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  • Easy to setup, lightweight and great support from the creator!

  • very good, easy to use and install. thanks!

  • Easy and lightweight program to detect mobile devices. Great and fast support.We think you have done a great job.

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  • Thank you for creating a simple way of being able to detect mobiles and tablets. Support is also excellent - I received an reply (and also update) within an hour of raising a query, amazing indeed. A suggestion I can provide for further enhancement is to avoid a few intermediate string copies in mod_amf.c file.

  • Its very useful for me in creating mobile version of the site. Its very user friendly and can get support easily in case of any issues/question especially from Idel.

  • A good opportunity to set filtering of mobile devices! Thank you! A very necessary thing.

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  • AMF is EXTREMELY useful in the development of mobile and desktop solutions. Robust and reliable with people behind very careful and quick to give support.

  • As a mobile developer, the one tool that I couldn't live without is Apache Mobile Filter. I couldn't imagine a better, easier to use tool for making sure a mobile website or even a responsive design aimed at every device looks great in every device. It really helps you focus on what's important and hides all the complexity behind User Agent detection and image resizing.

  • Given the mess the mobile Web is in, with devices ignoring handheld-targeting stylesheets, lying about their screen resolution, and otherwise impeding the development of portable Web sites, Apache Mobile Filter really helps tame the complexity of delivering content that's suitably formatted for the target device.

  • After many years in mobile industry I can say that AMF is simply the most straightforward approach I've seen for solving common mobile internet challenges like device recognition, media delivery and mobile web design. Thanks a lot to Idel who was always available for support and consulting when needed. Great Job!

  • Great solution, allows to recognize all mobile types with related capabilities; we used AMF for one of the most important customer, in order to realize a "mobilized" version of the official corporate portal; very successful project! Great job Idel!

  • The art of good design is making something complicated really simple. I believe Idel Fuschini has done just that with the mobile filter. Great stuff.

  • Apache Mobile Filter is a great product, using which we realized good solutions for our customers with very little effort. We also appreciate the suport we get in critical situations. Great Job Idel.