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  • Awesome! Just Provide Update On Time ! Using It Since Past 1 Year . <3

  • Thanks Uniform Team. Nice Staff and suitable for Wuser and keep improve for it in future. ZeroIII seem client computer must install framework, as my case is i'm turn back to ZeroI keep this inconverniece step. Wish it can be fixxed from coming version ^.~

  • Wow... Got it working straight out of the box after following the READ.txt on install notes. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Spent days installing, uninstalling and fiddling with the old wamp and xampp that I used to use and could not get them working. You saved me!

  • Exactly what I was looking for: tiny download, zero hassle to set up and no impact on the PC on which it's used. Documentation and in-app notices are also very good.

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  • great for developing web locally on PC

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  • Im using this apps for about 4 years. I installed for my client, running very nice. No issues at all. But, on past 3 versions im looking for to change PHP versions between.. But i unable to swtch beteern. Because the options to select the other PHP versions are greyed of. Even i downloaded manually the PHP54 , and i extracted inside "core" folder , still i have no option to choose. Plz advise..

  • What is the license ? The source code is not disponible and there's a suspicion of virus :

  • Brilliantly easy to learn and to use. For ease of installation and configuration, it is in a different league from anything I have tried before.

  • Really good WAMP stack. I've never had a problem with it. I just hope it could be somewhat faster. Good job to the team!

  • review my web application thrue lampage

  • I am Kazam Raza from Lahore Pakistan. I have using this software for the last five years. This is an excellent light weight software for php/mysql development. thanks to Uniserver team for the development of this product.

  • Extraordinarily straightforward to use and i personally found the front end a lot more intutive and able to create tailored set-ups than others (including the project on which it is based) without having too much need to hack .htaccess .ini and settings files I have used this a lot more now. The others exercise an i7 whilst doing nothing much and with only core OS, Chrome, Firefox, notepad++, bittorrent sync, skype, AV and anti-exploit and a few directories open, driving idle temp to 80C on my x220. This runs at 56C for the same effort - very impressed.

  • Great miniserver, i used this for my webserver visit. One of the greatest software i can use for a server that i need for my website :D

  • Great

  • Неплохой пакет для организации веб-сервера под win

  • Excelent! After trying a few other servers, I found this to be the best. Lightweight, production-ready, esay to upgrade and configure.

  • Great work!

  • I downloade the ZeroX1 server and there is nothing lite about it. It is over 100Mb when unzipped. It does not look at all like the images shown on this site. It looks like somebody is just calling a different apache release 'Uniform Server' - waste of bandwidth downloading

  • The brain dead could use this thing. Unzip. Shortcut for exe and you have a proper local server. Thank you.

  • I just wanted a convenient way to test scripts on a machine that lacked a server. This polished, lightweight solution is surprisingly easy to use, and will now be my go-to WAMP solution.

  • Uniform Server is outstanding well designed and extremely easy to use. The modular concept of the ZeroXI branch is great: I especially appreciate the convenience of switching between different php versions. kudos to the authors.

  • Absolutely essential for me now. WAMP and MAMP were staples of mine but I now use Uniform Server where possible because it is so easy to use and requires no installation. Possibly THE most powerful/useful portable app out there for myself. Could use a little design flair on the CP but hey that is about it. If you want a hand with that I would gladly help out!

  • This thing is great. I don't have to install anything on my machine, just unpack and go! Had to make a few quick port modifications, but thanks to the error handling I knew what to do. Awesome stuff!

  • Miniserver is the best! Thanks.

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