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//////////////////////////// //////////////////////////// //////// ///// ///// /////// /// ///// ////// / / ///// ///// / // ///// //// // /// ///// /// ///////////// ///// //////////////////////////// **Monster Generator Readme** version 1.04 An instructional video has been released! To learn how to use the program in less than 10 minutes, you can watch it at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2CWaaSTCVw&feature=youtu.be ///////////////////////////////////// Table of Contents: 1 - - Installation 2 - - Using Monster Generator 2.1 - The 'Next' Button 2.2 - Subtypes 2.3 - Attacks 2.4 - Primary vs Secondary 2.5 - Random Monster Button 3 - - Ethical Use 3.1 - Editing the Text Files 4 - - Adding Custom Powers 5 - - Update Notes ///////////////////////////////////// 1 - Installation To use MonsterGenerator you need Java 6 or better. If you don't have it installed the program will not run properly. Unzip the download package and leave the files in their current structure. Afterwards you can simply run the .jar file by double clicking on it. No installation is necessary. The text files are editable, so that more things will appear on the lists, but bear in mind that if you add a feat or power that should modify the monster's stats it won't do so, it'll simply appear on their list of feats. Make sure to leave the text files in the data folder inside the same directory as the MonsterGenerator.jar file. ////////////////////////////////////// 2 - Using MonsterGenerator To open MonsterGenerator simply use the .jar file (see installation if you're having errors). You can then create a monster by select the qualities from the dropdown menus. 2.1 The 'Next' Button The next button will calculate a monster's Powers, Feats, Skills, and Attribute points. If you click it after setting any of the fields below, they will be erased. In order to click on the next button, the program requires a monster's Type, Size, Body Type, and Hit Dice to be calculated already. This information is crucial to figuring out the later numbers so you cannot progress further without the fields filled in. If you're getting a an error, make sure the monster has more than 0 hit dice and your size fits in the following table: Fine = CR 2 or less Diminutive = CR 4 or less Tiny = CR 6 or less Large = CR 2 or more Huge = CR 4 or more Gargantuan = CR 6 or more Colossal = CR 10 or more 2.2 - Subtypes Subtypes will now apply their respective powers to the creature when taken. This could leave you with negative power points upon selecting a subtype, in this case it's recommended to increase the challenge rating or decrease your hit dice selection (to free up more powers). Some subtypes will give the monster addtional power points to compensate for costing a lot. 2.3 - Attacks A monster will begin with one attack form enabled once you click the 'Next' button. In order to obtain more attack forms, you need to use the 'Additional Attack Form' 3 point power. A monster can have up to 6 total attack forms. If a weapon is selected for the primary (first) attack, it will perform a full attack as a humanoid would with a weapon for that attack. If a weapon is in another slot, it will simply list one attack for it. In order to enable the offhand attack list, choose Two-Weapon fighting as a feat for the monster. This is a smaller list of weapons that make sense to use in the offhand, and shields for bashing. Monsters will combine attacks of the same type if you select '2 tentacles' and then '2 tentacles' again or something similar. If stacked in this way, you can apply weapon focus and similar buffs to the entire group of them. Attack abilities (such as poison or rake) will always be added to the first attack type. If the monster has more than one type of effect for their attack (such as poison and disease), you should consider changing the monster to use one on its second attack. 2.4 - Primary vs Secondary Whenever a feat or power refers to (primary), it means the first item on the corresponding list. Thus, Skill Focus (primary) will give you +3 to the first skill in the list of Skills taken. Likewise, (secondary) refers to the second item in the corresponding list. For attacks, (primary) refers to the first attack form you have enabled and (secondary) refers to the second attack form. 2.5 - Random Monster Button The random monster button will generate random selections for every entry, if you're feeling uninspired. There is also an option to not randomize the challenge rating, if you want a monster for a specific challenge rating on the fly. Not all of the selections