR-7/VMR-9(renderless), EVR Custom, EVR Sync or Haali Shockwave: n/a and I'm already using EVR Custom, even when i chose VNR-9 it's still not working, Haali vdeio renderer not available also VMR-7 renderless. i tried to use other subtitle renderer but it seemed that it's only the internal subtilte renderer is the avialable and not working, even the opensubtitle URL is not working when i'm using MPC-BE but working fine with MPC-HC, i don't know why! i also cannot load external subtitles as a result for this, the menu seems to be deactivated when i press right click on SUB on the toolbar

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