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  • Been using Monolingual for a long time and love its function. Am currently using version 1.7.2 on Mac OS X 10.11.2. However, since installing the 10.11.2 update to OS X Monolingual is no longer erasing the non-english lproj files in any of the Apps written by Apple. I haven't checked every app but App Store, Time Machine, Automator, Calculator, Calenday, Chess, Contacts and the others that I have checked all still have all of the non-english lproj files within the apps resources folder. It did clean the foreign languages out of non-Apple apps. Have run Monolingual several times and rebooted the machines but still those files exist. I hope that Apple has not taken security to the point to where Monolingual can no longer be used effectively.

  • This is an update to my original posting. I'm continuing to have the same problem with 1.7.2. It does not run on my machine and I am forced to continue to download and use 1.6.7. The program boots, but will not run. Immediately after I enter my password to grant administrator authority to the program a screen pops up indicating that it "Failed to install helper utility". I have removed and reinstalled the program seven times. Each time I remove it using the App Cleaner program and reloaded it by downloading a fresh copy of the file from the website // . I love the program and it's ease of use, but I would like to make it functional again. It started having this problem as soon as I upgraded from 10.10.4 to 10.10.5 and it remains a problem now that I have El Capitan installed. Are there any suggestions how to fix this so that I can upgrade to the latest version?

  • Great program, simple, unobtrusive, does what it has to do very well, I recommended it to a lot of people. Now beta testing on el Capitan, in one installation it is working normally, the other I have to check.

  • Monolingual seems to be broken for Mavericks. It worked great on my older Mac Pro work computer which is on Lion, but I get the same "Monolingual is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the trash" error message on my personal Macbook Pro running Mavericks. It deleted 1.5GB of unneeded crap off of my work computer, and I need the space here. Please fix!

  • There are no instructions for this app. On 10.9.2 with version 1.5.10, I get an error message when I click on the icon: "'Monolingual' is damaged and cannot be opened. You should eject the disk image."

  • GateKeeper prevents v1.5.10 from luanching, saying it's "damaged". Seems to be an issue with the codesign, which tests valid for me, but won't get by GateKeeper. Updates using the Sparkle framework work fine.

  • Hi, I have an iMac OSX Intel 10.9.2 and my Monolingual version (1.5.10) doesn't work. I choose the languages I want to eliminate, press "delete" and nothing happens. ¿May somebody help me? Thanks, regards and good life,

  • Latest version doesn't seem to work well when trying to remove architectures from executables, version 1.5.6 on Mavericks 10.9.1 b3 seems to come to a stop when removing the first instance of an executable with more architectures, does not progress farther. I will try a former version, and otherwise I will do it manually with terminal.

  • Excellent work team Monolingual!

  • Very User friendly. Easy to use.

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  • Howdy, When using Version 1.5.6 under OS X 10.8.2 to clean out unused localizations I get no progress sheet that anything is happening and Activity Monitor shows no process that is working on the file system. Good Luck, Herb Schulz

  • I have used Macaroni in the past to remove localizations; however, it doesn't support OS's past 10.6. The one thing great about Macaroni is IT WOULD NOT ALLOW YOU TO REMOVE ENGLISH. The developer stated in FAQs that the English localization had to be there for the OS to function. Seem that this application allows a user to "shoot themselves" by offering an option to remove English. Would suggest the developer remove the English option.

  • 1.5.3 keeps crashing on Mac OSX 10.7.5

  • 1.5.3 crash with an error

  • Where is the 32-bit version? Some of us with Core Duo processors would like to run this application.

  • Excellent Program and Easy to Use! THANK YOU! I'm using Monolingual 1.4.5 on Snow Leopard and have no problems.

  • I just had to reinstall mountain lion all over again, thanks to monolingual. I downloaded and used the last version to wipe all keyboard languages but my native Portuguese language. After it, I started noticing that I couldn't type text on some apps (java based apps). After rebooting I could not login, no keyboard input was working, exept for caps lock. Everything's working fine after reinstalling OSX. I'm sure it's no ones fault but my own, for trusting such delicate procedure on a brand new OS, but I wish the app developers would be more carefull when advertising and unleashing monolingual on the web. This just ruined my work day, on top of that it happened on a project delivery date. Guess I'll know better next time I want to mess with deep OS components.

  • Using OSX10.8, the latest version of Monolingual 1.5.2 appears to delete the selected files, but on refresh most (but not all) still appear in the list, e.g. deleting all but the AppleKeyboardLayouts results in the Korean input method still showing, but the others have correctly been deleted from the list. For languages my system told me that over 3gb had been deleted, but the languages still appear in the list, even after a Restart. However, removing them for a second time frees up 0K of space. It would also be helpful to have a Select All/Unselect All button so that you can quickly set your preferences. A very useful little app, apart from the above.

  • Great until this version that is to be compatible with Mountain Lion. I have 3 Macs us8ing ML, both with fresh clean installs. Version 1.5.0 crashed on both Macs. Very surprised, as this app has been superb until this version. I can send Crash logs if desired, along with Sys Info, Installed apps etc.

  • Is it possible that Monolingual does not play nicely with Intego's "VirusBarrier X6 Threat Filters MM/DD/YY"? My experience is that after removing selected languages, the file must be again downloaded.

  • This is a great app which deletes redundant Mac OS X language files faster than rest I've tried.

  • probably I won't use Monolingual or Xslimmer because I just want to be on the safeside. :)

  • Fantastic utility! No problems running in OS X Lion so far.

  • Very effective.

  • Very very good; thank you!

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