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  • Very useful.Thanks

  • Yes great tool, works great.

  • Quick and easy to use.

  • Nice tool

  • good!

  • I absolutely LOVE The Uniform Server. It is just fantastic. Olajide Olaolorun and his team have done a tremendous job and deserve the community's support. I'm talking $ support here. Come on people, how about a fiver at least? I have donated and I hope others will as well.

  • Fantastic job, many thanks for telling

  • Great open source application.

  • great tool

  • Good work, thanks!

  • I take it everywhere I go :)

  • It just works.

  • High speed and easy to set up - the main benefits of this project!

  • Good idea and performance

  • I wish authors of this good product to correct some errors and therefore make it yet better: 1. The interface font is too small for people with not perfect sight. 2. Though my Desktop uses enlarged font setting, here it seems doesn't help. 3. There's no options to enlarge font in this program. 4. The window of entering password for MySQL server - at the very beginning of usage of this program - cuts off the lower string - where the password must be entered. So it's unusable. Maybe because the window heading bar has height more than standard due to enlarged system font. 5. Both my e-mails are not accepted by forum board, so I can't register and give a feedback there. I would attach a screenshot. Still, a good idea, and I hope could use this program soon!

  • I love it, but I'm really hampered by the new releases of UniServer Zero that cannot be run without administrative rights. Working in a corporation, I don't have admin rights, yet I work on localhost web development for many live projects. Using an older version of UniServer is not a good option since I need to use latest versions of PHP and MySQL as soon as possible.

  • Awesome project, thanks for conveying

  • This is a wonderful project! I recommend to all.

  • Great!

  • Perfect WIndows Webserver with Apache, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin and a Controlinterface. WAY! faster than XAMPP for Windows.

  • Easy to setup, fast and if needed it is portable as well.

  • very good project

  • Easiest server to install and run. Great documentation and support too. Thanks!

  • great 4 web dev.

  • i like it but older versions were more stable. eg. 5_3 unusable for me. eaccelerator crashes many times. php 5.3.0 simply too buggy

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