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  • Very good money manager rich of features; it can draw fine charts.

  • Very good, but can be enhanced! :)

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  • Best free money application!

  • Very nice personal finances app.

  • helpful

  • Custom SQL/HTML reports and syncs with android.

  • I moved from GnuCash to Money Manager Ex. Its excellent to use. It has a lot of usefull functions and is convenient. It looks very nice too :) Thanks for great project! Keep it up! Polecam serdecznie wszystkim, program działa bardzo dobrze. Zawiera wiele przydatnych funkcji i wygląda bardzo przyjemnie.

  • Great program for home accounts etc. Have used it from the start. Highly recommended.

  • Nice and useful app. User experience is great. Has tremendous potential.

  • Great app!

  • Lots of info so i can keep track of where i'm spending, and with android trough dropbox its lovely, thank you

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  • very very good Software. thank you

  • Very good app.!

  • si

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  • Superb application for home finance. Load option should be added. but Unstable file not working. since long there is no updation. Good software

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  • The only thing this software lacks for me is the ability to show the results spending across a graph for selected categories and the Split function works well but needs to be shown in seporate lines indented so when you filter by the category you can see this transactions with the category used in the split function.

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  • Moneymanagerex works great.

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  • Quite simple and yet very good. As a next step I like to see an Investment transactions register that handles buys and sells of stocks and also the cash transactions in a "Stock Account".

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  • Good and useful software

  • very good and useful project

  • It is very simple to use. This is the best software for any novice individuals.

  • Awsome!! Great interface!! Thanks! PS: Whoud be great if you add some features like products, categories, incomes, and sales, etc..

  • One of the best Personal Finance application!

  • very cool and simple app

  • Very simple, very comfortable, very professional! There are many things to improve (for example: liabilities and commitments; deposits). But Money Manager Ex is a very good job! I think this is the best program for personal finance and finance for Small Business. I wish MoneyManager's team in the development and promotion of the product.

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