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Welcome to UniServer_8_5_1 Release ----- Notes ----- Uniform Server 8_5_1-Coral Read More: Support: Plugins: MD5 Checksums: 26529188c41d7d6d79f2627ad205872c Coral_8_5_1.exe ------ Note 1 ------ Uniform Server uses 7z self-extracting archives. Archives are compressed using 7z and include the 7-Zip extractor. To unpack double click on the exe file this unpacks all folders and files contained in the archive nothing is added to the registry or installed. If you wish to view and extract individual folders/files download 7-z portable from: ------ Note 2 ------ To run this version of Uniform Server the Visual C++ 2008 redistributable package is required. It can be downloaded from: ------ Note 3 ------ Coral UniTray Plugin: Coral UniTray provides an alternative server control interface. It consists of two pop-up menus these are opened by clicking on the tray icon. Left mouse click opens menu for running servers as a standard program. Right mouse click opens menu for running servers as a service. Server Coral_8_5_1 plugin - Coral_Unitray_*_8_1_0.exe Server Coral_8_5_0 plugin - Coral_Unitray_*_8_1_0.exe Server Coral_8_4_0 plugin - Coral_Unitray_*_8_1_0.exe Server Coral_8_3_1 plugin - Coral_Unitray_*_8_1_0.exe Server Coral_8_3_0 plugin - Coral_Unitray_*_8_1_0.exe Server Coral_8_2_0 plugin - Coral_Unitray_*_8_1_0.exe Server Coral_8_1_2 plugin - Coral_Unitray_*_8_1_0.exe Server Coral_8_1_1 plugin - Coral_Unitray_*_8_1_0.exe Server Coral_8_1_0 plugin - Coral_Unitray_*_8_1_0.exe Server Coral_8_0_0 plugin - Coral_Unitray_*_8_0_0.exe See download page for details: ------ Note 4 ------ Coral Intl Plugin: To keep The Uniform Server footprint small support for the PHP Intl extension is provided as a separate plugin. The Internationalization extension (Intl) is a wrapper for the ICU (International Components for Unicode) library. Server Coral_8_5_1 plugin - Coral_Intl_8_4_0.exe (PHP 5.4.0) Server Coral_8_5_0 plugin - Coral_Intl_8_4_0.exe (PHP 5.4.0) Server Coral_8_4_0 plugin - Coral_Intl_8_4_0.exe (PHP 5.4.0) Server Coral_8_3_1 plugin - Coral_Intl_8_1_1.exe (PHP 5.3.10) Server Coral_8_3_0 plugin - Coral_Intl_8_1_1.exe (PHP 5.3.10) Server Coral_8_2_0 plugin - Coral_Intl_8_1_1.exe (PHP 5.3.10) Server Coral_8_1_2 plugin - Coral_Intl_8_1_1.exe (PHP 5.3.10) Server Coral_8_1_1 plugin - Coral_Intl_8_1_1.exe (PHP 5.3.10) Server Coral_8_1_0 plugin - Coral_Intl_8_1_0.exe (PHP 5.3.9) Server Coral_8_0_0 plugin - Coral_Intl_8_0_0.exe (PHP 5.3.9) See download page for details: Please report any problems or issues on the forum. --------------- Version history --------------- 8.5.1 - phpMyAdmin updated to - Security update 8.5.0 - Vhost access.log changed common to combined - Port check, seperate check for Apache and MySQL - PhpMyAdmin path now splits at us_phpmyadmin instead of home - Updated MySQL to 5.5.22 8.4.0 - Updated PHP to 5.4.0 - Modified PHP basic config script - Removed Safe Mode and Register Globals - Bug fix phpinfo.php 8.3.1 - Bug fix Updated OpenSSL components - Bug fix Modified Apache configuration files - Bug fix Updated Vhost script 8.3.0 - Updated MySQL to 5.5.21 8.2.0 - Updated Apache 2.4.1 8.1.2 - Updated eAccelerator to match PHP 5.3.10 - phpMyAdmin updated to - Security update - phpMyAdmin added trim MySQL password - phpMyAdmin file navigation.php line 646 replaced 'disp_name' with 'Name' - MADLAX - Updated index.php in folders www ssl - Bug incorrect status displayed - OpenSSL 1.0.0g 8.1.1 - Updated PHP to 5.3.10 - Security update 8.1.0 - Updated Apache 2.2.22 - Updated MySQL to 5.5.20 - Updated PHP to 5.3.9 - Updated msmtp to 1.4.27 - Apache configuration separated as per ASF - Added language file Portuguese.vbs - Added support for portable Firefox - Added support for portable Opera - Added support for portable GoogleChrome - Bug fixes core_functions_inc.vbs core_config_inc.vbs - Renamed ssl.conf to httpd-ssl.conf - Renamed php.ini_production to php_production.ini - Renamed php.ini_development to php_development.ini - Pear core preinstalled. - Added tracker to Pear index.php to update configuration paths - MySQL, phpMyAdmin and all users use instead of localhost - MySQL documentation updated to reflect use of IP - Issue with @ in MySQL password, updated regex in us_my_ini_get - Create Restricted MySQL User - displays message database already exists, although correct this is no longer displayed - Log_files_clear.hta Selet all" should be "'Select all - Added separate css and image folders to www and ssl resolves htaccess conflict - Added ZoneAlarm detection - The ZoneAlarm application conflicts with the Apache Server producing a blue screen of death when Apache is closed. - Updated Coral UniTray to match 8.1.0 - Both APC and eAccelerator disabled by default - Updated php_accelerators.html button enable/disable - Bug - Fail to change MySQL password at start-up - Bug - Bugs introduced after sorting out memory leak. - Bug – MySQL incorrect host setting - Bug - Server access user settings www,ssl and phpMyAdmin - Added bind-address= to [mysqld] config section - Updated files and documentation - Bug - Incorrect MySQL port status displayed - Bug - Host file append added CR/LF - Added feedback for Vhost Create, Update and Delete. - Downgraded APC to 3.1.7 - Apache service stop issue. - Added - Vhost creation copies .htaccess and favicon.ico to Vhost root - Bug - Incorrect port assignment when Vhost port changed 8.0.0 - First Release - phpMyAdmin updated to 3.4.8 - APC on by default instead of eAccelerator - InnoDB ON by default - port_check.bat now displays process name 8.0.0RC2 - Changed language selection. UniTray command from "Update" to "Change" - Menus allow spaces for pre-checking. Main restriction of no spaces still applies. - Updated Cron test scripts - Corrected double multi-server pop-up menu. 8.0.0RC1 - First public release. - Apache 2.2.21 - MySQL 5.5.18 - PHP 5.3.8 - phpMyAdmin - Go-Pear 1.1.6 - msmtp 1.4.25 - eAccelerator 1.0-snv427 - APC 3.1.9 - OpenSSL 1.0.0e --------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright 2002-2012 The Uniform Server Development Team All rights reserved. The authors were trying to make the best product so they cannot be held responsible for any type of damage or problems caused by using this or another software. ---o0o---
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