will make sense (such as an Aquatic monster that lives in Cold Mountains), but it is expected that you'll need to change some items in order to make a finished monster. When using the random monster button, feel free to change little things about the monster after it's computed! If you like most of the things about it, there's nothing stopping you from changing it's Fire Ray to an Electricity Ray, swapping which spells it chose or monsters it can summon, or combining its various DRs into one that makes more sense. The Random Monster Button will choose whether a monster specializes in getting more attacks or casting spells, or sometimes not give a monster a specialty at all. They're not mutually exclusive, however. A monster with enough power points might end up with both. ////////////////////////////////////// 3 - Ethical Use Obviously there's a lot of freedom with Monster Generator, and it could be tempting to take advantage of it. You could rather easily make monsters that would totally obliterate an average group, but be very weak in other areas with Monster Generator because the powers system is open-ended. It would be far too much work, and very subjective, to try blocking every route to infinitely strong or abnoxious monsters. Instead, just bear in mind things like... You shouldn't give energy drain to monsters that are below at least 5 or 6 CR, one monster probably shouldn't have 3 different gaze attacks, and pounce is pretty game-breaking with things like trip and grab. Each monster gets a large amount of attribute points and you can spend quite a few in one attribute, but it's going against what the intention is. In general, you should probably only spend 50% of the stat points at most in one score. Monsters in pathfinder at later CRs in Pathfinder tended to have 20 in almost every attribute score. If the monster has more than one type of effect for their attack (such as poison and disease), you should consider changing the monster to use one on its second attack. I've avoided putting on strict rules so that it won't stifle creativity, and because I need to sleep some time. You can use the randomize spell button to get some idea of what a creature's spell list would look like at that level but it's totally random selection: you should bear in mind that you'll have to change it more often than not. 3.1 - Editing the Text Files In the data folder there are a lot of text files that contain various feats and spells for the game. You can edit these yourself if you want more feats or powers to appear in the program: just bear in mind that the program won't process them beyond showing them in text. Below is a list of what each of the text files are used for: --- custom_powers: contains custom power definitons, see section 4. feats_pathfinder: populates the (CHOOSE FEAT) menu. powers_attacks: populates the first/ top powers menu. Place the power underneath the heading for each point value to make it cost that many points. powers_defenses: populates the second/ middle powers menu. Place the power underneath the heading for each point value to make it cost that many points. powers_qualities: populates the third/ bottom powers menu. Place the power underneath the heading for each point value to make it cost that many points. r_feats_Animal: determines the feats an Animal/ Dragon/ Ooze/ Magical Beast will take when you click 'recommended feats', in order from the first one in the file. r_feats_Humanoid: determines the feats an Humanoid/ Fey/ Monstrous Humanoid will take when you click 'recommended feats', in order from the first one in the file. r_feats_Undead: determines the feats an Undead/ Outsider/ Abberation will take when you click 'recommended feats', in order from the first one in the file. skills: populates the (CHOOSE SKILL) menu. Spells_Cleric: used to randomize spells by level for monsters who cast as a Cleric or have Spell-Like Abilities. Spells_Domain: used to randomize domain spells by level for monsters who cast as a Cleric. Spells_Druid: used to randomize spells by level for monsters who cast as a Druid or have Spell-Like Abilities. Spells_SorWiz: used to randomize spells by level for monsters who cast as a Sorcerer or Wizard or have Spell-Like Abilities. Spells_Summon: used to randomize what monster monsters with the 'Summon Monster' power can summon, based on their CR. attacks: (editing this file is not supported very well) populates the (CHOOSE ATTACK) menu. Write (ranged) after an attack to make it calculate as a ranged attack. offhandAttacks: (editing this file is not supported very well) populates the (OFFHAND ATTACK) menu after it is