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  • I used MozBU v1.5.1 for years flawlessly to both BU and restore FF. But the last time I tried restoring FF (v37.0.1) from this program it did not succeed in restoring FF. This was in 2015. No error msg's in BU or restore process, so it appears to work, but fails to restore a working FF. I ended up having to restore FF by copy/pasting all Mozilla folders from a BU I had of my entire drive on an external, to my laptop. I notice the version that appears here has been updated as of Dec 2016, however it's the same numerical version I have, so ??? Unless this project has been taken up by someone who has made it compatible with the newest versions of FF, it can no longer be trusted. I am afraid the 4 and 5 star reviews are from people who have not tried to actually restore FF. They just see MozBU seemingly working flawlessly to BU their FF and assume it will restore it when the time comes. If the problems have indeed been addressed and this program is working again, it would be nice for whoever is maintaining it to change it to "v1.6" (or the like) add a note under the download that it has been updated and is working for the latest versions of FF. Otherwise I am said to have to look elsewhere...

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  • For me, Mozbackup fails at making backups without explanation or log. Whatever I try, it chews some time at files only to end at 'backup file isn't valid. Backup has failed'. Win32 xp, thunderbird 2, firefox 20. For Sunbird, it produces an access violation rightaway and can't even try begin a backup. Meaning, Mozbackup is entirely disfunctional.

  • The 1.5.2 beta1 I downloaded last year and have been using OK seems to have been pulled here and at mozbackup dot jasnapaka dot com. Since March of 2011, I think it's safe to say this project is dead. Considering the level of revisions and releases of newer OSs and clients in 2+ years, assume this app as unsafe. I will no longer risk using it So sad.

  • At the current state, the program is too unsafe for backup purposes: It fails to restore a newly created backup without any explanation. Unzipping the file works without problems. Program might be useful for transferring profiles.

  • the word on the button is Garbled, what's wrong?