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  • This is good open source lightweight media player for Windows. I use it with pleasure as well as Mp4 Video 1 Click for Windows (find it on sourceforge or google for it). While Media Player Classic Home Cinema: MPC-HC is lightweight player, Mp4 Video 1 Click for Windows is lightweight converter from any media format and codec to the standard and playable one by most computers, players, browsers and phones.

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  • Been using for more than 5 years. Love its portability and versatility.

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  • Standard

  • Eu îl folosesc,este excelent.I use it, it is excellent.

  • new MPC-HC 1.7.11 donot fix size.

  • sin duda alguna el mejor reproductor que e conocido nunca me a dado problemas :D

  • Yeah It,s A Best Player Specially For HD Format Videos Thank U Admin Nice Sharing

  • Great tool, compact, it is 'the safest most powerful robust compatible video player i have ever encountered' and i have seen a few, if there is a better one out there, for free, i haven't heard of it. all media players should strive to be at least as good as this project... why would you pay for a media player when this is everything you will ever need? Danny Glastonbury (20 Years Computer Exp)

  • The best media player you can have for free !

  • Great video player, simple to use and I never have a problem with trying to get a file to work.

  • I use Allavsoft to Download Music Videos from VH1to any Video or Audio Format.

  • Horrible support (which is essential in such projects) after moving bug report to trac. I gave up reporting issues there, can't bypass (after log in) spam protection, link protection, etc... After first playback MPC-HC plays frozen beginning of mp4 file till 2nd keyframe. It's on avc streams with b-frames and ctts offset in video edit list. Have to shut down to play it correctly again.

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  • Yeah.

  • Time and time again, I still come back to this. Its the only media player you need.

  • A set of the latest free decoders in a standalone package. It is possible to use this player's built-in LAV Filters and another set of DirectShow codecs from other software simultaneously. (For example - MPC for hardware accelerated playback, and other players for drawing high quality software subtitles.) Good customization options for keyboard shortcuts, zoom and window size. I find it intuitive to go to full screen via Alt-enter and frequently use 100% scaling in full screen ("windowboxed" with black bars as opposed to playback in an actual window with distractions). I've set the VidFrm (normal, touch from inside, and 50% zoom) to another pair of keys. The program optionally stores all settings in an INI file, which allows me to transfer my keyboard shortcuts to new installations, and avoid the need to tediously set these options again. It is also possible to install a few copies on the same machine with different configuration. Pre-LAVFilter versions 1.3 and 1.6 support Win2K and XP SP1 with reduced functionality.

  • Melhor player de vídeo para Windows, suporte a grande maioria dos formatos de vídeo e áudio (praticamente todos os populares) e ainda é leve e o visual é simples e prático de usar

  • This is a seriously awesome videos player :D A solid replacement for VLC Player. Particularly great at running 4K video, MKVs and it supports remembering the last played position. Well done!

  • Love it.

  • very good media player,multi supported

  • I love this media player! I have been using it for years now. I go to other ones but always come back to it. the features are great, the only thing I would add is some editing/recording options. Otherwise, it is perfect and my most often used media player!

  • Hi guys.I have a problem with the new MPC-HC & that is the "remember last window size" option doesn't work anymore in version 1.7.8.

  • Fantastic media player! I've been using it for years now.

  • Excellent....

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