enabled. --- ////////////////////////////////////// 4 - Adding Custom Powers You can add custom powers to the program using the custom_powers.txt file. After creating their entry in custom_powers.txt you will also need to add the power into the corresponding powers file. The format for adding powers into the file is as follows: #power name power type (optional short description) power name for printing power description this is an example power: #Frost Nova attack ([CR]d6, DC [10 + HD/2 + intmod]) Frost Nova (Sp) A [name] can conjure a spectral wave of frost, causing [CR]d6 cold damage to the main target and [CR] cold damage to any targets within 10 feet, with a DC [10 + HD/2 + intmod] Fortitude save for half damage. after creating this entry in custom_powers.txt, you should go to powers_attacks.txt and add it in there under the heading corresponding to how many points you think the power should cost. Frost Nova should probably be a 3-point power, so put it anywhere past the **3 Point Powers** heading but before the **6 Point Powers** heading. possible entries: #power name = any word(s) power type = attack, defense, quality, aura, sense, immunity, resistance, damage, altattack, dmgreduction, weakness power name for printing = any word(s) power description = any word(s) and formulae short description = any word(s) and formulae formulae values: [] = brackets must surround the formula + - * / = allowed operations 1234567890 = allowed numbers (no decimals) strmod = strength modifier dexmod = dexterity modifier conmod = constitution modifier intmod = intelligence modifier wismod = wisdom modifier chamod = charisma modifier HD = monster's hit dice CR = monster's challenge rating BA = monster's base attack bonus cone = puts in an appropriate cone distance for the monster's size line = puts in an appropriate line distance for the monster's size name = the monster's name size = the monster's size attack = the monster's primary attack atkbonusdex = the monster's primary attack bonus using dexterity (ranged) atkbonusstr = the monster's primary attack bonus using strength (melee) The program can include up to 49 custom powers, and each formula can include up to 10 variables. Powers should appear in the location noted under power type. The descriptions for powers will print if print ability descriptions is checked. The optional additional short description will appear next to the power in the monster's statistics block in pathfinder print format. For damage reduction, immunity, and resistance powers especially it's important to follow the same naming conventions as in the actual program: Resist XXXXXX 10 XXXXXX Immunity DR 5/XXXXXX /////////////////////////////// 5 - UPDATE NOTES UPDATE NOTES: 1.04: Added great club and javelin to default weapon types. Added appropriate warning messages when failing to add a power. Added an easier button to remove additional attacks with. Added Masterwork Weapon, -1 Natural Armor, Light Shield, Heavy Shield, and Tower Shield to powers. Added a separate list of weapons for offhand attacks granted by Two-Weapon Fighting. Added shields and spiked shields to offhand weapon attacks. (You will need to select the shield as a defensive power to recieve its AC bonus.) Fixed a bug where Archons were getting Cold Immunity. Fixed a bug where Craft (choose one) was not adding the correct bonuses for calculation. Fixed a bug where loading a monster file while a monster was already present caused duplicate powers. Fixed a bug where 'unarmed' was recieving a magic/ masterwork weapon's damage bonus to hit in addition to the ranged attack. Fixed a bug where creatures gaining Darkvision 60ft from multiple types and/or subtypes stacked. Fixed a bug where offhand attacks were not giving a penalty for non-light weapons. Fixed a bug where scimitar was counted for weapon finesse. Fixed a bug where Perform and Craft (choose one) were not able to be taken multiple times as skills. 1.03: Added about 60 new random words for descriptions and names. Fixed racial bonuses to skills so the skill would print out a total if the monster had 0 ranks. Fixed weapon finesse to add Dexterity bonus to light weapons and natural attacks. Fixed crossbow so that it wouldn't add the monster's strength bonus. Fixed numerous spelling mistakes on spells. Fixed skill focus so it would apply to the primary and secondary skills rather than the first alphabetical ones. 1.02: Added the ability to save a monster between sessions, and open a monster you've previously worked on. Added the power Mindless (intelligent only) to make monsters that are not normally mindless lose their intelligence score. Added an error notifications