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  • Great software, thanks morarchat

  • The only functional client for GCD other than their own crappy Java interface. Lots of features GDC is missing.

  • Been using morarchat since day one. Love it, love the features, the only complaint I have about if you ignore someone, it still shows when they send you a message its just blocked, you have to click "click here to view message". Other than that I Love the program! Glad the developer decided to continue updating. Last I checked he stopped, then the other day there is an update. YAY!

  • Been using Morar since 1.5.1 beta came out. Had been using Chat Client and Chattage before that. Both developers gave up on their projects when implemented many of their crazy changes. I found Morar through word of mouth on a room and jumped on it like a bird on a June Bug. I love the program and use it exclusively at home and when traveling. It's fast, compact and very feature filled. Keep it going. New features are great when added, but most of all, just keep up with changes since no one can know what they are planning, please implement updates as soon as possible when changes are made and work on new featues just whenever. It WORKS and works very well.

  • Just starting using it and I like it a lot. For me the biggest problem with using the online chat client was that there wasn't a good way to differentiate between browser windows associated with vs other sites.

  • Morarchat is on track to be the premier new chat client. The past dev's gave up. (chattage, gaysenger, chat client, etc) If you check out Morarchat forums, every missing feature is on the road-map to be added in 2.0 and 1.x is fantastic so far. I actually just re-subscribed to premium again because of Morarchat. Highly recommended.