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  • No binaries in the download?

  • Works, and works well. Very happy it's still maintained.

  • I have tried Twonky, Mediatomb, Kodi, Plex, Universal Media Server. Nothing is a bug-free, tight and efficient as ReadyMedia.

  • In principle great. But: every program should have one single purpose! This program does two things in one program: 1.) Scan directories for meta files and write extracted meta data into a DB, 2.) serve as DNLA server It would be much better to separate the two tasks into two programs. Why: now if you run it on a PC / Table with lots of computational power the scanning process is done in a matter of minutes or up to an hour if you have a large library. But on a slow device with low memory like a WLAN router this can really take a while. In this situation it would be great if you could use a fast PC to perform the scan an then save the result in to the SQL lite DB (maybe even with some GUI or at least some logging). Once the scan is done the DB would simply be copied to a the device and used there. Now one could say but you can do this on the Linux PC and then copy the DB to the device - but that's just a workaround for a poor design. Another design issue is to write the media information for each file individually (meatadata.c). That is SLOW. Every file causes an I/O for reading and another I/O for writing the SQL DB. It would be much faster to cue the SQL INSERT / UPDATE statements and then run like 100 at a time at once in a single transaction / batch. Most router vendors using minidlna hence use temp memory for the DB which makes it fast, but limits the number of files in the list as they quickly run out of memory. But still thew software does a pretty good job. I had a quick look at the source code - my god - terrible programming style. The DB connection is a global variable... The code if overloaded with comments and no there is absolutely no spaghetti code. :-) Even in C one can split up a function into several sub-functions.

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  • Excellent software. I started with the static version, but then ended up building from source on CentOS 7 because I'm a bit dorky and wanted to change the Tux icon. The software just works... no messing with a ton of settings, it doesn't use many resources and my DLNA devices are responding so much faster than they did with other software I've tried. Even with 16,000+ FLAC, MP3, .JPG, AVI & MP4 video files to scan to build its database, it only takes a few minutes, then everything is good to go.

  • Best DLNA server out there by far. Fast, light weight, compatible with most devices and formats. Should be included in the devices instead of horrible stuff like Twonky and such.

  • Another fine example of OSS. Plus, it's readily available for CentOS 7 (NUX) and just works after configuring it. Kudos to the devs.

  • I really like this from the beginning. Lightweight no stupid GUI's just doing what it is supposed too. Tried Plex and Emby but this is it. Just does what is needs to do! No fancy webinterfaces and resource eating stuff. Just plain sharing with DNLA great! Keep it up like this and let the noobs go around with fancy resource eating stuff.

  • Beautifull program!

  • Nice and lightweight.

  • Awesome tool!

  • thumb up !

  • Run smoothly on an old Mac Mini G4 / 1Gb RAM ! Thanks much.

  • great software, works out of the box.

  • I installed it on a BeagleBone and that's just great: I stream .mkv/.avi and other formats to my Samsung TV and almost always it works just fine. Great open source software!!

  • i have nas4free server that i installed minidlna V4 on and it works flawlessly i am so very happy for for months i have tried to stop the pausing and the not playing on my hisencse TV but after i installed minidlna and configured it is amazing nice job !!! also can you update the link to donate? when i go to the link it gives me the 404 error thanks

  • I've been using minidlna for about two years. Prior to minidlna i thought DLNA was garbage and did everything over SMB due to so many issues. However this server is so good, family productivity has been reduced to zero because of the reliability of streaming movies. It is the first thing i ever installed that has been wife approved. I stream to Samsung Smart TV's (manufactured 2012-2014) PCs, android tablets, iphones, RK3066 tv sticks and seagate free agent theatre+. It seems to be the only simple, reliable, non-bloated dlna server out there. Configuration is cake. I've used this with a minimal install of ubuntu and now OpenBSD 5.6 with tremendous success. It undergoes constant use in my large family. It is very rare that i have an issue. Most of the movies i throw at it are MKV's, XVIDS, old avi's. I have had only one issue with special characters in filenames have screwed up the ordering of movies on the tv; ie you click on one movie and it is really three down. This is easy to fix by having sane filenames. My preference and standard are all lowercases with only dot (period) seperators For example rocky.ii.mkv, rocky.iii.mkv etc. Also have had no issues applying pictures to represent the movies , and downloading subtitles. Previous hardware was Intel DN2800MT Motherboard/Atom DN2800/2GB RAM on sata drives. Current hardware is AMD A6/16GB RAM running VMWare ESX which runs minidlnad in an OpenBSD VM with 512MB RAM along with other more resource-intensive VM's.

  • It's awesome. Feeds Samsung TVs with any kind of media via Wi-Fi. Runs perfectly on a tiny box with Atom D2700 processor and 4 Gb RAM inside. I use it only for video, audio interface lacks usability.

  • Great product. Tested on a Olimex A20 board: Allwinner A20 dual core Cortex-A7 processor

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  • Very simple to install! Works perfectly with my LG TV. Brings the subtitles, features as forwarding and backward without more configurations.

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  • Best media server around. Fast, stable, reliable, small in fottprint. Eats almost all formats and is compatible witheverything I could possibly test it with. Glad to see development has started again as it needs more development for video, ie sorting for genre, actor, years, etc... And should extract album/cover artwork from embedded tags rather than folder images only.

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  • Works like a charm.

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  • Easy, stable, works fine!

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  • Easy and reliable. Works pretty well including dual audio and subtittles. Tested configurations: (My DLNA server = miniDLNA + Ubuntu Server 13.10 + Shared NTFS HD + Wifi Router) (My DLNA server = miniDLNA + Ubuntu Server 14.04 + Shared NTFS HD + Wifi Router) Thanks to developer!

  • Works very well on AsusWRT routers!!!

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