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  • Now i can play mario in my Linux using wine, it will be good if there is linux and mac version

  • Thanks very good project! +

  • 1. It is too loud by-default 2. 640*480 + fullscreen not very good idea 3. Menu. Do something with it. "Jumping" selection is really bad

  • very good project, thanks!

  • Fantastic program. ! Great works !

  • Great game :)

  • Legendary game! Thanks to developers!

  • I like Mario.))) Thank you!

  • The best game ever made :)

  • I love to play Mario. A favourite from my childhood!

  • Seriously? I love Super Mario! I think it's a little piece of childhood for everyone!

  • Good game from my childhood =)

  • I like Mario. Thanks!

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  • I like Mega Mario. Thanks!

  • Great tool and getting better!

  • The idea for Mega Mario is a good concept, an updated and polished Super Mario Bros. 1, however, while the game is still being updated and is in continuous development there are a number of glaring issues that make the game very off putting. Firstly, the volume for the audio in the game is way too high and there is no way to alter the audio levels. On the other hand, the music is of good quality and is appropriate for the game. Also, the opening menus selection method is very confusing, as it slides up and down the screen rather than highlighting the selected option. Another issue with the game in its current state, is that there is a bit of a long wait between dying and reviving, which can become a little tedious. There appears to be a bug in the game, where dying while having the game sound activated causes the game to freeze and crash, causing a Not Responding error and closing the game. I have tested this with three different PCs all with the same result. One positive point for the game is it's compatibility with a game pad, something I tried out and was very happy with, as I like to use game pads. The Goombas in the game also don't disappear when squashed, something that isn't game breaking, but could be fixed. the automatic save feature in the game is very handy, as from playing the original Super Mario Bros I was very frustrated with the original game's lack of a save feature. The graphics are very eye catching and are very appealing, however I feel the sprites are slightly too large. There is also a problem with the game's collision detection, on many occasions I should have fell down a pit to my death, but I survived. All in all, I can see this game is a work in progress, and it is a very good idea, it just needs some improvement.

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  • very good project