for when r_feats files are missing. Changed the interface! Added a File and an Options menu. Randomize Remaining Choices and RESET ALL have swapped places, and all of the options which had checkboxes before are now stored inside the options dropdown menu. Changed swarm monsters to display swarm attack instead of their regular attacks, rather than in addition to them. Changed powers, skills, and feats added to display the added item in current item's respective menu immediately. Fixed a bug where swarm monsters were using the incorrect size value for their AC. Fixed a bug where poison immunity was not printing in PF format. Fixed smite selection box to say 'Select an Alignment for Smite'. Fixed the spelling of 'Camouflage'. Fixed a bug where offhand attacks were not reseting to the default label on removal. Fixed a bug where offhand attacks were not being disabled when the feat was removed. Fixed a bug where 'Randomize Remaining Choices' was not spotting chosen subtypes past the first spot when the first spot was empty. Fixed a bug where 'Use Recommended Skills' was not updating the current skills available after selecting recommended skills. 1.01: Added the powers Half Damage From Weapons, Reach, Short Reach, Rage, Trap Sense, Uncanny Dodge, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Evasion, Improved Evasion, Trackless Step, Bravery, Smite, Track, Camoflage, Hide in Plain Sight. Added better handling for recommended skills, and removed the r_skills text files. Added better handling for random monster DR by forcing all the selections to be of the same type so they'll stack. Changed the feats_pathfinder.txt file to be entirely alphabetical rather than divided by feat types. Changed feats and skills to print in alphabetical order in the monster's stats. Changed several things about the Swarm subtype: splitting it into three subtypes (fine, diminutive, tiny), should now display size properly and have 0 reach, and display all its powers properly. Additionally, "Swarming Mass" is no longer a selectable power because it's wholly associated with the Swarm subtype. Changed spell-like abilities to be At Will for (c) and 3/day for (b). Changed subtypes to be integrated rather than read from a text file. Fixed a bug where Randomize Remaining Choices was adding subtypes when it shouldn't. Fixed a bug where Channel Resistance was not stacking in PF print format. Fixed a bug where Improved Initiative was not adding into stats. Fixed a bug where selecting an element for an attack power would add it to the next stacking attack powers. Fixed a bug where removing Swift Reactions wasn't removing its bonus feats. Fixed a bug where a monster could have 'Critical Hit Immunity' and 'Critical Hit Vulnerability', at the same time. Also fixed similar problems with weapon damage (piercing/ bludgeoning/ slashing)powers. Fixed a bug where intimidate was not adding a monster's charisma bonus. Fixed several typos in spell names and ability descriptions. 1.00: Added the ability to remove single powers instead of resetting them all. Added the ability to specify what element attacks should be printed with. Added the printing format option to not show dashes separating sections. Added a feature to automatically select the HD radio button upon changing size/CR. Added an error when required files fail to load that will close the program. Fixed some typos in ability descriptions (Trample, Force Wave, Ghost Touch Attacks, +X Weapon). Fixed a bug where Weapon Focus was not selectable with (primary) and (secondary) in feat selection. Fixed a bug where flat-footed AC was subtracting negative dexterity modifiers. Fixed a bug where Ability Focus was not increasing the save DC of any abilities. Fixed a bug where **-1 Point Powers** was selectable off Defenses and Qualities. Fixed a bug where low CR random monsters were occasionally getting powers too strong for their CR. Fixed a bug where replacing powers from a creature's subtype would sometimes grant extra PP. Fixed a bug where racial bonuses to Perception and Stealth would grow between multiple prints. Changed feats printed to display the attack/ skill/ ability they target instead of (primary) or (secondary). Changed plants to default to 1 intelligence instead of 10. Changed the program to start center screen. Changed 'Force Wave Attack' to 'Force Wave' and 'Sonic Wave Attack' to 'Sonic Wave'. Changed 'Medium Breath Weapon' to 'Breath Weapon' and 'Heavy Breath Weapon' to 'Greater Breath Weapon'. .99: Modified the program to be able to run on MAC OS X and Java 1.6. Modified the program's layout (especially in non-windows environments) to fit better. Added