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MoonPlanner is a Java software, that means you need to install a Java Runtime Environment (or JDK) before to use this program. MoonPlanner requires JRE/JDK version 1.5 or later. --- INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS --- At the moment only installation files are provided: some pre-builded installation packages will be provided as soon as possible. To install the program on your pc, follow theese instructions: 1.Download the compressed file for your pc (please note that the compressed files are platform dependent!). 2.De-compress the downloaded file to a convenient location in your pc (i.e. in your programs folder or in your home directory). --- STARTING THE PROGRAM --- MoonPlanner requires JRE/JDK version 1.5 or later so, before to start the program you need to install at least one of them in your pc. Depending on your operating system (Windows, Linux, etc.. ), you may need to configure the environment in order to run automatically a jar file when you will try to execute it (i.e. double clicking on it). In fact, the provided program's executable (MoonPlanner.jar) contains all the needed references to be executed directly, but if you experience that the program can't be launched directly you need to configure your system to do it (try a search on the web). Alternatively, you can run the program from a command line console (i.e. Dos prompt, Terminal, etc.) typing the followings commands: 1) on Windows systems: cd \path\to\the\program\folder\ java -jar MoonPlanner.jar 2) on Linux systems: cd /path/to/the/program/folder/ java -jar MoonPlanner.jar NOTE: If you wish to use this method to launch the program, a script (i.e. a .bat file on Windows, or a .sh file on Linux) can also be done in order to automate the above commands. --- IMPORTANT NOTE FOR LINUX USERS --- At the startup, the program try to load the configuration file ( from the current user directory. That means the program automatically evaluate that path using System.getProperty("user.dir") method. On lasts Ubuntu distro I experienced issues about it: the System.getProperty("user.dir") method returns a path that isn't always equals to the program's folder. For example, if you run the program double clicking on the MoonPlanner.jar file, the program evaluate the configuration's file path as the current user's home directory and not as the program's folder. In this case, a walk-around of the problem can be place a copy of the configuration file where the program will try to look for it (an error message will show it). --- GENERAL NOTES --- - If you experience some issue, launching the program from a command line console probably will help to understand the cause: see the STARTING THE PROGRAM paragraph for more details. - Any bug report, suggestion, help, etc.. will be appreciated. Contact me on source forge project's page or at the following address: marco[dot]k[dot]lc[at]gmail[dot]com
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