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Coral_Intl_8_0_0.exe 2011-11-20 3.8 MB 11 weekly downloads
To keep The Uniform Server footprint small support for the PHP Intl extension is provided as a separate plugin. The Internationalization extension (Intl) is a wrapper for the ICU (International Components for Unicode) library. Note: Popular web applications such as Moodle optional require this extension. -------------------------------- Installing The Coral Intl plugin -------------------------------- The Coral Intl plugin is PHP version specific, ensure you download the appropriate version: Server: Plugin: Coral_8_7_1.exe Coral_Intl_8_4_9.exe (PHP 5.4.10) Coral_8_7_0.exe Coral_Intl_8_4_8.exe (PHP 5.4.8) Coral_8_6_7.exe Coral_Intl_8_4_8.exe (PHP 5.4.8) Coral_8_6_6.exe Coral_Intl_8_4_7.exe (PHP 5.4.7) Coral_8_6_5.exe Coral_Intl_8_4_7.exe (PHP 5.4.7) Coral_8_6_4.exe Coral_Intl_8_4_6.exe (PHP 5.4.6) Coral_8_6_3.exe Coral_Intl_8_4_6.exe (PHP 5.4.6) Coral_8_6_2.exe Coral_Intl_8_4_5.exe (PHP 5.4.5) Coral_8_6_1.exe Coral_Intl_8_4_5.exe (PHP 5.4.5) Coral_8_6_0.exe Coral_Intl_8_4_5.exe (PHP 5.4.5) Coral_8_5_8.exe Coral_Intl_8_4_5.exe (PHP 5.4.5) Coral_8_5_7.exe Coral_Intl_8_4_4.exe (PHP 5.4.4) Coral_8_5_6.exe Coral_Intl_8_4_5.exe (PHP 5.4.5) Coral_8_5_5.exe Coral_Intl_8_4_4.exe (PHP 5.4.4) Coral_8_5_4.exe Coral_Intl_8_4_3.exe (PHP 5.4.3) Coral_8_5_3.exe Coral_Intl_8_4_2.exe (PHP 5.4.2) Coral_8_4_0.exe Coral_Intl_8_4_0.exe (PHP 5.4.0) Coral_8_1_1.exe Coral_Intl_8_1_1.exe (PHP 5.3.10) Coral_8_1_0.exe Coral_Intl_8_1_0.exe (PHP 5.3.9) Coral_8_0_0.exe Coral_Intl_8_0_0.exe (PHP 5.3.8) Installation is identical for each version. 1) Download one of the above plugin files that match your server. 2) Save to folder UniServer. 3) Double click on the file this runs the self extracting archive. 4) If prompted allow overwriting of existing files. 5) If you wish delete the installation file it is no longer required. --------------- Files Extracted --------------- The following files are extracted: UniServer\Coral_Intl.txt - This file UniServer\usr\local\php\icudt.dll icudt46.dll icuin.dll icuin46.dll icuio.dll icuio46.dll icule.dll icule46.dll iculx.dll iculx46.dll icutest.dll icutest46.dll icutu.dll icutu46.dll icuuc.dll icuuc46.dll UniServer\usr\local\php\extensions\php_intl.dll ---------------------- Configuration - Apache ---------------------- For portability Apache needs to directly load the following two dlls icuuc46.dll and icuin46.dll. Edit file: UniServer\usr\local\apache2\conf\httpd.conf Locate these two lines: #Loadfile "C:/Coral_8.../UniServer/usr/local/php/icuuc46.dll" #Loadfile "C:/Coral_8.../UniServer/usr/local/php/icuin46.dll" Remove the # as shown below Loadfile "C:/Coral_8.../UniServer/usr/local/php/icuuc46.dll" Loadfile "C:/Coral_8.../UniServer/usr/local/php/icuin46.dll" Note: Depending where you extracted The Uniform Server your paths (C:/Coral_8...) may be different to the above (do not change your paths). ------------------- Configuration - PHP ------------------- After configuring Apache you need to enable the intl extension in the three PHP configuration files. You have one of two options either manually or automatically as follows: 1) Manually: Edit each of these files in turn: UniServer\usr\local\php\php.ini UniServer\usr\local\php\php.ini_development UniServer\usr\local\php\php.ini_production Locate this line: ;extension=php_intl.dll Remove the semi-colon as shown. extension=php_intl.dll Note: After saving files you must restart the Apache server for the new configuration to be recognised. 2) Automatically: a) From either server menu Start_as_program.exe or Start_as_service.exe select: Server Configuration > PHP > PHP Extensions Enable/Disable b) In the pop-up navigate to the check box php_intl.dll c) Check the box. d) Close the pop-up Note: After changing state you must restart the Apache server for the new configuration to be recognised. Files modified: UniServer\usr\local\php\php.ini UniServer\usr\local\php\php.ini_development UniServer\usr\local\php\php.ini_production ---o0o---
Source: Coral_Intl_readme.txt, updated 2012-12-20