the capability to resize the window. Added the ability to specify -1 and -3 Point Attacks and Qualities. Added the weaknesses Undersized Weapons and -10 foot move speed. Fixed a bug where the menu items **-1 Point Powers** and **-3 Point Powers** were selectable. .98: Added the ability for users to define custom powers through the custom_powers.txt file! There are a few custom powers defined to help you get started. Remember to add them to the appropriate powers list file to make them appear in the powers menu. Added the ability to add weaknesses to the monster. Added a minimum for mental attributes below which they cost no points to advance. Added two more subtype selection boxes. Added the powers +1 Weapon, +2 Weapon, +3 Weapon, +5 Weapon, Aura of Despair, Stench, Curse, Web, Natural Invisibility, All-Around Vision, Improved Attack Damage, +1 Natural Armor, Stunning Attack, Blinding Gaze, 1d6 Elemental Attack, Keen Scent, Engulf, Light Sensitivity, Light Aversion, and Vulnerabilities: Acid, Cold, Electricity, Sonic, Critical Hit, Slashing Weapon, Piercing Weapon, Bludgeoning Weapon, and Miracle and Wish. Added the ability to replace non-stacking powers with multiple versions rather than resetting all powers. Improved the formulas for Attribute Caps, Hit Die Calculation, Powers, and Natural Armor bonus. Fixed a bug where multiple subtypes that were granting the same power would display 'Duplicate Power Detected'. Fixed a bug where Randomize Remaining Choices was not ignoring the Ignore AP Cap and Ignore PP Cap checkboxes. Fixed a bug where the Add Attack button wasn't acknowledging the Ignore PP Cap checkbox. Fixed a bug where if Randomize Spells was unchecked, it would display spell levels the monster couldn't cast spells of. Fixed a bug where the next button was sometimes showing a 'Duplicate Power Detected' warning after hitting the back button. Fixed a bug where type traits were not being removed from the powers list upon hitting the back button. Fixed a bug where sometimes attribute score labels would change spacing. Fixed a bug where swarms of diminutive or smaller weren't recieving Immunity to Weapon Damage. Noted that Grab gave monsters a +4 to CMB for Grapple checks. Changed blindsense, blindsight, darkvision, and tremorsense to be stackable. Changed subtype powers (and type powers) to cost less rather than giving more total PP. Changed type descriptions to be easier to read and exclude trivial facts (like weapon proficiencies). Changed monster types to award their sense powers (Darkvision 60ft, Low-Light Vision, and Blindsense 30ft) automatically for free. Changed +4 to CMD VS Trip/ Disarm/ Grapple defenses to be stackable. Changed Dominating Gaze and Petrifying Gaze from 3-point to 6-point powers. Fly Speed Changed from a 1-point power to a 2-point power. Changed Vulnerabilities to all follow the same naming convention. Changed random monsters to no longer ever roll 'Fine' size. Changed the advancement to attack damage from size from 3.0 rules to Pathfinder rules. .97: Added descriptions for monster type traits, such as Construct Traits and Undead Traits. Added a new checkbox to ignore the Powers cap and the Attribute Points cap. Added the option to ignore the warning for powers not allowed by specific CRs. Added an option to subtract points from Attribute Scores. Added +4 to CMD vs Trip, Disarm, and Grapple as 1-point powers. Improved randomized monsters to select an alignment based on their type and subtypes, and monsters with 0 int should now always be randomized to Neutral. Fixed a bug where constructs were getting 3/4 base attack bonus instead of 1/1. Fixed a bug where animals were defaulting to 10 intelligence instead of 2. Fixed a bug where mindless monsters were getting 1 skill instead of 0. Fixed a bug where perception was always being evaluated as a chosen skill. Fixed a bug where monsters with an intelligence score could take Intelligent (mindless only). Fixed a bug where Intelligent (mindless only) was leaving mental attributes the same upon resetting powers. Corrected the spelling of 'Quadruped'. Noted that Quadrupeds recieve +4 bonus to CMD vs Trip. Changed Intelligent (mindless only) from a 6-point power to a 1-point power. .96: Added CR requirements for some powers to avoid letting monsters with CR less than 3 or 5 use them. Fixed a bug where monsters would gain more Powers upon hitting 'Reset Powers' with some subtypes. Fixed a bug where sneak attack was not displaying in Pathfinder print format. Changed a few random colors. .95: First public release
Source: README.txt, updated 2017-05-12

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